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Pub crawl / Hello
« on: July 09, 2016, 09:50:26 pm »
Hi guys! Anyone remember me?

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Wan't nxt media attention? I have an idea.
« on: October 04, 2014, 04:01:23 am »
Younger Jallah hasn't left the cramped, two-bedroom apartment she shares with her husband and four children for the last four days — not since Jallah learned that her mother's boyfriend may have exposed her family to the deadly Ebola virus...

The couple decided they would keep the family inside until the time period for risk of developing Ebola symptoms passed: 21 days. They're doing so out of caution — and because they're not sure what health officials want them to do. They now worry how they'll make ends meet...

"We don't know if we're going to get paid," she said. There are bills to pay, including $725 rent to the apartment manager, a stickler who called the previous day after hearing a rumor that one of them had Ebola.

Just an idea. But this family is voluntarily choosing to quarantine themselves to them selves to their apartment to the detriment of their own well being for the sake of our well being. If the nxt community compensated this family for their sacrifice it just might get real media coverage.

Again just an idea, no idea if its right.

I've been thinking, one option is we could try to write a bunch of papers to rebut these nothing at stake papers but i dont think that would ever end the debate. People would just believe what the wanted to believe. On the other hand, what if we put up a sizeable bounty for a nothing at stake attack? If we did this, and no one was able to produce such an attack, i think this would bring a tidy end to the debate, for better or worse.

Trading & Exchanges / Sold - Selling 150,000NXT
« on: June 29, 2014, 09:47:43 pm »
This is from my own stash. No I haven’t lost faith in nxt. :P I think there is a new and promising altcoin out there that I am very interested in. Its a secret for now until I take my position. After that ill tell you what it is. PM me offers or leave a comment here. Thanks!

Code: [Select]

Selling 150k NXT 29/06/14


Nxt General Discussion / Does anyone understand how CryptoNote works?
« on: June 29, 2014, 12:10:42 am »

Trading & Exchanges / Offering crowdfunding escrow.
« on: June 28, 2014, 04:11:46 pm »
Until we have AT or some crowd funding mechanisms built into the core I would like to offer my services as an escrow provider to this end. I will use the asset exchange in a way that is similar to how I do IPO escrow.

It'll work like this: You set a funding goal. I issue an asset. I will place a sell order and a buy order 1% apart from each other. (i.e. 1nxt sell 0.99nxt buy) Anyone who wants will be able to buy in or cash out any time they like. When the funding period for the project has ended, if the goal has been reached, I will remove the buy order and transfer 99% of the nxt that was raised in the campaign so long as there are no further conditions. If there are further conditions than I will release the nxt upon satisfaction of said condition.s If the funding goal is not reached, I will simply leave the buy order up for a few months to allow everyone to cash out.

An example of when there might be further conditions is, imagine if we crowd funded a bounty.

This is just another one of the many examples of how powerful a tool the asset exchange is. No manual processing required on my end and none of the security risks associated with designing an automated system.

Yea that's pretty much it. Its annoying going to unread posts and seeing the same post 50 times covering the entire first page.

Acquiring crypto using a credit card or paypal has been notoriously difficult. However because of my gateway it may now actually be one of the easiest ways to acquire NXT.

Just use your credit card to purchase silver bullion from any one of myriad reputable online retailers, set the destination address to my PO Box, receive tokens when the silver arrives (or instantly for members of the community who have a strong reputation), sell tokens for nxt on the asset exchange.

My silver bullion gateway project makes it that simple to acquire NXT using a credit card but there is actually an additional bonus. The tokens usually sell for a premium on the exchange, so it may actually be the case that using this method will allow you to acquire more NXT per dollar than using a traditional exchange. Check the prices to see if this is the case.

Please consider it and if you want to make this project a success, please help spread this info. 

Pub crawl / Late Night Boredom Thread
« on: June 02, 2014, 03:17:12 am »
I'm always up really late, and im always really bored. There doesn't seem to be enough activity late at night to justify posting all over the forums. However perhaps of we condense all of the activity into a single thread there might. Well that's the idea anyway. If you asked me if it would work, i would probably say no, however im bored and as far as i know there isn't any penalty for trying.

well i think the title covers it. bitcointalk has one and it is very useful indeed. maybe even a child board for btc/nxt trades or crypto2crypto. thanks for taking a look.

I really need interest in this project to ramp up from the community in order to justify further commitment. If you guys can help me to get this project through the bootstrapping phase I am confident that I will be able to offer THE CHEAPEST SILVER AND GOLD ON THE MARKET.

If the absolute cheapest way to acquire silver and gold on the market is through nxt, that will bring a lot of positive interest to our technology and community. It will be beneficial to everyone involved. But i need you guys to help me make this a success. That means I need all kinds of people and all kinds of participation. People to buy the tokens and hold. People to buy the tokens and cash them in and tell others about the experience. People to buy the tokens and then try to resell them. People to use the tokens as vehicle for speculation (i.e. if you think nxt has reached a top you can buy tokens, then when the price falls resell them for a NXT profit with out ever leaving the nxt ecosystem). People to send me silver in the mail in exchange for tokens to sell on the asset exchange. Every kind of involvement helps but more than anything i need people who can source silver for me. Brooklynbtc has already reported making a decent profit so there is some evidence already of profit potential for sourcers.

Anyway to that end im doing another giveaway in this thread to try to drum up some more interest and hopefully get more people involved in this project. Feel free to post again even if you have already received some. Thanks for taking a look!

Feel free to use this for any sort of discussion related to the project. i will be happy to answer any questions in this thread. Oh and also, incase it doesn't go with out saying, just like last time help spread the word about this giveway.

Pub crawl / dont read this, its not ready yet
« on: May 16, 2014, 04:35:35 am »
First let me preface this by saying that I want you guys to focus on the idea not the specifics. If some of the minutia needs to be altered inorder to prevent the higher layers from getting all jacked up, or inorder to make it simpler, than thats fine, its the abstract idea that i want you guys to focus on here, not the details. Also it may be such a big change to the core that it would wonk up all of the layers that have been built ontop of it beyond repair. I'm not sure. Either way its interesting. 

Basically the idea is to separate the blockchain into 2 blockchains. We could call one the metachain because it has all of the meta data, or the entropy chain because its purpose is to provide entropy. I'm going to call it the entropy chain because I like that one. The second blockchain is the transaction chain.

Improving the nxt we have now transparent forging will come later

For this first explanation I don't want you to think anything about transparent forging. Fist i want to build something that does exactly what nxt does now, only slightly differently, and more securely. Then, once we have thoroughly explored this idea, we will add transparent forging. And finally, once we have fully fleshed out transparent forging, we will talk about how to build instant transactions ontop of it.

In the entropy chain we have 5 fields:
  • the generation signature
  • public key used to author the block
  • a digital signature to prove that you own the key in field 1
  • a cryptographic hash of an allegedly random number
  • a number that was hashed from a field 4 in a previous block authored with the same public key as this block more than 1440 blocks ago
(you will probably need to read the 5th item in that list a few times :P)

New blocks are added to the chain in a way that is very similar to what nxt does now.

We still have a generation signature hash chain. However instead of field 1 in the new block simply being the digital signature of field 1 in the previous block, the new block author digitally signs field 1 and field 4 of the previous block inorder to create the new generation signature. Just like the way it works now the hit is obtained by sha256 hashing the generation signature of the block you are authoring. Target is still base target times account balance times time. If the entropy block author is unable to produce valid input for field 3 than he is still able to produce an entropy block but he is not able to produce a transaction block to correspond with his entropy block.

Each transaction block corresponds to one entropy block. Each transaction block has 3 fields.

  • Which entropy block it corresponds to
  • A digital signature of the transactions in field 3 proving that it is the same author for both blocks and securing the transactions
  • The transactions

So what we have so far looks like this:

So lets talk about field 5 in entropy blocks. The idea here is that instead of getting entropy from creating a problem that is too hard to brute force (like we have now where the 2 most eligible submissions are considered valid and so we get 2^1440*number_of_forgers*sha256_computational_requirement) we get that entropy from random numbers. In order to protect the network from people who would want to game the system by selecting non random numbers, i describe a mechanism so that we need only 1 non cartelized actor per for any given 1440 block period in order to add perfect entropy and protect from this attack vector. This mechanism is: we force people to publish the hash of a random number and then reveal it >1440 blocks later so that outside observers can not know what that random number was and we know that this actor necessarily invented this random number long enough ago so that, because of all of the random numbers injected between the time he published the hash and now, he cant predict what effect his random number would have on who will forge blocks in the future. Now if all 1440 block authors collude and share their secret numbers they can game the system, but that's not so likely i think.

Now onto transparent forging
So basically, now that we have 2 totally distinct blockchains, all we have to do in order to add transparent forging is shift the blockchains!

All though more accurately it would be described like this. 

since if we think about left to right as the passage of time, we cant be waiting 10 minutes (assuming we want 10 blocks worth of transparency) before our transactions get included in their first block.

basically i want to write something akin to a whitepaper on how to do transparent forging. yes i thinki finally figured it out, of course i was wrong every other time i thought i had figured it out so well see. for this i will need to make simple diagrams. i could in theory just do it by drawing boxes in ms paint but i wanted to get everything even and nice and professional looking what sort of software would you guys recommend?

This is the thread where I will be frequently posting any new information that comes to light relating to this project. Audits will be posted here. When new certificates are issued I will post that information here. When I get new capital equipment ill post pictures here. Or if there is a change to procedure on my end or yours. You know any time there is a noteworthy development related to this project ill be telling you guys all about it here!

So if you are involved in this project or just generally interested in it, please follow this thread for up to date information on the state of the project.

I promised my retailers that I wouldn't sell any tokens but I can still give them away for free ;D.

Submit your applications here.

The amount given will be based on factors like, whether i know you, your activity, the quality of your posts, ect... but there is no formula, its all down to my own subjective interpretation of these factors and what i feel like sending.

Don't forget to provide a NXT address.

Here is picture audit to prove that i have the requisite reserves:

Alias System / Who registered anon136?
« on: May 12, 2014, 05:12:16 pm »
Someone registered anon136 already... i would like to know who. if you are the one who did it and you came forward that would be nice and helpful. but even if you arnt and you could help me track down the person who did that would be helpful also.

This is what I have so far.

I think im just going to call it plain old "silver" even though AnonSilver fits because i really want to own silver. Everyone and their grandma can get BobSilver or JudySilver but only one person can ever have just plain silver, since i have first mover advantage, i think i should claim it.

Anyway here is description as it stands now:

One Troy Ounce 999 Fine Silver Warehouse Receipt Tokens Issued by Anon136 - Directions: Send an arbitrary message containing your real world physical address in addition to an amount of tokens greater than 10 and divisible by 10 to NXT address 6940620385974416496 in order to receive the corresponding amount of physical silver in the form 999 silver bars. Be sure to send both the message and the tokens from the same NXT address. Bars returned in good shape may be returned at any time in exchange for full credit in warehouse receipts.

Thoughts, criticisms, advise?

I'm trying to separate duties as much as possible. Decentralization offers me a measure of protection. I was hoping that there may be some enterprising individuals who may be interested in helping me source my material in exchange for the ability to act as retailers for my tokens. I will not be placing any tokens for sale on the exchange myself. You will be able to put them up for sale for any price you like. There should be the opportunity to make a little profit if you are able to source 999 silver for a fair price. It can be in any form you like, ill just be melting it down anyway, but 999 shot will probably be the cheapest and so offer you the most profits.

So far I have thought of 2 ways we can do this. 1 is that you can send me a package with silver in it and a piece of paper with a nxt address written on it and i will release the tokens to that address. Alternatively you can send me a message containing the nxt address you would like the tokens to be released to as well as the tracking number of the package before it arrives.

I will be issuing 0.9 tokens for every 1 troy ounce of silver you send me. So if silver is at 20 dollars an ounce and you send me 22 dollars worth of silver shot in exchange for a 1 troy ounce bar token, that's a 2 dollars over spot for a 999 silver bar with shipping included. Really its not bad i think. (though technically 5 ounce bars is the denomination im doing right now, but i think you get the point)

So I'm worried that I would be considered a money transmitter even though its technically the forgers that are doing the transmission. What do you guys think, am i the transmitter or are the forgers the transmitters? I think its clearly the forgers but perhaps this detail may be lost on the courts...

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