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Nxt Helpdesk / Passphrase incorrect - very strange problem
« on: June 23, 2016, 07:07:30 am »
Hi all,
I find this problem really strange. I had difficulty with my passphrase logging into my account this morning. I coppied the passphrase into a text document then pasted it into the login and i was allowed in to my account. Great I thought. I tried to move NXT and my passphrase does not work. I tried copying it from various locations, typing it manually but I get a "passphrase incorrect" error.

To be clear - i have accessed the account with the passphrase but I am not allowed to withdraw using the same passphrase.

any ideas?

As the title says really, am I safe to use a node from peerexplorer.com to log in to my account and transfer nxt to another address?

I want to go to a node here http://peerexplorer.com/nodes find an open api. Login with to my account using that node. transfer nxt out to another address.

My concern is that there is some log or trace of my account passphrase on the remote node.

So is it possible to do what I want to do safely without revealing my passphrase to the node?


so i just transfered 60000 nxt into bter.com. I used to it before the hack and thought they were genuinely trying to sort their problems out. The 60000 nxt has not been credited to my account and there is no reply from support emails.

Is ithe site at bter.com now just a front to scam money from users?


As the title says really. I am considering adding some kind of payment options to my website and wondering what is available that supports NXT?

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