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The Nxt Foundation is very proud to announce (  ;D ) that the Nxt and Ardor community will be represented at the Cointelegraph BlockShow Europe. We've got a booth/table in the main exhibition space, and will be organising an Nxt/Ardor presence at the show. Here's the official Blockshow Europe announcement from the CoinTelegraph team:

April 6, 2017 - BlockShow Europe 2017 will take place in Alte Kongresshalle, Munich.
The conference is going to become the major international event for showcasing established Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain is hailed as one of the most revolutionary technologies in the past few decades. This year, the industry has experienced an intense influx of investment - the volume of funds invested in Blockchain startups has exceeded $1B, and two of the largest VC deals of this year were also Blockchain-related. In addition to that, the technology has managed to receive public recognition from such global giants as Visa, PayPal, and Mastercard. This state of affairs has formed a favorable environment for startups, and thus a real boom followed as a result: the number of young Blockchain companies has grown fourfold over the past year.

Becoming more and more accepted worldwide, “the biggest innovation after the Internet itself” is receiving a growing number of various practical implementations and taking over the markets - both inside and outside the financial sector. This is why the main goal of BlockShow Europe 2017 is to become a major international platform for showcasing the most disruptive Blockchain use cases in all their multiplicity.

However, none of the Blockchain projects exists in a vacuum - there is a wide range of various external factors considerably influencing the whole industry, and this cannot be ignored. This is why BlockShow Europe 2017 will be opened by a talk about the current state of Blockchain, and the succeeding conference program will include talks and panel discussions on topics such as “Overcoming the Challenges of Blockchain Implementation”, “Blockchain Ecosystem from the Perspective of Banks and Enterprises”, “Security on Blockchain” and numerous others. As for the direct objective of BlockShow Europe 2017, a large-scale comprehensive presentation of the existing revolutionary Blockchain projects will be set out in two parts. In addition, the conference will provide startups with opportunity to compete with each other for the title of “The Best Blockchain Startup of 2017” in a competition which will be hosted by Blockchain Angels.

Among the conference speakers will be prominent experts and practitioners of the global Blockchain industry, such as Ned Scott (CEO & Co-founder at Steemit), Adam Stradling (Bitcoin & Blockchain pioneer and co-founder of Bitcoin.com), Ismail Malik (CEO of Blockchain Lab and founder of SmartLedger), Bernd Lapp (Advisor at the Ethereum Foundation), Jamie Burke (Founder of Blockchain Angels), Matej Michalko (Founder & CEO at DECENT), and Bruce Pon (CEO & Co-Founder at BigchainDB). This non-exhaustive list is about to expand - so watch for updates!

BlockShow Europe 2017 is organized by the popular Bitcoin & Blockchain media outlet CoinTelegraph in partnership with Zurich-based Blockchain platform Nexussquared and Blockchain payment processor BlockPay. The upcoming event won’t be the first one for CoinTelegraph - in August this year, the company held Helsinki Blockchain Conference 2016, the first high-profile Blockchain-dedicated event in the Nordics, which attracted massive attention from the regional Blockchain community.

There is an exclusive Christmas offer available right up to January 6th – find out more at the official BlockShow Europe website! You can also use a discount code, NXTMUNICH, to get 20% off all tickets when registering on the BlockShow Europe Eventbrite page.

See you in April!

We'd like to get as many Nxters as possible to Munich for this show, so reserve your ticket now, via Eventbrite, using our referral code NXTMUNICH :

Look forward to seeing you guys there, I'll post more information as we get it.  ;D

Ladies/gentlemen/cthulhoid spawn of the Nxt/Ardor community:

As you may have seen, we've been  making some moves with marketing for Nxt over the last few weeks, and things are going pretty well........as a next step I'm here to announce the 1st phase of the Nxt/Ardor Bounty Campaign.  This will be the first step in professionalising and improving our marketing materials and creating real, accessible resources for the community to use and grow with.

First thing we need to do: we need people to write the folllowing 5 articles/guides that need to be created or improved:

1. A technical FAQ for the Nxt client software, the NRS. All the things that can go wrong, and how to fix them.
We have well over 100 support calls booked on the helpdesk, with their solutions, so that will provide a starting point: https://nxt.org/support/
I'll be getting a dump of the helpdesk questions soon, so in theory this FAQ will really only need editing and organising.

2. A Layman's guide to both Nxt and Ardor. This should include basic information about both systems, and FAQs like: how does snapshotting work.
Lots of basic information, together with a few FAQs, this piece will need to be written from the ground up, though we do have quite a lot of information lying around in various places.

Lastly, a long time ago I created a set of starters guides to Nxt installation and using the NRS client. They were written for NRS 1.7.4, but we need them to be updated to 1.9.2.
All available from: https://nxt.org/download/
These guides need to be updated and improved, or even completely replaced, if you're feeling ambitious.

3. http://nxt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Win32_Nxt_Startersguide.pdf

4. http://nxt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Win64_NXT_StartersGuide.pdf

5. http://nxt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Client_NXT_StartersGuide.pdf

So, if you're ready to earn some NXT and contribute to the community let me know....... 8)
There will be a bounty of around 5000 NXT per article or guide, get in touch with me first if you'd like to work on any of these.

We will be announcing more bounties for articles and content over the next months, so if anyone is looking for regular writing work in exchange for NXT bounties....come on down!

The Nxt Foundation, as part of the Tennessee initiative, have recently organised a sponsorship deal that will give Nxt a presence at the longest-running Bitcoin/Crypto-currency meetup in the Benelux:

This allows us to immediately have all of the benefits of a mini-conference every month (where we can network, invite contacts, give presentations, etc) without any of the overhead of having to organise an entire event ourselves. Plus it's damn good fun......and lots of interesting people attend, from the crypto world and beyond.
Here's some of the past speakers at Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam:

And here's a look at an upcoming speaker: our very own Riker, better known as Lior Jaffe, will be giving a presentation there on March 2nd:

We will, naturally, be using the presentation to create some videos to share and use in Nxt promotion, and it would be good to have Nxt well represented there, so come on over to Amsterdam, guys and girls, let's make the Meet-up go with a bang.....!

Shuffling Sunday !
Come and test out the 1.7.2e CoinShuffle feature this Sunday, 13-12-2015

Ladies and gentlemen: the core devs have asked me to organise some serious testing (on TestNet) for the CoinShuffle feature in NRS 1.7.2e.
The target is to get as many participants into shuffles as possible, and to generally stress test and bug hunt in 1.7.2e.
What else do you have to do on a Sunday, eh ?  :o

What you will need to do:

Set up a TestNet node using NRS 1.7.2e

Set up a TestNet account, and get some TestNXT on the account (ask me, I'll be getting a fat stack tomorrow)

Start your TestNet node up early on Sunday, and at 16.00 UTC, log in to your accounts and get shuffling.

Leave your nodes running for as long as possible, preferably 24 hours at least.

Report your experiences with the shuffle system.

What you will get :

The devs will give you some love, CoinShuffle will get some serious testing that we can document and use for PR. We may even find some problems and get them fixed before CoinShuffle goes live.....and the NXT Foundation/TNSSE will provide a very slightly generous bounty pot to be divided among the CoinShuffle testers.

I'll post more details later on during Friday,  including technical info for those who have never used TestNet before, how to use CoinShuffle, and the exact size of the bounty pot. In the meantime, spread the word......

It's time for the sequel:

 Shuffling Sunday II: Sabotage !

Test out and try to break the 1.7.4 CoinShuffle feature on the next 2 Sundays, 10+17-01-2016

From the previous Shuffling Sunday tests, we are pretty sure that all of the CoinShuffle technology works well in 'normal' use.
But what about abnormal use ?
Nxt core devs: Jean-Luc and Riker, would like to invite everyone to attempt to break/damage/compromise Shuffling in whatever evil ways they can think of......

So, on the 2 following Sundays (that's 10 and 17 January 2016), from 12.00 UTC onwards, everyone is invited to test/break Shuffling functionality on TestNet.
All of the details on how to get onto TestNet are at the start of this thread:
Please note that we will be testing with NRS 1.7.4 on TestNet.

The Nxt Foundation/Tennessee will provide some bounty payments: we will pay out a small bounty amount to testers for participating, as we did with the last Shuffling Sunday and provide a single bounty payment of 25,000 NXT for finding a bug/exploit in the Nxt CoinShuffling implementation.

(I'll award the participation bounty, the bug bounty will be decided by J-L and Riker, if anyone finds an exploit)

See you on Sunday.... ;D, spread the word.

Nxt core devs: Jean-Luc and Riker, would like to invite everyone to attempt to break/damage/compromise Shuffling in whatever evil ways they can think of......
Note that shuffling sabotage exploits should be economically rational, i.e. cheaper to perform than the 1000 NXT it costs to break a shuffling by just missing your turn. I am already aware of one possible way to break a shuffling and blame it on someone else, but it is too computationally expensive to be practical.

Few more things, we are quite sure that if you work using the wallet UI you won't be able to break anything, however even if you are not a coder it would help a lot if you try the system as a user if only to generate good test data and provide feedback about the user interface.
It would be great if you can run your own testnet node. Feel free to shuffle using more than one account and more than one node at the same time. You can even try with the same account on different nodes, the blockchain should be able to handle these cases.
If you need testnxt post here.

We suspect that to really break things you'll need to review the source code and submit transactions manually (i.e. not rely on the default shuffler, perhaps try to create an evil shuffler)
To start with, checkout the 1.7.4 source code available here https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/src , I recommend that you focus on the Shuffling*.java and Shuffler.java sources under the java/nxt folder. One thing we sometimes get wrong is the validateAttachment methods in ShufflingTransaction.java, if you find something there that's a low hanging fruit.
The main algorithm is implemented in the Shuffling.process() method and the source code for blaming a cheater is in the blame() method.
In my view, if you are able to break things really badly and explain what you did we can probably provide a larger bounty.

As part of the Tennessee project, we would like to encourage Nxt adoption among the non-crypto nerd demographic; Linux users are a natural target audience for Nxt and crypto in general. To encourage this, we need to set up Nxt NRS and SuperNET repositories for the most popular Linux distros.

Nxt/SuperNET software needs to be easy to find and to install, for as many people as possible.

I've discussed this with grewalsatinder, and hopefully he has some time to help organise/create the repos,
anyone else who feels like helping in any way, fell free to join in.

There will be bounty payments for this, just haven't figured out what they'll be yet. Don't expect riches.... :o

The intial targets are, as far as I can see: git, rpm and ppa repositories, though I thought we already had a git repo somewhere.
Start discussing now......

Hi, everyone...

As part of the overall Tennessee marketing/PR campaign, the Nxt Foundation would like to create a complete (or close to complete  ;D ) overview of the entire Nxt ecosystem....focussing both on the projects and on the people behind those projects. Nxt has a huge range of people and projects actively involved in the eco-system, so many that it's actually quite hard to keep track of, even for guys like myself or Damelon who eat, sleep and breathe Nxt.

So, what I need to see from everyone (particularly from people running Nxt-base projects) is a short biography of yourself (as much info as you want to share), together with as much information on the projects you are working on as possible, as an example:

David 'EvilDave' Pearce, 48, Irish, living in the Netherlands. Background in biological sciences with an emphasis on biotechnology, with a carreer path that has run from dishwashing to system administration. Came into cryptocurrency in late 2013, active within Nxt from early 2014.
Founding member of the Nxt Foundation.
Currently setting up the Tennessee Project: a 12 month marketing and PR campaign for Nxt.

You get the idea.... include links, photo's, graphics, whatever you like. Bear in mind that anything you post may get used in further Nxt publicity.

What I want to get across to our target audience is that Nxt is open to everyone, to give an idea of how much stuff we have going on within Nxt, and to put some human faces and stories front and center, not just information about algorithms..
People relate to people, not purely to products and information, this is universal.

So, stop looking at CoinMarketCap, and get writing......


NXTNAUT / [NAUT] Nautiluscoin to Nxt-based Nautilus redemption process.
« on: September 16, 2015, 09:23:53 pm »
Heres a swift re-post of the original announcement from BitcoinTalk:

Quote from: EvilDave
Following on from this press release from Brian Kelly, creator of Nautiluscoin:
Update on the Nautiluscoin Project
^^click here, full PDF of Press Release^^

This thread will explain the entire redemption process to magically transform 'old' PoW NautilusCoin (NAUT from now on)
into the 'new' Nxt Monetary System-based Nautilus currency (NXTNAUT):
The transfer will be on a 1 to 1 basis: so one old NAUT gets you one new NXTNAUT.

As part of the Drachmae project, there will be a dedicated exchange for the NXTNAUT MS currency,
this will go live on the 26th September and allow both redemption of NAUT and trading with NXTNAUT.

However, Brain Kelly and the Drachmae team would like to offer a method to redeem Nautiluscoin for Nautilus before then,
so they've asked the NXT Foundation to organise and escrow a transfer system, to allow the Nautiluscoin community to get in early.

NXT Foundation is a non-profit group,  set up by five early Nxt adopters, to both provide support to the overall decentralised Nxt eco-system,
and to act as a point of contact for businesses and external projects:

As for me, I’m Dave ‘EvilDave’ Pearce, you can check out my profile here:
I’m a founding member of the NXT Foundation, and not completely evil.

Enough introduction, this is what you need to do:

Step One: get your clients installed and running.

You will need a Nautiluscoin client, available here:
As NAUT is derived from BTC, set-up and configuration should be pretty simple,
but you may need to add nodes to nautiluscoin.conf:

Code: [Select]

Any questions/support needed, just ask here or on the main Nautiluscoin thread:

You will also need a Nxt NRS client, available here:
The latest production build is 1.5.15, the .jar version works on any platform with Java, (Win, Linux, Mac),
the .exe is a code-signed one-click Windows installer.

As Nxt is completely new code, some of you may not be familiar with it. ;)
There are a couple of good quickstart guides available:

If you have any issues, ask for help here, or on the Nxt Forum:
We’ve set up a dedicated Nautilus sub-forum, so feel free to come on over.
And, just in case, here is the Nxt Wiki:

Step two: organise your accounts.

For this phase of the Nautiluscoin redemption, we are only accepting coins sent from the client. No transfers from exchanges, please.

Firstly make sure that you have your NAUT balance on your Nautiluscoin wallet, obviously enough.

Set up a Nxt account using your freshly installed NRS client, and:
NXT password information
This point is very important, as Nxt uses a brainwallet system.
 If in doubt, allow the Nxt NRS client to generate a passphrase for you.
Do not, for the love of whatever you care about, use a phrase that has ever appeared in any media, anywhere.
So no songs, poems, movie lines, book quotes or BTC addresses, among others.
If you have any further questions, ask here or on the Nxt Forum.

Step three: Send your NAUT for redemption.

Run both clients, and log in to your Nxt account.

From the Nautiluscoin client, send the desired amount of NAUT to the redemption address:

Code: [Select]

The important bit: find your NAUT transaction ID, Go to the Transactions tab in the Nautiluscoin client,
 and open the transaction details. Transaction ID is there. Make a very careful note of it!!

Then take a screenshot of both clients:

Note that the screenshot MUST show both the transaction details from the NAUT transfer
 and the Nxt account on which you wish to receive your NXTNAUT. (purple boxes)

Step four:  generate a Nxt authentication token to prove ownership of your Nxt account.

In the Nxt client, go to the Settings menu (purple box in the screenshot below) and choose 'Generate Token'.
In the data field, fill in your name or BitcoinTalk ID, your Nxt address, amount of old NAUT sent, and the transaction ID from the NAUT client.

Enter your Nxt account passphrase to generate the token:

Step five: submit your transaction ID and account information.

Copy both the entire data field message and the generated Nxt authentication token,
then send them to me, together with the screenshot (or a link to the screenshot) of both clients.
You can send either a PM to me on BitcoinTalk or a mail to dave(at)nxtfoundation.org.

Your message should include all of this information:



That’s it, sit back and wait for your Nautilus….

Once we've checked out the transfer, we'll send out new, shiny Monetary System Nautilus to your Nxt account.
The verification and transfer process will take at least 24 hours, but hopefully no more than 48.
We will try to deal with redemption transfers on a 'first come, first served' basis, but larger amounts WILL be prioritised.

For holders of small NAUT balances, and people who only have NAUT on exchanges and don't want to run the full client:
the official Drachmae exchange will be up inside a week or two,
and will offer an automated redemption system for NAUT > NXTNAUT on the exchange itself.

Please note that this thread is intended to be a place to get some work done, not a place to debate. That's why it's self-moderated.
If you have any philosophical/emotional/etc issues with Nautiluscoin, or Nxt,
 or anything not related to the NAUT>NXTNAUT redemption process, please take it to the main Nautiluscoin thread:

I'll be cutting out useless posts from this thread, with the intention of keeping it clear and on-topic. So don't say I didn't warn you.....

To verify my identity/account control, heres the authentication token for the Special Projects account (NXT-3T2W-6HXY-UGUL-BS85F)
that will be handling part of the redemption process.:

Code: [Select]
EvilDave 16/09/2015 NAUT2NXTNAUT redemption.

Code: [Select]

This means that there may be some Nautiluscoin investors looking for support here on the forum, I know I can rely on you lot to help them out..... ;D

Ladies and gents:

I've been looking into the Open Source / Free Software (OS/FS from now on) movement, and how Nxt could engage more with the OS/FS communities.
Many Nxters are familiiar with OS/FS, but there are probably quite a few people in both Nxt and crypto who may not be.

Here's a good place to start:

And here are 2 main OS/FS organisations:
Open Source Initiative
Free Software Foundation

As the NRS client is distributed under an OS license ( the MIT license ), and the Nxt community is broadly committed to the ideals and values of the OS/FS movement, I think that we should put some work into promoting this aspect of Nxt and give the OS/FS community some support.

The first concrete step that I'd like to see is to add some links and information about OS/FS to Nxt-related websites, such as www.nxt.org and www.nxter.org. Both OSI and FSF are quite happy to have their logos published, providing that a few basic guidelines are followed.  I've also spoken with the OSI to confirm this, so I suggest that we put up something like this:


Nxt is committed to the values and ideals of the Open Source software model,
and is distributed under the open source MIT license.


Here, btw, are the guidelines for the use of OSI logos.

Eh, thats it for the moment. Any questions/feedback/complaints/issues about OS/FS and Nxt.......post them here.

Guys and gals, heres a little bit of extra conference goodness, in the run up to the PayExpo:

NXT is one of the Platinum Sponsors, together with Manx Telecom, for the upcoming Mind The Gap crypto-conference.
Mind The Gap will be held online, using the CryptoMoneyExpo virtual conference platform,
and is intended as an event that will bridge the worlds of crypto, gambling, finance/payment processing and mobile money applications.

Here's the full story, courtesy of Manx Telecom:

NXT and Manx Telecom are Platinum sponsors at Mind The Gap crypto currency expo.

Manx Telecom, the Isle of Man’s leading communications provider and only twin Tier 3 data centre operator, is proud to announce their platinum sponsorship of the Mind The Gap Expo on 10th April 2015, alongside the 'Blockchain 2.0' crypto-currency platform NXT and featuring speakers from around the world talking about crypto/digital currencies.

Described as ‘building the bridge between the crypto and financial worlds’ and attracting over 2,500 registrants in advance, the virtual exhibition will showcase key players of the rapidly developing digital currencies sector. Commenting on the company’s sponsorship, Dale White, UK and Channel Islands Business Development Manager, who is speaking at the event said:

“Innovation and pioneering new technology have always been part of Manx Telecom’s role in developing the Isle of Man’s competitiveness as an international business and finance centre. The digital currencies sector is a perfect fit, combining Manx Telecom’s world class data hosting facilities at Douglas North and Greenhill data centres with our diverse, global connectivity via off-Island cable links and/or our mobile roaming agreements with over 180 countries. We’re looking forward to working closely with Coinstructors as organisers of the Expo and our other Isle of Man colleagues across government, fiduciary, legal and banking sectors to grow our customer base in this sector.”

Virtual exhibitions such as Mind The Gap are becoming more common. Hosted in an online environment similar to a three dimensional website, they offer all the same layout, functionality and promotional opportunities as physical exhibitions, but without the travel, logistics and high costs to exhibit, and are free to attend.

Lee Gibson Grant, Founder at Coinstructors, added:

“We’re delighted to have Manx Telecom on-board supporting what will be a major event in the digital currencies calendar this year.
As a jurisdiction, the Isle of Man has lots to offer in terms of telecommunications and power infrastructure, corporation and personal tax, inward investment grants and business-friendly legislation. We’re honoured to showcase the best the Isle of Man has to offer on a global stage to our visitors.”

See www.mindthegapexpo.com for further information, speakers and sponsors

About Manx Telecom:

Manx Telecom has a record of innovation, being the first European operator to launch a 3G mobile service and the first in the world to launch a 3.5G mobile service.
4G service launched in the summer of 2014, and it is now available to contract and pre-pay customers with 99% population coverage. The Company’s high speed VDSL broadband service (Ultima) is available to 87 per cent of homes on the Island. A VDSL Plus service launched in February 2015.

Manx Telecom is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange with the ticker MANX.

The Company has three data centres (two of which are Tier 3) plus international connectivity
and its operations are business-critical to the economic strategy of the Isle of Man.

If anyone would like to pitch in, attend, or produce material for this virtual conference..........feel free.
I attended one of the first CryptoMoneyExpo events, and it was a surprisingly cool experience, see:

Nxt General Discussion / PayExpo 2015 - London 9-10 June 2015
« on: March 09, 2015, 07:14:46 pm »
Donation Address: NXT-ZGDQ-W9Q3-YFK6-4L8F4

Guys and girls:

As most of you may be aware, NXT is the 'Crypto-currency Sponsor' for this years PayExpo event:

PayExpo 2015

Last years event was a definite success for NXT, and the PayExpo organisers have, as a result, expanded the role of crypto-currency at the conference.

Here is some of the coverage from last years PayExpo:

And here are a couple of threads that lead up to this thread:

The NXT Foundation has handled the organisation and payment for the conference so far, and we will be able to sign off on the contracts for PayExpo as a legal entity.

We now need an effort from the entire NXT community to make PayExpo 2015 a massive success....... ;D
There are now 3 months  exactly until the PayExpo begins, which gives us a reasonable amount of time to organise all of the various elements needed for a good conference presence.

What we need:

The first and most important element is, as always, people.
We need at least 6 people who can attend the PayExpo in order to promote NXT (and the Nxt eco-system) in a professional way.

People are needed to:

Staff  the booth and NXT display.
Effectively network with finance industry contacts at the Expo.
Provide support on the technical aspects of NXT (devs, come on down) This could be done via teleconferencing.
Give a keynote 20 minute speech. Need a genuine heavy hitter for this, in person.
Create and run a crypto-currency workshop during the PayExpo itself.
Assist with organisation in the run-up to the PayExpo.
Help with promotion of the PayExpo on social media/fora.

Of the £15,000 fee for the conference, £6000 still needs to be paid......any whales or NXT-based businesses with deep pockets, come on down.

Booth/Publicity materials.
We already have a good booth backdrop from Ideenfrische, but this will need to be updated slightly.
Fliers, brochures and promo items will have to be created and delivered to London, and I would like to hear some ideas about funky giveaway items, like key-rings, USB sticks, funny hats.....

I would also like to have some sort of 'eye-catcher' display* either outside the venue, or close to the NXT booth....ideas?
The Raspberry Pi Solar NXT forging rig can come along, if it gets upgraded in time, so that's one interesting thing to have on the booth itself.

Right now, it looks as if we are not going to be able to pay for everyones travel and accomodation costs.
If anyone has a house/apartment/caravan/tent that we could borrow for the duration of PayExpo, that would make things simpler.

There are going to be a lot of things that need to be organised to make this a success, but the first (and most important) priority is people.
Anyone who is running a NXT-based business is also more than welcome to join the PayExpo team, to both promote NXT and their own projects.
If you can help with any of the above, particularly with actually being at the PayExpo, let me know/discuss it here.

Onwards and upwards......


* My initial idea (painting a tank in NXT colors and parking it beside the booth) has been totally refused by Damelon,
 who is (imho) a complete buzz-killing git. ;)

Nxt Community Funds Committee, as of 25-01-2015

Welcome to the main thread for the newly-elected Nxt Community Funds Committee (or CFC from now on).
The CFC's function is to control the disbursement of the NXT funds held for community use, this includes payments for the dev team, as well as other projects.
Anyone can apply to recieve funds from the CFC for assistance with a NXT-based project that will potentially benefit the entire Nxt community.

When Nxt was created in the Fall of 2013, some stakeholders did not claim their initial share of the NXT that were released to investors.
After some debate, it was decided to use these 'unclaimed coins' as a central community funds to support Nxt development. Over the previous year, the funds were controlled by 3 committees, responsible for Marketing, Technical Development and Infrastructure.
These 3 committees have now been replaced by the single Community Funds Committee, in order to streamline the decision-making and administrative processes.
Here are some of the discussions that lead us to here:


The CFC consists of 6 people in total:
One Commercial representative, one Technical representive, a Chairperson, two Treasurers and a Secretary.
The Secretary and Treasurers are, in principle, non-voting positions, but they may be asked to vote in certain circumstances.
Minimum quorum for voting purposes is 3 people, a simple majority (ie 2:1) will be enough for approval of a proposal.
Each voting position also has an elected backup member, who will take over the position if the current holder can no longer fulfil their role on the CFC.
In the event of a vote of 'no confidence' in any member of the CFC, all 5 remaining members will have to vote unanimously to sucessfully pass a no confidence vote and remove that person from their CFC position.

Applications for funding to the CFC:
If anyone feels that they have a project that will benefit the Nxt community in general, they can ask the CFC for help with funding. I need to emphasise here thet the CFC should be the one of the last options to be considered for funding, most projects should be able to get funding from individual investors or NXT-based businesses. The only current exception to this are the ongoing payments for the dev team.

The results of the CFC election are available here:

After some re-arrangement, the current CFC personnel are:

Chair: EvilDave

Commercial: Damelon

Technical: ChuckOne

Treasurers: Pouncer and  Dom P.

Secretary;  Cassius

The reserve representatives are jl777 and jones for the technical position, and Dom P as CFA Consulting or FuManchu for the commercial position.

The CFC is currently working on transferring the old funds structure (left over from the Marketing, TechDev and InfCom funds, plus the split caused by the Klee hack) into the 2 accounts controlled by Pouncer and Dom P, as well checking that all of the numbers add up correctly.

Testnet / NXT security audit / attack simulations on TestNet
« on: January 19, 2015, 10:40:00 pm »

In connection with the two threads below:

CynicSOB has been invited to test out his PoS attack techniques on the NXT TestNet.
I've just spun up a couple of TestNet nodes, and I'm seeing 8 active nodes right now, with only 2 forging accounts (well, it's one really, as 11274.... has generated almost all of the last 100 blocks). This isn't really enough to give a reasonable challenge, as any attacker only has to outweigh the 2 forgers. Easy...

So, could we please beef up the TestNet and get some more nodes up? I'd like to see around 20 nodes, with at least 10 forging accounts. We may need to do some serious TestNXT redistribution, as cynicSOB will also need a substantial amount to set up an attack (10% of the total was suggested) as well as substantial sums for the forging accounts.

TL:DR: More TestNet nodes, more TestNet forgers. Now, please. 


I've recieved an open invite from the UKDCA (United Kingdon Digital Currency Association) to participate in a workshop to create a draft document on digital currencies to be submitted to the UK Treasury, as part of the UK governments effort to understand crypto-currency and plan a legislative structure.

Anyone in (or close to ) London who wants to participate in the workshop? You could be helping to influence UK policy on crypto.....
Heres my invitation, it's taking place on the 26th November.....


Old Nxt Promotion Topics / NXT on Coin Market App....Launching soon!
« on: September 26, 2014, 12:23:02 pm »

Take a look at:

Coin Market App is coming soon to Google Play that will eventually list all coins on the market, and give you real-time news, alerts within the industry, and a way to keep track of links for every coins.
We'll add the links, and you can suggest them!

Android ETA: 09/24/2014 New Android ETA: Monday, September 29, 2014 - Official Announcement
Apple ETA:  n/a  - IOS still in pre-development stages.

A collaboration of multiple people who have been proactively working to help find a way to organize and retrieve information in the industry.
This account will be a joint account sharing it among the team. Support and Suggestions - Email: team@coinmarketapp.com

We are seeking community input as to which coins, and website links for those coins to be added into the app.

This image takes you to our home page: http://www.CoinMarketApp.com

The app will include the following coins:
- Bitcoin
- Litecoin
- Ripple
- BitSharesX
- Dogecoin
- Peercoin
- More coins from the industry are coming soon.

Which coins should be added? Reply with your answer.

There are two categories for each coin:
- Links   - Charts, Exchanges, Services, Discussions (Bitcointalk, Reddit), Merchants and Stores, and much more.
- News  - LIVE notifications will alert you in the app when a press release is published on the Google News network.

Everyone can make suggestions to which link they want to be included in the app.
We manually review requests & coordinate releases. It can take 72 hours until it appears in the app.

This app is a joint venture with
Bitcoin Buzz App - 1.5 years old & 4.6/5.0 star rating. 

http://www.CoinMarketApp.com has different donor plans to help fund the marketing,
management, and future developments and UI improvements of the app. Donations are optional.

Note: We are not associated with CoinMarketCap.com
Stay informed on what is coming next in this thread.

- http://www.coinmarketapp.com
- team@coinmarketapp.com
- http://twitter.com/coinmarketapp

Myself and Damelon have had some contact with the team behind Coin Market App, it looks like a useful informational app for all crypto/alt-coins
These guys are looking for, initially, lots of NXT-related links to include in the app, so if you have any suggestions for a NXT resource that needs to be included, post them here.

I'll let the community come up with ideas for the following 24 hours, then I'll send on a definitive list to be included on Coin Market App for the rollout on Monday.

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / NXT in Space!
« on: August 29, 2014, 12:27:46 am »
Well, almost.... 8)

Anyone who is a fan of www.theregister.co.uk may have heard of the LOHAN/Vulture2 spaceplane project: the worlds most advanced private Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Check this out:

Full coverage of this ambitious project can be found here:

So where does NXT come in?
The LOHAN team have been forced to re-locate the launch site from Spain to the US, as it turned out to be impossible to import the rocket motors into Spain.
This means a lot of extra expenses, obviously, and LOHAN are urgently looking for sponsors. Here's their Kickstarter page:


There are 2 interesting sponsorship levels for NXT: £1000, which gives us NXT logos all over The Register plus some other small freebees, or £5000, which includes the above, plus lots of extra exposure at the launch site itself.

I think the £1000 option is the most interesting for NXT, it'll be about 60,000 NXT right now, for a lot of exposure on The Register (which is full of IT nerd types, like a lot of the NXT community, tbh  ::) )
And we would be helping to make history for private spaceflight, (or at least a new hole in the New Mexico desert)

I'm willing to put 5000 NXT towards this, is there anyone else who would be up for it ?
Right now, I just need to hear pledges from generous donors, if I see enough interest, I'll make this happen quickly.

I'm going to ask the LOHAN team to load the latest NXT client onto the RaspPi-based flight control system, if they have a few Mb to spare, or maybe even the entire blockchain, if there's room on the RP.
So yeah, NXT in space......thats a big step for crypto.

The launch will take place at Spaceport America, Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is also the home of Virgin Galactic:

Please note that I got thru this entire post without shouting 'NXT 2 da moooonnnn!'

Nxt General Discussion / September Giveaway on CCEDK: Its bling time!
« on: August 26, 2014, 01:07:27 am »
Following on from our August giveaway:

September is NXT Bling month on CCEDK !

This month, we will be giving away 3 prizes to NXT traders on www.ccedk.com, each prize consisting of one of these amazing NXT pendants:

and 1000 NXT as well!

The pendants are available in black, silver or white and come with a black lanyard.
Impress your friends/lovers/business contacts with this funky 100% nylon chest decoration !

They have been created by Marek3ball, and can be ordered from Shapeways, if you have the urge to get one now:

All you have to do to be eligible for the giveaway is to trade at least 1000 NXT on CCEDK in the period from 01.00 CEST August 16 to 01.00 CEST Sept 16 30.
From the eligible traders, semi-trusted members of the NXT community will randomly select 3 lucky winners, and we'll be announcing the winners sometime on the 1st October.  Get trading, get some bling!

Just to build up the suspense a little:

www.ccedk.com recently began trading NXT on their platform, creating the first direct NXT<>fiat currency markets.
As a part of the celebrations of this milestone, CCEDK (in association with NXT) are giving away 5000 NXT to a randomly selected NXT trader on CCEDK:
anyone who traded 1000NXT or more on CCEDK up until midnight CET on the 15th August was eligible.

The lucky winner has been selected by a trustworthy member of the NXT community in a blind draw, and the CCEDK trading account selected is:


So, if you are gst, send me a mail with the NXT account number associated with your CCEDK trading account, and we'll throw some NXT at you....
Congratulations !!


There has been quite a lot of complaining and general griping about the performance of the 3 committees, set up originally to distribute the community funds in 3 areas:
Technical Development, Infrastructure and Marketing.

At the same time, several people have called for a more pro-active organisational structure, including the appointment of a central co-ordinator.

There are a few proposals out there, but this needs to be decided by the entire community, not just a couple of NXT'ers in a Skype chat.

So, my first question to the community:
Do we need to re-organise the NXT community committees?

Just vote Yes or No

After we see how the general consensus is, we can move on to the specifics of how to re-organise the committee structure, including if the committees should become active organisers, rather than just a mechanism to distribute funds.

1953 ChrisCraft Riviera mahogany hulled powerboat.
Located close to Amsterdam, Netherlands:

As you can see, it's very clean and very original:

Complete with the correct Hercules KBL straight 6 engine with triple carbs.

The hull is mahogany, with around 12 coats of varnish.
Only minus point on the entire boat is that there is some cracking of the hull varnish.

The Riviera is finished with a red leather interior:

This is one of the best Rivieras available in Europe, and is in close to perfect condition.
If you're looking for a summer toy, this is it.

Price is €30,000 or nearest offer, BTC or NXT preferred.
Any questions, drop me a PM.

And before anyone asks.....it's not mine, sadly.
My car restoring partner/mate needs some cash.

The NXT Big Thing...


As you may have noticed, CCEDK have implemented NXT trading:

I'm really happy to have CCEDK on board with NXT, they offer a good range of NXT<>fiat services, as well as trading in most other major cryptos.
However, the main thing they need right now is some trading volume, so if anyone has the urge to trade some NXT on CCEDK....get on in.

There is a small promotional giveaway: 5000 NXT will be given to one lucky NXT trader at the end of the month. Any account thaat has traded 1000 NXT or more will be automatically entered, and one winner chosen at random.

I'm going to shift 10,000 NXT on to CCEDK tonight, maybe I'll see you lot there ?

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