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Monetary System / Question With Sending Currencies in Monetary System
« on: February 07, 2015, 09:28:20 pm »
Would it be possible later down the line to have a tab in line with [Send NXT] in the top section of the client with something like [Send Currencies] or even [Send Asset]? Sorry if this is in the wrong section...

I know it sounds a little weird maybe its hard to code as well or impossible...But I think it would at least help the Currencies in the Monetary System if the "Currencies" in Nxt had just as primary a [Send] feature as NXT itself. Maybe in addition to a tab on the dashboard that a user can determine what Currency or Asset he/she wishes to show. Like have in the client Settings something like [Monetary System Currency to show on Dashboard:...] where a user can pick "EGOLD" as the Currency to show and on the dashboard a tab will feature "125.0201 EGOLD Balance" or something like that.

Like instead of going through [Monetary System]->[Currencies]->[My Currencies]->[Transfer] (or a similar process for sending Assets) to transfer Currencies(or Assets) to a different account. My idea (if possible) from any tab is just click on [Send Currencies] that would be placed next to [Send NXT] and be faced with a pop-up exactly the same as the [Send NXT] tab but just with a drop-down box for the Currency that a user can change to whatever he/she owns and wishes to send. The fee would show [in NXT] on the bottom of the pop-up not unlike it currently does with anything else. Unless of course the box that displays the Currency next to [Amount: ] is hard-coded into the client or something. Maybe a user can pre-determine what Currency(or Asset) is being sent, through settings or something.  ???

It is just an idea I wondered about...sorry if it sounds horrible lol  ;D

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / eMunie
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:50:54 pm »
I actually forgot about eMunie for a long time so I went to visit their forums again  to see how it was developing :P. (it was my first crypto I looked at when I first discovered BTC besides NXT, and Protoshares back in mid-late '13)

Seems like eMunie is getting close to their IPO and open beta (again) after closing off any beta clients for at least a few months (maybe close to a year?).

Fuserleer seems confident its getting close to ready for the (beta) masses testing it out after some of the eMunie founding users in a closed alpha helped him get kinks out and improve things. (looks like a few weeks out or so)

He said in https://forum.emunie.com/threads/how-fast-can-emunie-go-heres-how-fast.3339/ the eMunie system can according to the post get at least 100+ tx/s with just 10 nodes using eMunie and looks like it can go multiple times higher than that with more nodes. (I believe that's how eMunie's new structure works...not sure though as I barely have any understanding of eMunie...)

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