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Marketplace / Test report
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:32:54 am »
Let's use this thread to keep a record of what and how much has been tested, what still has to be tested, what works and what not. I (maybe moderators can help me too) will update the first post as frequently as possible.
This way, if somebody wants to help, without clicking all day, he can see what has been tested and come up with an idea of what else can/should be tested (and then sleep well because he has contributed with something, without spending too much time) Another guy will test it.
Some people can come up with good ideas, but are too lazy to test them. Others aren't lazy, but have ran out of ideas. Everyone wins.
Let's start with the @Chuckone's ideas:
  - multiple price changes in the same block?    GUI doesn't allow it
  - multiple quantity changes in the same block?   GUI doesn't allow it
  - multiple purchases in the same block?     tested once
  - buying your own goods (multiple as well)?    tested once
  - issuing multiple goods and purchase them in the same block?  GUI doesn't allow it
  - combinations of ALL of the above with both matching prices/quantities and disparate prices/quantities?
  - delivering/not delivering as purchasing/issuing in the same block?    tested once
  - what happens when a block is full in the above scenarios??

If GUI doesn't let you test some cases, try with http://localhost:6876/test

Confirmed bugs:
to be listed...

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