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General / Software for a full CryptoCurrency Exchange
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:33:15 am »
Guys, I need a software for a full CryptoCurrency Exchange including following options:

Initiating different markets for different currency pairs.
Getting buy/sell order for each market with the capability of Limit,Market,Stop
Showing order books for buy and sell queues.
Processing market orders and excluding exchange costs.
Deposit and withdraw of Currencies.
Show Balance and history of each currency.
Integrating with special bank system. (Bank Mellat) Document will be provided.
Manually entering and confirming  incoming drafts to bank accounts.
List of withdrawal orders including 3 items:(Paya,Satna,Mellat) and processing them by operator.
API for each market infos
All function from user side should be acceble through API.
Report for deposit and withdrawals of each user and all users.
Report for history of activity of each user on each market and all users on each market.
Verifying process for each user including registering bank account, ID verification, uploading pictures, Mobile number and telephone number verification.
Option for Manually verifying each user.
Troll box for chatting users.
Information board for users.
Showing graphical view for market depth and market history for one different periods(Daily, weekly, monthly)
Daily Reports fro all trades for each market.
Showing open orders and option to cancel them.
Message Box for each user and option to send message to each user and all users.
Option to activate Google authenticator for 2 factor authentication.
Option to generate API KEY for each user.
Changing password and profile information by user.
Showing logs for user logins.

Please update me, if you can do this, or you did this before.
The programming language is preferred to be Python.


Assets Board / [Ann] [Coinex] Coinex.ir Exchange fund raising
« on: September 21, 2015, 06:04:47 am »
Recently established Iranian Exchange, Coinex.ir, looking for fund raising through NXT Asset Exchange.


Raising 1,000,000 CNY to supply liquidity for exchanging major digital currencies like BTC and Perfect Money in http://coinex.ir/ .


Coinex.ir is an established exchange in Iran and started it’s testing phases for about 2 months.
We have exchange accounts with major Chinese exchanges like BTCChina and Huobi.
As any banking transaction to/from Iran yet is prohibited by many countries, the need for currencies like bitcoin and perfect money that can be transferred freely cross borders are increasing.
So Coinex.ir team decided to establish and form exchanging Iranian Rial with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
We assure you that we do our best to secure your investment and to maximize your benefit and minimize any possible lose.
Each transaction may have 1-3 percent benefit.
Our BTC reserve will be hold as in our dedicated Cold Stored Address:


Also you can see our last months records for our trades in the above address. And the other address that can show our trade records is the address we have in our exchange:


Benefits calculated at the end of each month according to CNY equivalent of our total portfolio and dividends will be paid in BTC through SuperBTC Asset or CoinexCNY2 Asset according to User choice.
For more clarification for investors every week a Total Portfolio report will be published.
Any funds invested can be redeemed after each Coinex Report in BTC or any agreed Currency. It will be calculated as equivalent share from total portfolio.
Each asset is an equivalent to 1 CNY at the end of each month.
Total Number of 1,00,000 Assets with 2 decimal places issued.
We have a licensee issued from local government to show that we have a trustworthy entity, you can click on this image in our website to be sure about that:


Asset Descrption:

Asset Name: CoinexCNY2

Asset ID: 15567956136394580893

Asset Issuer Account: NXT-XBVF-49V3-UYUS-2AZMQ

Total Assets issued: 1,000,000.00

Price per asset at the end of each month: 1 CNY or equivalent in BTC or NXT

Dividend payments: Monthly

Each CoinexCNY2 is pegged to 1 CNY at start of each month.
During month the value of CoinexCNY2 will be published here according to trades made and benefits created and it's price may grow.
At the end of the month Dividends will be paid and CoinexCNY2 will be pegged to CNY again and this cycle will continue.
Each User have the option to receive their Dividends at the end of month in CoinexCNY2 or SuperBTC.
Any new investor should pay as the last CoinexCNY2 value published here in this topic and join.
Portfolio Reserve Combination is %100 in fiat mostly in CNY. By the way we will have the right to change this combination according to local business requirements in this case we will inform about this to the community in this topic.

We prefer the asset to be bought in BTC, to avoid NXT to BTC exchange rates, So you can simply transfer any amount of BTC to our BTC address and ask us to transfer the Asset to your NXT Address Manually. In this case you should be able to prove that you are the owner of claimed BTC address.

New Investors:
Please send an amount equal to "Each Asset now" Value in last Coinex Report in this topic for each asset to our BTC address and ask us to transfer the Asset to your NXT Address Manually.

Forum Threads:

NXT Forum Thread: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/(ann)-(coinex)-coinex-ir-exchange-fund-raising/

BitcoinTalk Forum Thred: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1204913.0

Terms and Conditions:

1. By investing you accept that there may be some loss of value in the transferring between BTC, NXT, PM, CNY and IRR.
2. You accept that whilst invested NXT, BTC, PM, CNY & IRR values may fluctuate.
3. Iranian and Chinese banks have not been known to close accounts involved in bitcoin trading. By the way You accept that at any time operations may be ceased because of this. Any money returned will still be returned to investors.
4. We will take 50% of profits to pay for our management time, staff costs and any other costs.
5. In the event of fraudulent or otherwise faulty payments, should our bank refuse to give the money, We will not be held liable.
6. Any update or reports about this asset will be posted here in this topic.

Please ensure you've read the terms! 

Our User Verification Policy:

A few notes about our user verification policy to reduce risk of payment through Payment gateways or fraudulent payments:

1. We always require at-least one form of government issued in-date ID from any user.
2. We verify a land line or a Mobile phone number for each user.
3. Some users will have to go through additional Verifying procedures.

About Asset Issuer

Some notes about me:

I’m Sepehr, an old NXTer, My total number of posts Show my history.
I had two assets in my history record,

One is Forgecoin:


And the other one was CryptoZin:


While the above two assets may have not very good records in returning benefits, it can be assure you that, I’m not here to grab your money and flee! And show that I’m serious and here to make benefit for myself and you both together.
Also this is my account in Local Bitcoins:


My Personal NXT account is: NXT-BUN9-PXG2-JTR2-6ET4Z
I personally hold my personal share from Coinex Assets there.

About Coinex:

Coinex website: http://Coinex.ir
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coinexir
Email: info@coinex.ir
BTC Account: https://blockchain.info/address/1CoinExcJvvLEibPQ9F7WtVBXcPixv3CMV
Perfect Money Account: https://perfectmoney.is/public_view.html?id=3063233
Let me know if you have any questions,


 Target is simple! Everybody with a smartphone, should have the ability to own/send and receive cryptocurrency safe.
 The Idea is that the average Joe in our world should be safe enough to enter the cryptocurrency world! How we can secure him that his/her funds will be safe? We can assure him/her that no one other than the holder of his/her smartphone will have access to his/her funds. And if he/she hold his phone secure, then his cryptocurrency funds are secure.
Don’t worry! This is not for you! It’s for average Joe, not even in cryptopia but average Joe of the world, that cannot solve the complicated security problems, Java installations and lots of other complicated technical hints!
And Yes, we will be like a bank for people’s crypto currency. So the security is one of our main issues.

We will have BTC and NXT and most common 10 first most known Cryptocurrencies for our customers.

Everybody can send cryptocurrency to anybody simply knowing his Mobile number!

 The sender don't need to signup to our service, Just fill a form give the recipient Mobile number and receive his BTC/NXT/... address! That's it!
The receiver also don’t even need to signed up prior to receive money! He can sign up later to receive his money. So simply you can send money to anybody in the world using his mobile number.
And everybody in our network can ask to receive BTC, NXT or other supported cryptocurrencies to his related address. And can be sure that only the holder of his mobile number can have access to his funds. So everything he needs is to hold his mobile number and his/her smartphone in a safe place.
Two factor authentication for sure is a required security measure for this project.


We will charge our users for small amounts. Monthly amounts, for each transaction made, for exchange services, etc.
So we will benefit from our services and benefit our investors from revenue it will have.


The software is under analysis and will have several parts.

Server parts which most likely to be in C and will have BTC, NXT and many other currencies Integrity and can send SMS to Mobiles around the world and use 2FA to authenticate users.

Also we may have exchange between cryptocurrencies later. Not in First phase plan.

Client part will have Android & iOS clients to install on users smartphones to allow them to send/receive cryptocurrencies safe.
We will update here and in our website every steps about the software.

Also we plan to embed SuperNET clients for our Mobile Clients.


We have estimated to cover our development costs and running costs for 6 months, and the development costs for 1 year. So after 6 months we should cover our running costs and after 1 year we should cover both dev costs and running costs.

Asset Provider: NXT Asset Exchange

Asset Name: CryptoZin

Asset ID: 8300433784910391470

Asset Issuer Account: NXT-N53Y-6D8X-N8C5-5MCJ7

Asset Description:

CryptoZin Asset issued on NXT Asset Exchange.
Total number of assets issued is 250,000, and 100,000 will be available for public offering.
%40 of the company asset will be offer to public starting from December 15, 2014.
The first two week investors will have the opportunity to buy assets for 100 NXT each.
If any assets remains after two weeks it will offer for 10 NXT incremental every two week after that until two months.
So the asset price will be:
From December 15th to December 31st : 100 NXT
From January 1st to January 15th : 110 NXT
From January 15th to January 31st: 120 NXT
From February 1st to February 15st : 130NXT
If any asset still remained after this two month period we will decide how to act about it later.
Each asset holder is a stakeholder of Company and have the right to contribute in decisions through voting and receive dividends
Main decisions will be make through voting system.
Dividends will be paid on a monthly basis, on first day of each month.
CryptoZin Assets only offered through NXT AE by Asset issuer.

For additional information about NXT Asset Exchange please visit here:



Marketing this service is very important. We will manage to generate simple Banners, video clipses and propagate them through social networks like forums, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Telgram etc. to absorb average Joe users to use our services, we also plan to have an affiliate program for every user that absorb new users, also we can use users mobile contacts to inform them about our service, so that our users network grow fast.
Our current target is 100k users within 6 months and 1 milion users within first year.

I promise to do my best to secure your investment and to return you the best possible return through this business plan.
I promise to manage this project to catch its goals.
I promise to provision every line of programming to be sure that it’s secure and trustable.
I promise to provide the Beta version of software before March 15th.
I promise to report to the community every penny paid or received for this project in a monthly basis.
I promise to pay any dividends related to benefits made by this company in a monthly basis.
I promise to make critical decisions through voting from investers.

About Name:

I’m an Iranian and Muslim, Zin or Zina is an Islamic and Quranic world that shows that Money or any beautiful things of world is not totally bad or totally good. It can be good or bad, depending on you to use it for Bad or good things. So we choose the name CryptoZin as our Company Name.

Asset Issuer:

Asset issuer is Sepehr. I’m a 41 year old C programmer and I had experience of programming and management for years. I have joined the crypto currency world for more than a year and Joined NXT community for about a year. I joined NXT on January 2014.

My BCT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=163587;sa=summary
My NXT Forum Profile: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?action=profile;area=summary;u=220

My other Asset that issued and absorbed trust from community is Forgecoin which is paying dividends weekly to it’s asset holders now more than 7 Months.
For more information about ForgeCoin Please visit these links:



Website: cryptozin.com

NXT address: NXT-N53Y-6D8X-N8C5-5MCJ7

Twitter: @CryptoZin

NXT Forums: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/(ann)-(cryptozin)-cryptocurrency-for-anyone-with-a-smartphone!-)/

BCT Forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=894244.0

Please don't hesitate to contribute and ask any questions.

Trading & Exchanges / Cryptsy: you have 72 hours to move your funds!!!
« on: October 14, 2014, 05:48:39 pm »
Received this from cryptsy and moving my funds out of it!

Subject: Important Cryptsy Notification
OCT 13, 2014  |  08:02PM EDT
Braeden replied:
We have removed the hold on your account. You have 72 hours to remove your funds or to submit an application that proves your residency is not in violation of OFAC regulations.
Cryptsy ID Verification Specialist
Cryptsy Trade Key:
OCT 08, 2014  |  02:46PM EDT
Roman replied:
We have determined that your unverified account’s IP location is located in a country (Iran) sanctioned by the United States Government and Office of Foreign Assets and Controls. In accordance with the laws set by Executive Orders issued by the United States Federal Register, U.S. companies and entities are prohibited from commencing any transactions to sanctioned countries.
We understand that your IP-address may not represent your actual location. If this is the case, please submit an application for verification. If in reviewing your application we determine that your location is not sanctioned by OFAC then we will release all holds from the account.
Unless you are able to verify your location is in an unsanctioned country we will lock your account in 72 hours.
OCT 04, 2014  |  09:31PM EDT
Roman replied:
We have determined that your unverified account’s IP location is located in a country sanctioned by the United States Government and Office of Foreign Assets and Controls. In accordance with the laws set by Executive Orders issued by the United States Federal Register, U.S. companies and entities are prohibited from commencing any transactions to sanctioned countries.
We understand that your IP-address may not represent your actual location. If this is the case, please submit an application for verification. If in reviewing your application we determine that your location is not sanctioned by OFAC then we will release all holds from the account.

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Forming a Company Account (CryptoCompany)
« on: October 02, 2014, 09:25:39 am »
I hereby propose a more complete proposal for forming a Company Account in cryptocurrency Blockchain.

It's s simple but possible and very beneficial proposal IMHO.

Here is the detail of my proposal:

The pdf file of the above can be find here:


I proposed this before here:


The SuperNET Disbursement Authorization Process that now is going on by authorization team, very interesting and and I value their efforts:


But it should be automated!

We should have such thing in the core!

Every member of the Authorization committee, Should just open their wallet and see some authorization requests and validate some and that's it!

I suggested this several time in NXT community but seems no one pay attention to it yet!

I think it will be a very big step forward if SuperNET can form this function or hurry NXT techs to do so ASAP.

Nxt General Discussion / Tweet from BTC China (@btcchina)
« on: September 18, 2014, 03:52:29 pm »
BTC China (@btcchina) tweeted at 3:01 PM on Thu, Sep 18, 2014:
@NxtCommunity Congrats guys! Great news :)

Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

Marketplace / Can I do an Auction through Digital Good Store?
« on: July 17, 2014, 03:45:54 pm »
Can I do an Auction through Digital Good Store?

I mean can I declare a public event for goods or properties to be sold to the highest bidder in a defined time frame or anything like that?.

Nxt General Discussion / Real value of NXT Market Cap
« on: July 10, 2014, 11:11:58 am »
I don't know anyone mentioned this or not but,

The real value of Nxt market cap in CoinMarketCap should include the total value of issued Assets!
We have lots of Assets in our NXT asset exchange and they have Value, and they are belong to Nxt Account Holders!

So the Value of Nxt Market cap should include the Sum of number of each asset multiplied with the last trade of that Asset.

I don't know who and How we should inform this to CoinMarketCap.com but we should have a good idea and formulla for calculating it and officially inform them about this.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Must have scripts for Asset Exchange Issuers
« on: May 16, 2014, 06:09:05 pm »
Hello Nxters,

I think every Asset Issuer like me need the following scripts urgently and ASAP!

1- A scrip let me have a list of All asset holders including their account number, the Asset Quantity and the date they purchased their asset.

I need this list for many reasons and most important for calculating to pay dividends.

2- A script let me to define a list of NXT accounts and corresponding amounts in csv or excel file and pay automatically to each NXT account the mentioned correspondinh amount.

I need this script to pay dividends to my asset holders!

I should pay dividends weekly and 19th of may will be end of first week, And as I promised to my stakeholders I should pay them their dividends and I need the above scripts and most importantly the first one to pay them the dividends!

These scripts not only required just by me, but every asset holder need these.

Please help me and other asset holders to find a solution for these scripts.


Assets Board / [Ann] [ForgeCoin] Mining with Cheap electricity!
« on: May 12, 2014, 11:50:39 am »
Forge Coin is established to Host CryptoCurrency Miners in a country with cheap electricity rates.

We are rented a 300 Amp Facility in an industrial Zone with Good Air Conditioning.

You can have some stake as well!

Just buy ForgeCoin Assets, in NXT Asset Exchange and start receiving dividends weekly.

For More information see the followings:

About ForgeCoin Assets
Buying ForgeCoin Assets
Recieving ForgeCoin Dividends
ForgeCoin News

About ForgeCoin Asset:

NXT Asset Name: ForgeCoin

Asset ID: 5934798443252900551

Asset Description:

Electricity rate is one of most important costs of Mining, But What if you can mine at an electricity rate about $0.01/KWh?
ForgeCoin decided to help you to do so!
We have rented a Factory in an Industrial Zone of a country with Cheap electricity rates.
We have a Total capacity of 300Amp for the Moment.
Assuming 370W(1.7Amp) for each Slot(180 GH/s S1 or equivalent S2 or S3 Antminers) , we can host up to 175 Antminers in this location.
Each Slot will cost 0.85 0.81 0.7777 0.9 0.48 BTC including Local Custom fees, PSU, Installation)
30 Slots currently reserved by ourselves.
145 remaining Slots can be sold through Asset Exchange.
Mined funds will be paid weekly in BTC or NXT.
We will declare any costs clear in our website through the project.
3% Management cost will take place over any revenue through mining.
First month contributors had a %10 Discount because they trust us and risk their Money.
Each asset will cost 0.48 BTC now.

An ROI of 5 months can be estimated.

Additional information will publish in our website:



NXT Account Number: 10807998119924651512

BTC Account: 1PqpXBRM5LgUT7X4zc3jZXUr7gAt5WhvTX

For additional information about NXT Asset Exchange please visit here:


Hi every Body!
I want to know is there any Automated system to pay Dividends to Asset Holders?
I have not seen anything like that in Testnet.
Also I have seen a long thread discussing that with Ciyam regarding Automated Transactions, But don't know where is it now and what was the results?
Someone please help, Because one of main reasons to buy an asset is receiving Dividends! I think it should be embedded in AE!

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Company account or Crypto Company
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:30:10 pm »
Hi guys,

Please consider this Idea about Crypto Company or Company account in Crypto world:

We can arrange for a company account!
We can have two type of accounts, Personal accounts and company accounts like any Bank.
Personal accounts can act just like normal currency accounts. One person have the total control over the account while he/she have it's credentials.
But Company accounts can include several personal accounts. each personal account is a member of board of company and can participate in decisions.
Company board members can decide how the payments from company account should be made.
They will vote for a logical order that showing how payments from company account should be made.

For example:

Payments from Company Account(CA) can be confirmed if "Personal Account A"(PA-A) confirm it.
Payments from CA can be confirmed if "PA-A and PA-B" confirm it.
Payments from CA can be confirmed if "PA-A or (PA-B and PA-C)" confirm it.

So in this case the system can:

1-Form a company in virtual world.
2-The company board can take decisions according to the voting system we implemented separately for a "logical order".
3-payments from company can be made according to combination of Personal entities defined in "logical order"
4-Members of board at anytime can change the "logical order" of company so they can change the CEO of company as they wish.
5-The company after forming can announce Assets in Asset exchange feature. so everyone can be a stake holder of an asset of company. And receive dividends.

It's just a new Idea aroused in my mind!

I think any currency that implement this idea in it's software will have the future!

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