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Fellow NXTers,

I've recently decided to start another asset called EDGE which is a fund that bankrolls skill-based gambling ventures.  As the name implies, the money is used for games that allow players to beat other players enough to overcome a house edge.  Currently, there is only one project I have in mind, but I thought I'd offer a larger goal in case other things come along.

The current project is a game that's been near and dear to my heart for almost 2 years now.  I initially forayed into it when @twinwinnerd created ToTheMoon, many moons ago :-)  Unfortunately, Twin got hacked and the project went under.  However, the initial idea twin had was based off a very successful website called Busta Bit.

Located at bustabit.com, bustabit allows players to either compete against the house and/or other players by winning bonuses.  As the website states, "Provably fair Razor thin house edge (between 0 and 1%)" and "99% luck, 1% skill".  Run by @Ryan using a Costa Rican gaming company license, this website has been running for almost 3 years now and is a really cool, fun and provably fair game that offers potential long term profit to a skillful player or in my case a skillful program.

Now, I've played this game off and on for quite some time mostly for fun and to blow off steam.  However, over the last couple of months, I've really honed in on it and attempted to see if it could be beat long term.  So, as you can imagine, I'm here offering this asset now, because I think it can.  I've run a positive EV bot on average in the range of .1% - .2% for more than a month and I think based on the number of gamblers at the site that are in fact not playing skillfully, this can be achieved at least in the foreseeable future.

My goal is to raise about 10BTC through the NXT AE, by selling EDGE shares at 100NXT each and use that money to bankroll my bustabit bot.  EDGE is asset #10713749908351947210 and you can buy as little or as many shares as you'd like.  As NXT accumulates, I will convert it to BTC and increase the bots bankroll.

Now, as is my standard flavor, you will also receive as much transparency as I can give you.  The bot name is EDGE_NXTAE and is running right now (just started this new account about an hour ago) on bustabit.com bankrolled by .88BTC which at current conversion gave me 1,015 shares which I transferred to another of my own NXT accounts. You can see it on the blockchain, TXID #: 5347955425658610450. 

For even MORE transparency, you can see how it's doing based on what the bet size is.  If the number in the hundreds spot is 1, then the bot is running positive EV and the amount is the next 2 digits.  If it's negative, than it's a 0 in the hundreds spot and the amount is the next 2 digits.  For example, right now, the bet amount is 1,129, so the bot is currently running an average of .29% EV per bet.  If for some reason, our little bot started getting beat and the amount was 1,005, that would mean it's been running at -.05% EV.  AS an aside, I use a worst case scenario EV calculation, so this is the absolute worst it could be doing and on average it usually does about .1% better.

Finally, my hope is to pay out profits via NXT dividends each month unless the variance just goes nutters. The payout breakdown will be 25% to myself, 50% to investors and 25% to the bankroll.  For example, if we make 10,000 NXT worth in 1 month, I would receive 2500NXT, 7500NXT will be split up by all owners of EDGE and the last 25% will stay in the BustaBit bankroll (thus also increasing the value of each EDGE share)

Any and all questions are welcome including the ever so fantastic question, "If you can make money running a bot, why look for investors?!" :-)

Thanks for your interest!

NOTE 1: Contact me directly, if you want to invest BTC without going through the NXT conversion.

NOTE 2: I set bet size to approximately .1% of total bankroll and there are about 3600 games per day. If I can maintain EV of at least .1%, then monthly EV would be about 8-9%.  Assuming decent variance, dividends to investors would be about 5% a month of the current bankroll.

Trading & Exchanges / Want to Buy 1M NXT for 14BTC
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:42:47 pm »
I'm looking to buy 1M NXT at 1500/per.  This price is non-negotiable and not reflection of whether I think NXT is going up or not.  I just need it to replenish the dividend coffers and increase NXT wall sizes and it's cheaper to do an off-market transaction.

 This offer will be good as long as the price stays in the ballpark of 1500.  For all obvious reasons, I will send the BTC after the NXT is received.  My reputation speaks for itself, you don't even need to contact me. Just send the NXT here: NXT-M2Y7-FKFH-CAQC-DEF7N with a message specifying the BTC address you'd like the BTC sent to.  If you forget that part, I'll send superBTC back to that address.


Nxt Client Helpdesk / Help with SuperBTC Withdrawal via API
« on: February 01, 2016, 01:39:54 pm »
Any help on this would be appreciated. I'm trying to do a SuperBTC withdrawal via the API. 
Current call I'm making is:


I'm getting the return:

    [errorDescription] => Transaction fee 1.000000 NXT less than minimum fee 2.000000 NXT at height 634434
    [errorCode] => 4
    [broadcasted] =>
    [requestProcessingTime] => 3
    [error] => nxt.NxtException$NotCurrentlyValidException: Transaction fee 1.000000 NXT less than minimum fee 2.000000 NXT at height 634434

Using latest NRS, 1.7.5


LIQUID / General Information
« on: November 28, 2015, 08:43:25 pm »
In lie of the recent loss of Forex funds (https://nxtforum.org/news-and-announcements/lqdeix-loss-of-forex-funds/), I've decided to reduce the dividend payout to 50% of November's profits in order to start recouping the loss of funds.  Next month will be 55% and so on until we're back to 70%.

Nxt Community News and Announcements / LQD/EIX Loss of FOREX Funds
« on: November 26, 2015, 04:45:58 pm »
For Immediate Release on Behalf of LQD and EIX on Nov. 26, 2015, 16:45GMT -

   With sadness, I have a disappointing piece of news to release to LQD and EIX investors. On Nov. 25, 17:42 GMT, Mike and Mr. Slave's computers were penetrated via a Trojan back door program. For the next 3 hours, all of their forex accounts (personal and LQD/EIX) were traded to empty and all crypto accounts were emptied (assets sent to Genesis) or transferred away (Bittrex/Poloniex/etc.). The LQD forex account lost $21,970.20 and EIX forex account lost $6,863.45. Personally, Mike and Mr. Slave lost almost everything they had.

   When this incident was discovered, Mike immediately contacted their brokers, but because the trades had already been closed, there was nothing they could do except investigate. This investigation is still pending. Today, Mike filed a report with the police department and was told that the organized crime department would also open an investigation.

   After the hacker completed this malicious act, he left the message saying:

"You were right Mike, Trading is hard,but so much fun. I hope you and your slave boy can fix this... XOXO”.

We believe this was someone familiar with the NXT community and more specifically in Supernet Slack. If you recognize this style of writing or have any information on who this might be, please let us know.

   The loss to EIX and LQD was both approximately 20% of total funds, so it’s not devastating, but will take a while to rebuild. Obviously, there will also be a loss of forex income as we decide what to do going forward.  The rest of EIX and LQD funds are safe and business will continue as usual.  Once I determine LQD’s new NAV, I will place a buy wall there for anybody that would like to cash out.  LQD divs will payout as currently specified on http://liquidtech.info/summary. Mike and Mr. Slave are trying to figure out the best way to get back on their feet and hope to repay as soon as possible.

   Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies and we will continue to post updates as more information surfaces. Mike has delivered his computers to a friend who will be running analysis in an attempt to figure out the vulnerability. 

All questions are welcome either here on nxtforum.org, or on Supernet Slack.  We will be creating the Slack channel, “lqd-eix-forex-hack” to handle questions about this incident.  Personally, I will be unavailable most of the day as I’m trying to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. However, Coinomat, Mike and and Cassius will be available today, and most of us over the weekend. We will field questions as we can. In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to release this information as soon as possible.

LibertyNow, Cassius, Mike

Big day is finally here!  Hope you're all as excited as me.  This will be a great lift for LIQUID and NXT as the increased funds.

Here are the details:

LQD IPO Details

LQD List Price: 100
LIQUID->LQD Exchange Rate: 1:2.5
Redemption Address: NXT-335C-HMKJ-WG7U-ELE86

Share Count:
LIQUID->LQD Shares: 243,662.5
Extra LibertyNow Freeze Shares: 5,000
Extra Mike Freeze Shares: 2,500
Shares for Sale: 248,837.5
Total Outstanding Shares: 500,000
Total Liquidation Shares: 405,000 (LibertyNow: -80,000; Mike: -15,000)

Current Capital: 8,474,380
New Capital: 24,883,750
Total Capital: 33,358,130
NAV: 66.716
Liquidation NAV: 82.365

Bonus Structure: For each 3 month period that Liquid Tech. brings in 7% ROI / month (22.5% / 3 months), LibertyNow and Mike will each receive 1500 LQD bonus shares.

LibertyNow Frozen Address: NXT-LARH-TS6B-R7RN-H2AHN
Mike Frozen Address: NXT-2CTM-DF64-CQ9S-8WDXP
URL: http://www.liquidtech.info

I will be hanging out in #liquid on supernet slack all day to answer real time questions and have some fun.  Please join us and thanks everyone for your continued support as we take this world to the next level!


Redemption Details: https://nxtforum.org/nxtinspect/%28ann%29-lqd-redemption/msg199241/#msg199241

For those of you watching my thread probably noticed that I mentioned some news coming out in the next few days.  Well, news time has come!

In the nine months since I started LIQUID, it has been a huge success. Original investors at 100NXT have received 28% back in dividends and an increase of 188% in share price.  In just this short time, the fund itself has made 3.67M NXT, over 75% ROI!  Mike has been a huge part of this success also, and I'm not sure what his exact numbers are, but I think they're somewhere in the ballpark of 25%+. To top it all off, this has been done with complete transparency.  A live balance sheet (http://www.liquidtech.info/balances), trades (http://www.liquidtech.info/trades) and profit summary (http://www.liquidtech.info/summary) prove that this is real and legit.  I'm not hiding or writing off losing trades.

For those of you watching these last few weeks with excitement as BTC has climbed, you'll also notice that LIQUID crypto profits have climbed and had the best month ever.  I strongly believe that the crypto bear market is over and once BTC settles a little, we will see a strong in flow of interest and money back into the alts.

Therefore, with the success of LIQUID and the excitement of a return to crypto bull market, starting on Friday, November 6, I will opening a new round of funding for LIQUID.  The new symbol will be LQD (ID: 17750387231635486778) and my goal is to raise an additional 20M NXT for the fund! With this additional cash, I expect to significantly improve dividends to over 1 M/month.  Not only will this be a fantastic boon to LQD investors, but also to the NXT economy as BTC and USD are converted to NXT through our trading.

More details coming soon.  There will be a conversion of LIQUID to LQD at a rate similar to the current price.

Thanks again for everyone's support in this venture.  I couldn't do it without you.


LIQUID forum thread: https://nxtforum.org/liquid/


NXT is an amazing coin with one huge shitty massive downside right now.  The block times are truly awful.  The fact that they range from seconds to over an hour is terrible, terrible, terrible, frustrating, shoot me now please!

I've bitched and moaned about this on SNET slack for months now.  I've donated NXT to all the devs and different donations addresses that pop up.  I keep thinking that this problem is so obvious so it's just a matter of time before it makes the next release....right...right???   But new releases keep coming out and no block time update!  Why IS THIS NOT A TOP PRIORITY!!!!!!!!!

Ok, calming down a little.  I'm a developer myself, so I know that development is hard and expensive.  So, please, can our community come together right now and figure out what it's going to take to get this done?  Can some devs come in here and elaborate once again to all of us who can't find the last conversation about block times and tell us how we can finally get this accomplished?  If it's money, give us a number, if it's time, give us a number.

For the future of NXT, please let's get this done.  Our coin is so awesome (cue Lego Movie song) but the block times just drag the whole system down!!

I would feel remiss to not finish this with a general thanks to all the devs who have already got us this far. You are also awesome and have done a fantastic job!


LIQUID / Dividend Day!
« on: June 01, 2015, 04:48:56 am »
May 2015 Profits Paid!

Capital: 5,292,664
ROI: 13.61%
Total Profit: 669,911
Divs Paid: 468,938

What an incredible month May was.  With Div/Asset coming in at 4.88, LIQUID blew the socks off of previous month's 3.02.  That's an astounding dividend growth of 62%.
Crypto increased total profits to 401k and our new addition, Mike, kicked major butt by adding an additional 244k to the bottom line.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the largest NXT dividend payment to have every gone out!

As always, more and lives stats can be found here: liquidtech.info/summary

Thank you to our faithful investors and new investors. I've already alerted Poloniex of the dividend payment so I expect it to go out soon.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


« on: May 11, 2015, 10:09:51 pm »
Here's the information on LIQUID's new OnDemand product. Good work fontline!

LIQUID / News & Media
« on: May 09, 2015, 12:29:04 pm »

LIQUID / LIQUID Acquisition of CVF
« on: April 29, 2015, 03:32:58 pm »
Dear CVF & LQD Asset holders,

I am able to announce that a merger of CryptoVenture Asset into the Liquid Asset has been brokered by NXTi to create a hybrid Crypto/Forex trading asset combining CVFs successful Forex trading expertise with the technology underpinning Liquid's transparency and success in Crypto trading.

This means that there will be no further issue of CVF assets by CryptoVentureFund with effect immediately.

CVF Assets will be redeemed for Liquid assets and following the merger the combined fund will continue to trade as LIQUID.

The merger will be completed after CVF pays its dividend on Friday, details of the swap ratio is as follows .0075LQD/CVF and .3NXT/CVF

The redemption mechanism along with more details of the merger condiitons will be posted in the next 24hours.


LIQUID / Markets
« on: April 27, 2015, 02:33:04 am »
I'm open to all new market ideas. Please let me know.

« on: January 31, 2015, 06:43:10 pm »

Hey fellow NXTers,

A common frustration in the community for quite a while has been liquidity across our markets.  BTER has been improving, but the other major exchanges still lack significant available entry/exit points for medium-sized orders and up without major price swings (note what seems like the weekly dump on POLO)...even BTER struggles with this at orders over 10 BTC

I've been writing and maintaining my own personal arbitraging software for almost a year.  It's been quite successful with one month profiting over 80BTC at the height of the alt coin frenzy.  Unfortunately, as the alt coin volume had dropped considerably, profits have sunk.  In this process though, I've been noodling an idea that brings myself and the NXT community to a crossroads.  An idea that can increase arbitrage profits and NXT liquidity. 

In order to make it happen though, I need capital and so I'm announcing my first asset on the NXT AE....LIQUID (#4630752101777892988)

Over the last 10 days, I've worked and reworked the business plan with Damelon and chanc3r to find a good balance to profit investors and also successfully increase our liquidity.  The complete plan can be found at the website: http://www.liquidtech.info

For those that don't want to muddle through it (please don't invest though until you have, just 3 pages), here are some of the bullet points which are also on the home page:

-By trading across all Nxt exchanges, this asset will add liquidity to Nxt while making profit for investors
-30% of the asset (30,000) will be sold at 100NXT to raise initial capital, an additional 20% will be sold over time at market rates
-30% will be given to the LibertyNow who will not sell for 1 year and only at double initial market price. An additional 20% will be rewarded to the LibertyNow upon meeting defined targets.
-Software due date is March 1, 2015.
-The asset expects to trade 5% of Nxt volume in the first three months of operation, and make an average of 2% profit per trade. Will expand to other markets as appropriate.
-Asset holders will receive a minimum of 50% of profits monthly starting on April 1, 2015. 0-50% will be reinvested into the fund.
-A real time interface (http://www.liquidtech.info/real-time-hud) will be provided for all investors with complete details on account balances, locations, trade volume and NAV
-LibertyNow has been implementing basic arbitraging software across all 4 major exchanges since March 2014 with very sizable profits during the alt coin volume boom. Profits were April – 18.83 BTC, May – 31.65 BTC, June – 81.62 BTC, July – 56.75 BTC, August – 25.96 BTC, September – 17.15 BTC, October – 11.30 BTC, November – 5.17 BTC, December – 1.49 BTC
-I will need BTC for the buy side of the market.  I don't want to push the NXT price down, so if you are looking to invest and have BTC, PM me and we'll do a swap at market price according to CMC

For those of you who don't know me, I've recently been market making for james for his fund, jl777hodl.  I'm a really active Slack member (some have questioned when I sleep) and try to kick around here on the forums when possible.

I look forward to your questions and concerns and would be honored if you would consider taking part in this venture.


NOTE: You'll notice 40,000 assets are held by this address: NXT-335C-HMKJ-WG7U-ELE86.  That is the escrow address held by NXTInvest.  I do not have access to this account.  I will be issued my bonus shares by NXTInspect when I achieve the milestones.

NOTE 2: There will be ZERO selling pressure below the initial price of 100NXT unless somebody chooses to sell at a loss.  Every single share purchased was at 100NXT and the ones I received, I can't sell for at least a year and even then, only if NAV is over 200NXT.  I personally bought some more myself at 100NXT with NXT and BTC, hence the initial BTC balance and the outgoing of an additional 600 shares to my personal account (500 with NXT and 100 with BTC)

ANNOUNCEMENT 2/7/2015 - LQD/BTC Liquid market added @ Poloniex. http://ow.ly/IFdvw

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