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Nxt General Discussion / 1st test calls over the IPPAN Mobile Network
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:57:06 pm »

Nxt General Discussion / Announcement for NXTTXTFUND Token holders
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:00:01 pm »
Yes I am here, I did not vanish and did not hide as many of you would like to say!

I will cover 2 points here to be resolved NXTCAFE and NXTTXTFUND:
1: NXTCAFE token never gained any traction only person purchased I have bought back most of them but clarify how they will be used when the Cafe will be Re-Opened it is going to be used as a loyalty token to customers which is controlled by the value of the AE so if a customer buys  something they will be receiving 10 pence in NXTCAFE tokens for each 1 GBP they spend this then means 10% discount for when they come in next time the Cafe will be accepting 80% cash and 20% paid in tokens.
So this creates its own ecosystem for loyalty and discounts  as some may not be able to come back and want to sell the token and other may want to buy the token and get discount. "The goal is to get this token accepted in local business also"
BBC wanted to cover the cafe I Have delayed this till opening and I will keep it to the concept of using the AE to issue a loyalty token and the token is pre-sold in the same manner of how NXT was started 100 people 1 BTC each to show how business can create their own reward system potentially using the Monetary system
2: NXTTXTFUND Token Holders :
I want to say thank you in advance for your patience but most of all I have been here in the forum reading and watching but also working on advisory services as when I resigned from the previous venture I need to follow up as I was approached by running and regulated licensed mobile money companies to produce the same concept.
So to make thing very clear NXTTXTFUND is being used as the legal and official TOKEN for payment for Advertisement space on NXT2PAY platform so on the website and on the footers of the sms confirmations. What does this mean? very simple to buy this advertisement space you pay fiat and its converted to NXT and listed on the blockchain. "SUPERNET or any of the Projects of James has large advertisement out of this as he holds the most and he has tried to control the blow up of NXTTXTFUND"
NXT2PAY has an internal exchange for the real world but it is going to be controlled by the value on the AE.
I am expecting a lot of questions and arguments also slander against me but your more than welcome to do so as I do not control this, BUT keep in mind for those have a something to lose and you may not understand or respect what has been done behind the scenes  or  negotiations for certain discounts or services only a few know this and if they wish to come forward to confirm this fine or if not then fine too.
To make something very clear I have advised on NXT2PAY which is basically NXT version of Ripple but you may not know there is some very influential people within NXT that also will make this work as they come from the real world. " I DO NOT OWN IT, I ONLY DESIGNED IT"
Yes I was the person at http://www.mobile-money-global.com/Content/Agenda-Day-One-Wednesday-19th-November-2014/3_32/
and YES tomorrow at http://www.gamblingcompliance.com/pay360-gambling-compliance
So as a decentralised community if you want to shoot me down your more than welcome but remember you are shooting people down too and yourselves "I do not control what you do but I do control what I do"
This is my last comments and to update you about NXTTXTFUND I will not answer any debated slander or questions so I will apologise in advance if this offends you"

Nxt Community News and Announcements / BBC Interview for NXT
« on: August 27, 2014, 08:59:37 pm »
BBC want to do an interview I have declined the interview.

so if somebody out there wants to contact BBC then you can.

topic NXT Cafe

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