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Nxt General Discussion / Need help from NXT community
« on: March 03, 2016, 10:00:48 am »
Hello NXT Community,

I'm in need of ~8000 USD, because I need to go in the hospital for a long time.

I have:
- ~69000 coinomat assets (ID: 6220108297598959542)
- ~29000 NEXT assets (ID: 5504266111917554921)
- ~9000 cryptocard assets (ID: 7110939398145553585)

I already contacted Coinomat and asked for a buy back of these assets, but he don't want to. I invested 39000 USD in coinomat and now all I want is 8000, but nothing.

Is there someone that can help me and is willing to buy huge amount of these assets? I would accept BTC and NXT or other liquid crypto but I need to dump it to fiat.

It would be nice if I can find one and have the money for the hospital.

Thank you all. I know its a bad time, but I can't wait any longer :-/


Nxt General Discussion / CAUTION! Email Spam from cobaltskky - Malware link
« on: September 23, 2015, 06:55:06 am »
Hi Forum,

I got a Email today from our user "cobaltskky".

If you also got this email, pls do not open the link inside this email, it looks like a malware website.
I already contact cobaltskky and asked to check if she have a virus or something.

Please be careful!


Hi all,

I want to give you some information about this card from coinomat. I think I'm one of the first that ordered the card.

Information needed by FSC:
  • complete Name, Addess, Birthday, Phone number etc.
  • copy of ID card
  • actual Utility bill to confirm your address
  • a “selfie” (photo) of yourself holding your valid ID card
  • describe your intention of having two payment cards issued by SIA "FSC EU". (I ordered 2 cards)
    given (told them the 2. card is for my wife, copy of ID card from my wife was needed)
  • your business or personal activity that ensures your general income (the name of your employer, field of activity/description of your personal business or self-employed activity/web-links to the sources of information on the internet about your employer or your activity);
  • describe more detailed where do you plan to receive the funds on your account at SIA "FSC EU" from and for what services/purpose will the funds be transferred:
    given (told them that I ordered the cards because it's a service from coinomat.com)
  • indicate the purposes you plan to use your account opened at SIA "FSC EU" for?
    given (told them that I ordered the cards because it's a service from coinomat.com)

I ordered the card on 4th March and they were sent on 20th March. So I think this can be optimized by coinomat. Coinomat was very helpfull in the order process and has communicated openly with me and the FSC Support.

I recieved both cards in one small package. Every card was in a black paper case/etui with FSC logo and "TRAVEL CARD" on it.

In a case there was the card, a SIM card?, a printed A5 sized paper with Login ID, Password and card PIN and instructions how to activate the cards. The instructions were completly wrong, I had to write a message on the onlinebanking-website with my name and the last 4 digits of both cards. After one day the cards were activated.

At the moment I'm waiting for money to reach my FSC account.
I was not able to withdraw CoinoEUR to my cards, coinomat said it will take some days befor they have it on the website. So I withdraw my EURO's back to NXT and then NXT to USD. It was possible to withdraw USD on coinomat to my First Swiss Cards.

Where are FSC cards accepted?
- Amazon: I could fill in my card information.
- PayPal: They don't accept the card. It was possible to add other cards.

I will post more information when I have money on the cards and after I have bought some stuff with it.


Only a small but nice replay to my question to them (bitcoinbullbear.com):

I wrote:
Jun 04 17:24


I would like to have NXT also in your Report, even if it is only a small
information. I like your report since a very long time, but time changes
and NXT is about to take over everything. That would give you also some new
subscribtions from the NXT community.

Do you think you could do it?

Thank you very much for your reports for the last couple of month! If you
could do that I would renew my subscription =-))


Adam answered:
Jun 06 08:11

Hi ...,

Thanks for the suggestion! We will certainly take this into consideration as we have been looking to expand our altcoin coverage universe. The only issue is finding a proper charting platform that has an NXT feed. Do you know of any?

Adam W (Support Services)

I answered:
Hi Adam,

sure I have what you need:

At the moment Bter.com is the biggest NXT exchange.

Thanks for take this into your consideration!


This would be very nice to have a NXT report from bitcoinbullbear.com! I enjoy there reports since more then a year now.

Do you think we need more people to send them also an email about adding NXT? If they add NXT that would get us also more interested newcommers!


Nxt General Discussion / Hallmarked Nodes? NSC distribution!
« on: June 03, 2014, 07:16:06 pm »
Hi communtity,

after 3 days scanning my Hallmarked Node to find other "up to date" (>= 1.1.3) Hallmarked Nodes, I find only 12!

Is this true? I know there are more but also looking at "http://www.peerexplorer.com" we have not much Hallmarked Nodes out there! Or do I need to wait some days longer so my node sees more Hallmarked Nodes?

Here is my list for the moment:


At the end of the week, I will distribute NSC to all Hallmarked Nodes I have seen until then.
How much NSC? I don't know at the moment, I have to calculate at the end of the week.

If you run a Hallmarked Node and your are not in the list above, please post the IP or DNS here.

Thank you!


PS: More information about NSC here -> https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=1511.0

EDIT: List updated
EDIT2: List updated here -> https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=1511.msg37325#msg37325


First Account that hold 500 NSC wins a RasPI-Solar

  • Only NSC that were disrtributed or traded on the AE will be counted. (If you try to game the system by pooling up, temporary asset transfers etc. your Account-ID will be blacklisted for future distributions)
  • You muss hold a minimum of 500 NSC for 7 days!
  • Pool account-id's not allowed!
  • The RasPI-Solar will not be assembled, it will shipped as a set. This is not the optimized version, it's the standard version which consumes ~1 Watt.
  • Yes it sounds easy, but we are very early in the distribution of NSC. Only 4326 NSC are distributed until today. I think it will take a while to get 500 NSC!

RasPI-Solar includes:
  • Rasberry PI model A
  • Low power Wifi Adapter
  • Solar panel 5V / 1.5 Amps
  • A4 sized plastic box
  • Battery holder
  • USB cables.

It looks similar like this one but only 1 Battery holder:

What additional parts you need:
  • 18650 Li-ion Batteries (best Panasonic NCR18650B)
  • SD-Card with Raspian OS
  • Some clue tape to fix the RasPI and Battery holder in the Box

Free shipping world wide.

I hope everyone likes NSC! Happy hodling  :D

More information about NSC here -> https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=1511.0


Hi community, because of the low distribution every week, it is easy for someone to buy the small amounts of NSC and push the price to the moon.

So I want you to vote and discuss what to do with the capped coins every week.

Capped coins?
Well, I use a  variable cap for every distribution to make the distribution fair. Because if a big stake holder is forging and we had no cap, the big stake holders will get to many NSC which is unfair to the others.
The last cap was at 10 NSC / 1440 blocks. We had 4144 block to calculate and only 1874 Blocks were counted. So the distribution was 1874 NSC, that makes 2270 not distributed NSC.


Assets Board / [ANN] BCNext - What is the comeback of BCNext worth?
« on: May 22, 2014, 08:12:05 pm »
BCNext Asset

Hello community!

This Asset and the Issuer Account incl. all NXT from sold Assets will be handed over to BCNext when he is come back to the community!

There will be only 21! Assets available with only 1 Decimal!

This Asset is made to honor the father of NXT. He was taking only 21btc which is a joke for this wonderfull Platform.

Please all, help to honor BCNext!

I will be the holder of this Asset until BCNext is back. I am a community member since 2011 on bitcointalk and you can trust me that I take no personal profit from it!

ebby (aka ebereon on Bitcointalk registred 2011)
What is it?
An Asset to honor BCNext, the father of NXT when he comes back!
What percentage of the company is being sold? 
The distribution will be 50%
How many shares to be sold?
What price will they be sold at?
The community decides. The starting value is 13053 NXT (I will try to hold the Asset at the price of 1 BTC, so all 21 Assets have a minimum value of 21 BTC.)
Nxtforum discussion
This thread!
Nxt account used to issue assets
Asset ID
Ticker symbol


NXT Security Coin

NSC is to help securing the network by adding more value to forging fees. NSC is distributed weekly to every Block Generator. Payout is 1 NSC for every forged block by an accout ID. Every account ID have a cap of x NSC per 1440 Blocks, Public Forging Pools don't have a cap! The future value of this first tradeable AE-Coin depends on the community, the more value the more forgers secure the network. The Asset Holder will only sell NSC to cover the Asset transfer fees. To all big stake holders, please help to give this Coin a value, thank you! The start value should be around 0.10 EUR. (3.51498017 NXT at the moment).

- The calculation will start with Block 135000! I will cover the fees for the first distribution of the NSC. This process is semi-automatic and will be fully automatic in the future.
- Every Block will be counted, also empty Blocks!
- The distribution will be calculated ones a week with a delay of 1440 blocks to make sure all block are valid.
- The weekly distribution depends on the available NXT on the Asset Holder's Account to pay the fees.
- Big forging accounts can game the cap by splitting up. No problem with this, because this is also securing his/her stake.
- NSC will not get bumped by the Asset Holder like every other asset out there.
- Community, especially BIG stake holders, please help to give NSC a value. It will help NXT and its Network/System.

NSC Distribution to Hallmark-Nodes!!!(Experimentell)
Today I start with testing to distribute also to Hallmarked Nodes! This is experimentell and can also end with no distribution at all!
- My node must have seen your hallmarked node! Please make sure you have my node in your config "nxt.wellKnownPeers=cubie-solar.mjke.de", this will help that my node know about yours.
- I check the Hallmark of known Peers more times a week. Please make sure your node have a DNS!
- Your Node must be uptodate!
- The Hallmark give me the Account-ID for the distribution.
- I will decide how much NSC per Hallmarked node will be distributed.
- The distribution is weely and will be done with general NSC distribution.
- The NSC for this distribution is from the capped NSC from the block calculation.
- Keep your nodes up! The counting begins!

If you have questions, please ask!

ebby (aka ebereon on Bitcointalk registred 2011)
What is it? 
A Coin based on AE to help secure the NXT Network
What percentage of the company is being sold? 
The distribution will be ~100%, based on the blockchain and time.
How many shares to be sold?
21,000,000 (Distribution for ~40 years (1440*365*40)
What price will they be sold at?
They will be freely distributed to forgers for every forged block in the NXT Blockchain. The start value should be 0.10 EUR (3.51498017 NXT at the moment). Asset Holder will only sell NSC to cover the asset transfer fees! The future value will be decided by the community! The Asset Holder will not bump the value like any other asset out there!
Nxtforum discussion
This thread!
Nxt account used to issue assets
NXT-KALP-T3EE-GN7Q-4N8MS (3192160192846930517)
Asset ID
Ticker symbol

Public forging pools:
Please PM me your Account ID (Reed Solomon) and generate a Token with Website: "NSC". Make sure to count NSC for every Leasor! Thank you!

Verified and approved Pools without the cap:
NXT-K5KL-23DJ-3XLK-22222 - Thread: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=1020.msg15459#msg15459
NXT-QTDC-DL8B-WHSE-FQ4Y3 - Thread: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=1070.msg16374#msg16374

For accounts that would like to be Blacklisted (You don't like to recive this AE Coin/Asset), please PM me your Account ID (Reed Solomon) with a generated Token with Website: "NSC".

Current Distribution:
1. May 19, 2014: 1874 NSC transfered to 258 Accounts. Daily (1440 Blocks) cap per account was 10 NSC.
2. May 25, 2014: 2452 NSC transfered to 256 Accounts + 162 Lessors on 2 Pools. Daily (1440 Blocks) cap per account was 10 NSC.
3. June  1, 2014: 2920 NSC transfered to 237 Accounts + 169 Lessors on 2 Pools. Daily (1440 Blocks) cap per account was 10 NSC.
4. June  9, 2014: 3705.8 NSC transfered to 304 Accounts + 186 Lessors on 2 Pools and 64 Hallmarks. Daily (1440 Blocks) cap per account was 10 NSC.
5. June 24, 2014: 8475.44 NSC transfereed to 351 Accounts + 179 Lessors on 2 Pools and 101 Hallmarks Daily (1440 Blocks) cap per account was 10 NSC.


Distributed NSC until now: 19'427.24

Explanation about the distribution:
The distribution have started with block 135'000 and will be distributed weely. Last block of the weekly calculation is current block minus 1440 blocks.
Every block is counted with an integer up to 1440 blocks. While the NSC is calculated it will stop adding NSC to an account when the cap of n NSC is reached.

Example: Account xyz forged 100 blocks in the 1440-blocks-timeframe it will only count n NSC. After 1440 Blocks the counter is reset and NSC will be added again to this account for the next 1440 blocks and capped again if it reached n NSC. In the last distribution there were 3 daily calculations started and the max NSC to an account was capped at 10 NSC. So even the biggest forger got only 30 NSC.

The daily counter will start at 0 for every distribution, even if the last distribution had 4144 blocks calculated, which is 2 x 1440 + 1264 blocks counted. That means I don't remember the 176 we were short in the last round, for the next distribution. Only the last block is stored for the next distribution.

Why this Cap is added?
Because if We don't have this cap, the distribution would be the same as NXT. The big stake holders would have the most NSC! So to make the distribution of NSC really fair, I have added this cap to avoid big stake holders gets bigger.


Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Main net feature countdown
« on: April 22, 2014, 06:38:31 pm »
Here is my personal NXT Main net feature countdown:

It would be nice if someone can make something like that on a official site, because its running on my cubie-solar. So please don't link it everywhere and don't drain my batteries  :D.


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