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There is no clear direction, and not much progress come out lately. We have not been enough professional in any field, like decentral exchange, crowdfunding, or smart contract.

I have a proposal to make us be more effective.

As the fund is limited, we should focus to solve one problem first, become professional in one field firstly. Though it need to think twice what to focus for the community. I just have a thought for you to discuss.

Asset Exchange is the core.
And There use to be some start-ups related to crypto come to get funded in this community. Though there is no new team coming, the Asset exchange is the most successful product for now. And it is most promising product, when combined with instantDEX tech.

multi-gateway is the bridge between the core and outside world.
The MGW make people can come into the Asset exchange. now there are only several crypto make use of MGW. If we let more partner come to join, the asset echange volume will be larger.

SuperNet is the door of outside partner
Supernet provide integration with partners, and create a win-win environment.

Pegged assets is the accelorator.
we can make fiat pegged assets, and we can provide stable currencies. This makes the asset exchange more operational. This also make people easier to deposit/withdraw when combined with MGW and Supernet.  (Not like bitshares' solution, which alway lead to low liquidity.)

Just my 2 nxt. Thanks for reading and welcome to add a comment.

The 1 nxt transaction fee is pegging the nxt market cap to a range.
When the marker cap is high, then the transaction fee (in fiat) is high. People will reduce usage of nxt. This will lead the price fall in a long term period.
When the market cap is low, then because the good design of nxt, people will increase usage of nxt. This make the price go up.
If nxt price to to 0.15 usd again, then the transaction fee will be 0.15 usd. It will be  almost not usable for average joe, and the price will fall.

As to the forgers, they only get so little return form forg now. Reduce the fee do not have that big inpact to them. In fact the trading volum goes up will make the forg income recover slowly.

As to the blockchain inflation, we should find other way to support massive adoption. If not, nxt is just a tool not for massive use. No matter the nxt price is, it is not that important to the world.


Nxt forging need large amount of nxt. And many people who just have a few thousands nxt are not willing to run nxt client because there is almost no income.

To increase security, can we pay some garantee our network, even one have no nxt? May the income be dividend  two part, one part is equal who garantee the network, and one part consider the forgging nxt?

Another suggest to enlarge the liquidity, which just talked about in the price speculation thread, is to lower the cost per transaction. So we can do high frequency exchange and other things. When i place an oder on asset-exchange, i feel 1 nxt is not cheap enough. i just think twice because i have to pay 2 nxt to place and cancel my order if it is hard to have a deal.

Nxt General Discussion / what real problem NXT want to mainly solve?
« on: January 24, 2015, 12:42:47 pm »
hi guys,
I feel there are many conception in the Nxt community which I do not understand, and it is hard to follow what the community is doing.
Just as an average person, I want to know what real problem Nxt is solving? And how can Nxt benefit from that.
Someone can answer me? please.

Nxt General Discussion / Why we need a monetary system?
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:57:57 am »
Does it mean nxt give up to be a currency, but to be a stock share of the community?
Nxt hope there will born some strong currencies to compete with bitshares or nubits?

The digital currency is not that stable with fiat. can we create a currency pegged on fiat, as to let average people can use to help their lives and average company can use to help their business?

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