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ConnectTropolis / CoinTropolis & Tokens Update- 6/26/2014
« on: June 27, 2014, 03:49:29 am »
We will continue to update our blog with information about CoinTropolis and our tokens as well as progress in different areas. Please take a look and drop us a line if you have any questions



1. Nxt account and userID/contact info

NXT Account Number: 14866178020124856127
UserID: NiftyNikel
Contact: niftynikel@gmail.com

2. Submission date

Saturday - 5/3/14

3. Brief Summary:

This marketing campaign is a QR code drawing for people attending the Trek Con in Springfield, Missouri. Upon walking up to the booth people will have a chance to draw a QR code that has a chance to be worth free NXT. The goal is to get NXT in the hands of as many people to get them acquainted/involved with our community.

3b) Detailed information:

The drawing will be used for both people that come to the Nxt booth as well as at the NXT talks given by Justabit

Example or QR codes:

The Drawing:

There will be a beginning pool of 600 QR codes to draw from. The odds of getting NXT will be 1 in 4.

Drawing Process:

Person draws card and scans the code. If they are not a winner they will see this when they scan the QR code:

If they are a winner they will see this when they scan the QR code for the appropriate amount:

The winner will then get an authentication code from the NXT ambassador at the booth, they will tap the nxtwinner@gmail.com address which will have a spot for their name, and authentication number. They will then receive an auto reply with these instructions:

Once they have their NXT account number, they will mail the nxtredeem@gmail.com address with the requested info. At that time we will then manually process the winners and disperse the funds accordingly.

We will have a spreadsheet that lists the authentication codes and the email address tied to that winner for tracking purposes

4. Specify the target audience

Our target audience is the sci-fi community. The Trek Con is projected to have any where between 2000 and 3500 attendees. This will be the first time a digital currency/protocol has interacted with this type of audience.

5. Budget

The budget for this campaign will be 20,000 NXT

- Break down of winning codes: 2-1000NXT, 8-250NXT, 40-150NXT, 100-100NXT

Any funds that may be left over will be returned to the Marketing Committee fund.

6. Specify deadlines

This is a Priority request that needs a Quick vote. The deadline for this proposal is May 8, 2014. The Springfield Trek Con runs May 9-11.

Drawing deadline:

Winners will have until May 16th, 2014 to submit their NXT account for payment. After that time their prize will be invalid.

Proof Deadline

We will turn in our spreadsheet with winners as well as any remaining NXT to the Marketing Committee by May 19th, 2014

7. Metrics need to be specified

There will be a spreadsheet kept for the winning people and associated email addresses. This will give us the final count of people reached

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