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Developers & Communities looking for a Multipool

We are always looking to add additional payout options for our miners. We do not and can not add every coin and require a 1.5 BTC fee to be listed. Paying out different currencies is not a trivial task such as mining different currencies is. This is why there is a fee. Not only will your currency be listed on a reliable, stable and trustworthy multipool, it guarantee's your currency will stay listed as a payout option for at least 3 months. If support is still strong after that, it will stay listed indefinitely, so long as there is support for it.

Your coin must be listed on at least one of these exchanges: Cryptsy, Bittrex or Poloinex  and have sufficient amount of volume to prevent delisting

How does it work?

xpool offers 3 different sets of coins to mine. SHA256, Scrypt and X11.  Mined and confirmed coins are traded automatically to maximize the profits from exchanging them into payout currencies.

As the pool picks up more hashing speed payouts will be more frequent. Currently payouts for exchanged coins is daily, Monday to Friday. For any coins miners wish to keep, payouts are every ~6 hours, including DASH.

If a DASH block is found, there's no exchanging or loss of fees as it can simply be paid out to the X11 DASH miners.

The advantage of the pool is that you can utilize your older ASIC equipment to earn either BTC/NXT/BTCD/DASH/FIBRE/BITS.
Cheers and Happy Hashing!

Donations welcome!

Any issues, please report them here or feel free to PM me, as I can't always see every post.

Xpool Multipool

PPLNS reward system
Split Payouts between currencies
Optionally keep coins you mine instead of exchanging
Scrypt & SHA256 & X11 Algo's
DDoS Protected
Simple setup and usage
2% Fees
To mine:

Cheers and Happy Hashing!

Privacy Tip - My pool has the ability to hide your address from the leaderboard however this only works with bitcoin derived coins as the only way to update your account is by using the wallets sign message feature. However, one of the settings and feature of my site, is the ability to split your mining to any other currencies I pay out in. So all you have to do is mine with any other address aside from NXT, then split your payout to 100% NXT and voila all your shares will be converted and sent as NXT.

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