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Old Nxt Promotion Topics / The DAO hack is a great opportunity!
« on: June 30, 2016, 11:56:40 am »
Ethereum community now straggles among different fork propolsals. And it looks like they (at least their leaders) incline to do one fork or another. Not only it will kill Ethereum, but it will also undermine credibility of all public blockchains.
In such situation it's very beneficial for NXT and for the cryptocurrency movement as a whole, to remind people, that in similar situation, after the first Bter hack, NXT didn't fork. The community was strongly against forking, and it didn't happen.

Recently I took participation in this discussion: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1382241.0
Historic keys attack is a well known attack against PoS cryptocurrencies. However it's difficult to carry out in practice against at least classic PoS cryptos with output-styled (Bitcoin-like) transaction system.
Here's my explanation why:
(My opponent suggests buying small amount of a PoS crypto on an exchange, withdrawing, then depositing back, then withdrawing again, and so on, thus accumulating enough stake to be able to outstake the honest network).
Quote from: stdset
When you acquire the first key, you must start your fork before it was emptied. In the scenario you describe, your fork must start very far in the past, but that's not a problem. The problem is, you now have a transaction that must be censored on your fork (in your scenario it's the transaction that deposits the funds back to an exchange). Since this transaction (let's call it transaction A) is excluded from your fork, you must exclude all transactions that depend on it, i.e. a transaction B that spends that output, and all descendant transactions (that's all on your fork, the main fork continues to function as it supposed to). Now, when you make the second withdrawal from the exchange, it may happen, that you must exclude this withdrawal on your fork too, because it indirectly depends on the transaction A, so you fail to acquire new keys this time. If the second withdrawal doesn't depend on transaction A, than OK, you got the second key, but you must again censor depositing transaction on your fork, therefore your fork inevitably drifts away from the main fork and it becomes more and more difficult to find suitable keys. Given that for a successful attack you need a lot of stake/keys, the only plausible scenario is to acquire them all in a very short timeframe.
It seems to me however, that this reasoning isn't applicable to NXT, because of it's completely different account-style transaction system. In the scenario described above all withdrawals from the exchange will remain valid on the attackers fork until the exchange account is completely emptied.
In NXT there is of course the limit on the maximum reorg depth, so is it the only security layer against this type of attack?

General / NXT and decentralised poker
« on: October 17, 2015, 12:01:12 pm »
Recently I've found an interesting topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1487.0 haven't finished reading yet and never thought about it before.

Shortly, the biggest problem with decentralised poker is collusion prevention between dishonest players to acheive advantage on honest players. Imagine for example a table, where 6 of total 8 players collaborating against two honest players. Such situation is difficult to prevent in a decentralised poker network.
It seems to me, that NXT with its accounts system suits this much better than other cryptocurrencies. If one sees only old accounts at a table with nontrivial NXT/assets balances, that table looks safer to play. Additionaly, some third party could establish a certification service, using policies similar to AML/KYC. Of course even such service doesn't guarantee 100% fair play, but centralised poker sites don't 100% guaratee that either. Additionaly a friendship/rating system could be implemented, if my friends give high rating to a player I may choose to trust that player, but if some unknown players do the same, I may choose to ignore their opinion.

Your thoughts? I think, if properly implemented it can be a killer app.

Being a total copycat, LTC is currently #3 in the coinmarketcap list.

Historical reference.
Namecoin is Bitcoin #2 (although calling it Bitcoin #2 is somewhat questionable since it brought some innovation);
iXcoin - Bitcoin #3 (being a Bitcoin clone it opened the Bitcoin cloning Pandora box);
i0Coin - Bitcoin #4 (iXcoin clone without premine);
GeistGeld - #5;
Tenebrix -#6;
FairBrix - #7;
SolidCoin - #8;
Litecoin - #9;
RuCoin - #10.
I'm not sure in #4 - #8 exact order though. #4-#9 were launched in August-October 2011, when Bitcoin was declining steadily aganst fiat currencies, from it's peak of ~30USD/BTC in June to it's low of ~2USD/BTC in November.

Of course, Litecoin started much earlier than NXT. But several other cryptos started even earlier, some of them were not premined, but all of them are dead now, except Namecoin.
Another interesting example from this list of the first 10 cryptos is SolidCoin (it was a Bitcoin clone too). In the beginning it was performing very well mostly due to it's very active creator - CoinHunter/RealSolid. But soon the community turned away from him and his projects, mostly because he was contraposing SolidCoin vs Bitcoin. The finishing blow was the infamous article "SolidCoin Ready for Bitcoin Collapse" by SolidCoin creator himself.

Unlike CoinHunter, coblee (Litecoin creator) was never contraposing Litecoin and Bitcoin, instead, at every opportunity, he emphasized the secondary role of Litecoin.
Quote from: coblee
We wanted to make a coin that is silver to Bitcoin's gold.
Of course that doesn't mean, that coblee meant it.

What do you think? Does a cryptocurrency supporters dyplomacy seriously affect that cryptocurrency capitalization?

Update: changed the topic subject, I don't want to promote Bitcoin#9 in any way.

Nxt Helpdesk / Getting started with NXT code
« on: August 13, 2015, 02:24:50 pm »
I'm interested in seeing into NXT code. But I'm only superficially familiar with Java and have no experience with IntelliJ IDEA, so cut me some slack.
So I cloned the repository, created a project in IDEA. Sources seem to be located where they are supposed to be. But the IDE shows me errors like this:
Code: [Select]
Package name 'nxt' does not correspond to the file path 'java.nxt'
What should I do to fix that? Also, may be there is somewhere a quick guide on setting NXT development environment up?

Thanks in advance.

Nxt Client Helpdesk / E-mail notification on NRS releases
« on: May 17, 2015, 11:53:57 am »
Is it possible to set up a email alert to receive a message when a new NRS version is released?

General / PoW transactions
« on: February 13, 2015, 08:57:47 am »
Recently I've seen somewhere at bitcointalk (I don't remember exactly where) a phrase: 'pow transactions'. After some thinking I came to a conclusion what could that mean:
Transactions contain an additional field: nonce. When client creates such transaction it looks for a nonce such that transaction hash is less than a target. This approach allows free transactions without surrendering blockchain to spambots. There is no problem in classical fee transactions coexistence with pow transactions on the same blockchain. Completely free transactions sound cool, on the other hand we want more fees to incentivise stakeholders to forge.

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Move flood where it can help NXT
« on: February 07, 2015, 04:29:07 am »
Namely to bitcointalk.org. Meaningless but prolific discussions, such as "price speculation", especially being united in single thread, could keep itself somewhere in top of altcoin board topics. Such discussions don't need to be structured. But altcoin subboard readers would constantly see NXT, be more aware of amazing NXT features. Also, nxters could support each other in defensive as well as offensive trolling.

Let's imagine a situation. Some guy, let's call him Bob, runs an exchange, the exchange is profitable, but not as profitable as Bob would like it to be. And there is a cryptocurrency, quite interesting one, many would even say outstanding, quite capitalized but far far less capitalized compared to Bitcoin, let's call this cryptocurrency just cryptocurrency or CC. Bob's exchange is the main exchange for CC, has the bigest volume of CC trading and presumably, largest amount of CC deposited.

One day, Bob receives an anonymous offer from smbd interested in investing in CC. The offer says: let's do a trade, I don't know how much CC you have, but I offer 10 BTC for each million CC. Bob starts to think, his exchange works, but generates only modest profit, he has to pay various costs. He could accept the deal, then announce that he was hacked and go away with good money. He agrees and makes the deal.

But then Bob gets insighted. He announces that he was hacked, proposes a rollback, at the same time sends another offer to his partner: look, those schmucks are ready to do a roolback, send me other XXX bitcoins and I will tell them, that I can return that CC by other means. Bob's partner gets pissed off, refuses new deal, scared CC community performs the rollback. Bob gets his CC back and tryes to set his exchange working again. But his partner decides to publish everything, along with some proof, but without revealing his identity of course. Boom, CC is dead.

I don't know whether something similar was already discussed or not, this is just one of 100500 possible scenarios. And sorry for bad English.

P.S. Looks like I've chosen wrong forum section for the thread, moderators, feel free to move.

Nxt General Discussion / Coindesk is trying to slander NXT
« on: August 15, 2014, 06:56:58 pm »
Quote from: Coindesk
Community reaction

At press time, many NXT Forum members were supportive of the idea of a rollback, though at least one member suggested that time was of the essence should the community look to pursue the fix.

Forum member ‘Come-from-Beyond’ suggested that the decision to revert NXT’s block chain would need to take place before 720 new blocks had been successfully processed by the community.

I tryed to post two comments like this:

Quote from: stdset
Most part of NXT community do not support rolling back if the problem isn't in NXT itself. It doesn't matter what Bter decided, the rollback wouldn't succeed since most part of forgers don't support it.

but moderators delete them.

Our presence there should be increased IMO. OP post of the official thread is outdated, latest NRS version there is still 1.1.6. What opinion about NXT people would get when they find out, that 1.2.5 is in fact the latest version?
Also, the more people read about NXT the more they get involved. Moving some nontechnical discussion, flood, anything understandable by an average crypto Joe to BCT, would benefit NXT.

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Bitcoin #9
« on: May 11, 2014, 07:18:39 am »
Or Bitcoin number 9. It is Litecoin. Recently I read this collocation on BCT. I couldn't explain in fewer words what is Litecoin. IMO it has potential of becoming a meme. And if it happens, it will deliver serious damage to market capitalisation of Litecoin and other copycatcoins. What in turn may lead to redistribution of market cap in favor of NXT.

FYI, first ten cryptocurrencies in more or less chronological order:

1) Bitcoin
2) Namecoin
3) iXcoin
4) i0coin
5) SolidCoin
6) Geist Geld
7) Tenebrix
8) Fairbrix
9) Litecoin
10) Rucoin

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