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Assets Board / LIVE - BTC-Power-Mining (BPM)
« on: February 14, 2016, 02:08:15 pm »
Before presenting the assets just a few words about me: I am an active NXTer for almost two years and have been involved in various projects like German translation for FreeMarket or smaller collaborations with the German NXTer Tosch.
Together with my business partner we’ve decided to create an own assets. Main reason were my own negative experiences with previous assets and their inventors.

The Asset – BTC-Power-Mining (BPM)
Just another asset that tried to be successful with its own hardware in the very hard BTC mining market and then give up very quick due to high electricity costs and maintenance of Miners? (Example: ForgeCoin)?
NO! We want to be more and we also offer something else ... we even have no hardware, so pay no electricity and no storage costs.
.. We bought in at the BitClub-Network and would like to increase our participation within this network in the next month. BitClub is THE mining network in 2016 and would rise to one of the market leaders in this segment. Among the already active 24 Petahash (!) they will be added 7 more Petahash soon. Check it out yourself: https://bitclubpool.com/index.php?p=stats

Interesting Links about BitClub:

Since the investments in the attractive pools of this network are very expensive we offer smaller portions thereto in the form of shares.

BTC-Power-Mining (BPM) – Key Facts
  • Name: BPMv1
  • Asset ID: 16828091672935988389
  • Total available shares: 10.000, Decimals: 0
  • no own membership at the BitClub network necessary  (costs: 99$)
  • participation of 2 x “Pool 3” at the BitClub network for 600 days (2 x 2000 $)
  • Start of mining activities: 1th March 2016
  • End of Asset: 22nd October 2017
  • Dividends:  monthly payout of the mining results at the BitClub investments with a reduction of 3% (management fee); payout in NXT
    Note: Normally a “Pool 3” investment at BitClub means a reinvestment of 30% of the income. Our asset offers a payout of 100% of earnings from the “Pool 3” incomes. We finance the difference from the income of other pools. see also: https://bitclubnetwork.com/opportunity.html
  • ROI: difficult to predict since it depends of the success rate in BTC-Mining, the BTC price and then NXT price. From my experience with other assets I would not make any promises. The average success rate since 1th February 2016 stood at $8.20 per day for two "Pool 3" shares.
  • Round 1 Founding: Pre-Founding before mining till 29th February 2016 (20:00 UTC)
    40 NXT / Share; at current BTC and NXT price you get a discount for being a fast asset holder
  • Round 2: after the first payout of dividends (1th April 2016);  ?? NXT / Share (keep calm and wait for then mining results)
  • Round 3: after the third payout of dividends (1th June 2016);  ?? NXT / Share (keep calm and wait for then mining results)
  • more rounds? … keep calm and wait for then mining results

Questions? Ask me!

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