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Introduce Yourself / Hello Nxt community
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:00:09 pm »
Hello Nxt community !

I have been giving high interest in crypto for about 5-6 months now. And just discoverd NXT ! Can't believe I haven't looked into it before.. I guess I was busy tring to understand all the "regular" concepts like mining, wallets, trading, anon etc...
After looking into the Asset exchange (I was able to run the client and creat a wallet, with a secure pw), could anybody enlighten me about all of this? If I understood correctly steps are :
- Buy some NXT on an exchange, say Bittrex.
- Transfer these NXT into my wallet and start buying some asset like any other regular stuff.
- If value goes up than I can sell and profit, if value goes down then I can sell at a loss of hold hoping it will go up right?
- So in other words I could say that assets are like any other coin I can find on an exchange?

I didn't fully grasp the "dividend" part, does it mean that for every asset, the issuer of that asset determines a percentage paid to stakeholders? So I would just need to hold and profit? How does the issuer gets the money to pay back stakeholders?

Thank you and sorry for my ignorance ! I didn't have the chance to explore the forum yet so I might find some answers there actually. Just wanted to say hi first ;)

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