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Leasing & Pools / Bitswift - LZLZ Ardor Forging Pool
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:12:05 pm »
Hey everyone,

Bitswift has launched an Ardor forging pool and we would appreciate if you would lease your balances to our pool.

Details regarding the LZLZ pool can be found at https://bitswift.network

Current pool fees are 2% with a payout fee of 1 Ardor.

All fees earned by the pool operators are used to further develop and facilitate Bitswift ecosystem growth.

Bitswift pool Address : ARDOR-LZLZ-7PT2-7YRP-2QS2H

More info: https://bitswift.wiki/index.php/LZLZ_Forging_Pool

Thanks for your interest.

-Team Bitswift

BITSWIFT / Welcome to Bitswift
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:26:49 pm »
Welcome to the Bitswift child chain thread.  If you want to spark some convo relating to Bitswift this is the place to do it.  We will try to keep the thread updated with new info as it comes in.

General Bitswift info:

How would you describe your project in only a few sentences?

Bitswift is a blockchain platform with a business focus.  Bitswift tokens are supported and promoted by a growing fleet of technology professionals through our company “Bitswift Technology Solutions”.  Our goal is to integrate blockchain into reality so that every individual and business may benefit from the technology.  Someone out in the field has to install and support this new blockchain ecosystem, we believe we can do this through a decentralized fleet of technology professionals who already operate in business making the technology decisions. 

How will you survive in an increasingly competitive crypto market?

In our opinion we are not directly competing, crypto markets leverage each other are all part of a greater token ecosystem.  What sets Bitswift apart though is that Bitswift sits behind registered businesses and that we are not trying to build a better version of the blockchain, our primary focus is on integrating it.  Our tech solutions company focuses on establishing client relationships and raising brand awareness while Bitswift Decentralized Applications Inc., focuses on developing the Bitswift blockchain platform and creating Dapps.  AOL and Google did not build better versions of tcp/ip they simply provided a bridge to connect people to the protocol in different ways.  Bitswift is bridging people and business to token ecosystems utilizing the Bitswift blockchain.   

What will be your biggest challenge moving forward, and how will you overcome it?

Regulations will be our biggest challenge moving forward.  We would love to see blockchain technology remain free of stifling regulations. 

Why should an investor purchase Bitswift tokens?
Bitswift tokens are not for investment purpose.  You should purchase them if you would like to use services that exist on our blockchain.  We do not promote using Bitswift tokens as an investment vehicle and they most certainly do not represent any share or ownership in Bitswift companies.  We are not investment advisers, we are a group of programmers, installers and educators.  Investors should do their own research and seek advice from a qualified professional.  Blockchain / crypto markets are risky, and everything is an experiment.   

A token economy has arrived, and Bitswift is a big part of it.


Social resources:

bitswift.tech - Website for Bitswift.tech (in dev / re work)
bitswift.shop - Our shop which currently delivers tech product within Canada
bitswift.press - Official Announcements
bitswift.wiki - General information
bitswift.io - Blockchain network site (in dev)

Twitter:  @Bit_Swift - Digital Economy
Twitter:  @Bitswift_Tech - Tech Solutions Company
Twitter: @Shopbitswift - bitswift tech shop
FB: facebook.com/bitswifttech (Facebook for our tech company)

*more coming


In development:

Marketing - Adroll , Facebook
Ardor migration
Bitswift.shop - reworking categories, products, ongoing design
Custom block and network health explorer
Brand packs
CREDIT / TECH token integration
Websites .CREDIT .TECH sites redesign and launch
Establishing business relationships and expanding our physical support network
Working on bitswift.info
Working on ideas for training / tutorial videos for Bitswift child chain
Bringing new distributors on board and making new tech partners


Some recent surveys from our customers (last names removed for privacy):

10 out of 10 - Derek *****
"Excellent and quick service, knowledgeable technician, fair price charged for excellent…"

10 out of 10 - Sheila *****
"Expedient and trustworthy."

10 out of 10 - Helen ******
"I am happy with th service"

10 out of 10 - Emily *****
"Prompt, efficient, excellent service. Every time."

8 out of 10 - Philip *****
"All good, Thanks for stopping by, you did the work fast and efficient, Thanks for…"

10 out of 10 - Danielle ******
"Great. Prompt and efficient."

10 out of 10 - Mid************
"You are the best"

Intellectual Property

Domains this project owns:


Other IP:

Canadian Trademark application approved on "bitswift" - (1) downloadable digital tokens that may be transferred electronically; downloadable digital tokens that may be purchased or sold on digital currency exchanges;
Used in CANADA since November 28, 2014.

Currently being opposed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank and Financial Telecommunications. 


Bitswift Technology Solutions INC.

Bitswift Tech is a mobile fleet of technology professionals who help support local and remote individuals and business with their technology requirements.  Through a growing fleet of tech professionals we are establishing trust and forming relationships which we will leverage come time to promote our digital product line. Each rep operates their own business under the Bitswift umbrella, utilizing Bitswift assets to help them become more profitable and productive.

Bitswift Decentralized Applications INC.

BDA Inc focuses on digital ecosystem developments, specifically the blockchain tokens and the platforms that rely on them.


Bitswift History Summary:

The Bitswift blockchain gave birth to its first public block on September 30th 2014. The concept was simple, to create a quicker version of the Bitcoin protocol and eliminate fees. Back then Bitswift was a simple proof of stake coin, with 3% staking interest, 30 second blocks, and a small community. All four million Bitswift tokens were initially mined on gpus through an X15 mining process until a point which the network switched to pure proof of stake. The mined tokens were sent off to Bittrex for the token distribution. A token distribution is similar to an ico in execution, but with no intention of raising any money on behalf of any companies, in fact there were no companies even behind Bitswift at this time. The Bitswift project consisted of a few ideas, and what we can call a coin promotion group.

The vast majority of the initial members of this group disappeared over time. Few stayed behind and continued to build the project, continuing community development and trying to obtain some level of interest in Bitswift to maintain listing on exchanges. Together this group managed to keep Bitswift tokens floating. As time went on the network was able to fund its own development as Bitswift tokens continuously increased in value and new community members joined and contributed to the project. To this day, through proper management, and the power of crypto, the Bitswift project continues to fund its own development and will do so far into the future.

The original proof of stake Bitswift blockchain seemed stable at 30 second blocks, it was fast, and it worked, but at the same time the Bitswift dev team knew it was not adequate for general use. The original client was clunky and slow, and there were glitches here and there left over from the last coin that was forked, Bitswift was becoming a cross chain mutant composed of various sources from other blockchains. As demand was growing the developers knew a transition had to be made to move Bitswift tokens into a stable and secure blockchain platform.

The dev team started doing some research into other blockchain platforms to see how they could migrate Bitswift forward. They looked into Ethereum, Waves, Nxt and various other technologies and tangles. A decision was nearly made to fork Nxt and launch their own custom project with a modified version of Nxt codebase. Through reviewing Nxt the team became aware of Ardor. After reviewing the Ardor platform design, a decision was made to migrate under Ardor as a child chain. The child chain infrastructure seemed to solve all of the problems we were up against, blokchain bloat, reducing fees, light weight clients, stability, security, everything we needed. It just made sense to migrate Bitswift tokens under Ardor so that we could devote our energy on platforms that utilize our tokens rather then worrying about blockchain infrastructure dealings.

This leads us to the Bitswift you see today, setting up as an Ardor child chain with a growing community and a proper dev team who cares about the project. The focus no longer on creating a quicker version of the Bitcoin protocol, but on integrating users and business to token ecosystems through Bitswift tokens and the Bitswift blockchain platform.

Canadian based corporations have been launched in the name of Bitswift to ensure the blockchain and its products can interface and integrate with reality and so that its intellectual property may be protected


More Q&A from another source:

1. What is Bitswift? in short

Bitswift is a blockchain token and platform that is supported and integrated by a growing number of technology professionals.  Bitswift tokens sit behind registered business so that they may interface with the business world.

2. What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitswift?

Bitcoin is primarily used as a crypto-currency while Bitswift is a complete blockchain platform including digital currency aspects through Bitswift tokens.  The platform allows a host of decentralized applications such as voting, data storage, and alias systems.

3. What is bitswift now? how can i use it? what is the tech behind it? what are the current positive features?

The Bitswift blockchain and its tokens sit within the Ardor platform as a Bitswift child chain.  The Ardor platform provides the security infrastructure for Bitswift tokens and the Bitswift child chain and grants access to a suite of utility. 

Bitswift transactions can be virtually fee-less compared to that of Bitcoin and the client is ultra lightweight, it loads fast and syncs instantly with the network.  Blockchain bloat problems are eliminated on the Bitswift child chain through the Ardor design. Bitswift is eco friendly as it is proof of stake based, meaning there is no extreme amounts of electricity or hardware required to participate in the securing of Bitswift tokens or in the transaction processing on the blockchain.  A node for Bitswift may operate on a raspberry pi or similar single board computer as it uses very little resources. Anyone may easily participate in collecting transaction fees from the Bitswift child chain in the native token “Bitswift” providing they hold some ARDR on account.

4. What do you have planned on the roadmap for Bitswift?

Our roadmap consists of concepts that give added utility and focus on Bitswift tokens.  We are most excited to  be working towards a multi crypto merchant platform that utilizes a sub token within Bitswift known as CREDIT.  CREDIT will provide incentive and gamification options for the Bitswift platform.  This action token will form the basis for our merchant platform which will reward both consumer and merchants at the time of sale and which will be installed, promoted and supported by Bitswift representatives who are operating within business.

5. How will/can Bitswift change the future?

By providing platforms which make token ecosystems easily accessible for the general public while integrating and educating on them so that everyone may benefit from them.


More coming.

Thanks for your interest.


Nxt General Discussion / No Withdrawl - 72 hours - DGEX Exchange
« on: September 15, 2014, 07:21:58 pm »
No reply from support - and 72 hours later - no deposit from my withdrawl request processed over at Dgex.com

I am starting to think that my NXT are "gone"

Whats wrong with Dgex ?  can they not atleast reply to the support requests ?

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