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Meta ArdorForum / Welcome to the Ardor Forum!
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:27:29 pm »
We're excited to welcome you to the Ardor Forum, a new forum index for reference and discussion about everything to do with Ardor, the pioneer platform for the blockchain-as-a-service model developed by Jelurida C.S.. This forum is developed and maintained by the Ardor community through the Ardor / Nxt Group.

This new forum has its origin and spirit in the Nxt Forum, the official forum community for the Nxt blockchain technology since 2014. In order to preserve for new community members the enormous amount of historical information shared over the years in the Nxt Forum, while providing a fresh new environment for the new Ardor platform, both forums share resources including the user database. This means that:

- All users who have an account in the classic Nxt Forum can access the Ardor Forum with the same user credentials. Conversely, all new community members who register in the Ardor Forum will have access to the Nxt Forum as well. In order to facilitate switching between forums, a permanent link can be found in the top right of the board index in both forums.
- User resources and history like personal messages, profile, post count and others are shared between both forums. This means for example that you can access the same message history from both the Ardor Forum and the classic Nxt Forum.

Although in the last year the activity in the community has moved significantly to instant messaging channels like Slack or Telegram, the format and persistence of a forum can still be ideal for reference, releases, announcements, long discussions or simply for users who are more comfortable in a forum environment. We want to encourage old and new community members to participate in the Ardor Forum and bring on ideas, new discussions and projects. As new sections or features are needed and activity develops, the forum staff will be happy to improve the site for the community.

This Ardor Forum has been developed by a small (minimal) team and still may show bugs or glitches in some features. We will appreciate your bug reports and suggestions, either in this topic or in a new topic within this Meta Forum if you prefer. We will also welcome people with community management skills or website development skills who want to help and contribute.

We hope that the Ardor Forum will become a useful tool for the Ardor community and team. And once again, welcome!

Kind regards,

The ArdorForum / NxtForum Staff

Meta ArdorForum / Ardorforum Rules & Registration Agreement
« on: September 04, 2018, 06:45:30 pm »

In order to register in the Ardor Forum, you have to agree to a few basic rules. This forum is a platform for Ardor Community members to discuss ideas and develop projects, and a quality meeting point for everyone using Ardor. The following rules are shared with the Nxt Forum, and are implicit as a Registration Agreement to users who have joined either forum.


1.- No personal attacks. Insults and threats will not be tolerated.
2.- No racism, discrimination, sexism, obscenity or apology of aggression.
3.- Respect the privacy of other members. This means not disclosing private communications or personal details of others without their prior and explicit permission.


4.- No spamming in posts or private messages.
5.- No complete derailing of threads. Please keep forum threads on topic. There's a place for every type of discussion.
6.- Avoid irrelevant and annoying content in posts like huge pictures, abuse of quotes and repeated pointless or senseless posts. 


7.- No public distribution of copyrighted contents without permission of the copyright holder.
8.- No discussion of illegal activities, including the sale of illegal goods or copyrighted digital goods without permission of the copyright holder.
9.- You remain solely responsible for the content of your posts. Your views are not necessarily endorsed by the community or the forum staff.

Violation of these rules will get you warned, and serious or repeated violations will result in a temporary or permanent ban at the discretion of the moderating team. Please note that your IP address is recorded, and can be used by the forum staff in case of major violations of these community rules. Moderators reserve the right to remove infringing contents and modify these rules with or without previous notice. (This post will be edited accordingly if/when rules are modified)

The next Sunday, September 2nd, this forum will be closed for maintenance and migration tasks to a new host and content structure. NxtForum, along with the new ArdorForum site, are expected to go online again during the evening of September 3rd.

As many have pointed out during the last months, and principally due to the adoption of Slack and other new channels, the activity in NxtForum has decreased a lot. However, a forum structure still can offer useful tools for the community, most specially as the Ardor platform consolidates and includes more projects and developments. NxtForum, and also ArdorForum, will continue to provide persistent information, full historical reference, boards for official software releases and organized sections for projects, child chains and discussions that benefit from features that slack cannot offer.

Some important things about this new forum stage:

- ArdorForum and NxtForum will share the same user base. This means that everyone who owns an account in NxtForum will have automatically access to ArdorForum using the same username and password. Conversely, anyone who registers a new account in ArdorForum will also have access to NxtForum.
- User information like private messages, post count, profile details and category will be shared in both forums.
- ArdorForum and NxtForum will have different main indexes and categories. Some forum sections, for instance the offtopic area, will be shared.
- All the topics specific to the Ardor platform currently in NxtForum will be moved to their own category in ArdorForum.

After the migration next week there will still be of course work to do finishing layout and board organization in the new Ardor forum. As usual we'll be open for new ideas, sections or features in this new tool for Ardor discussions and information. We hope to see you there.

Kind regards,

The Ardor & Nxt community Group

You can read an introduction to the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit and find links to the latest code version here:


Deutsch (German, Swiss, Austrian) / New moderator for the German section
« on: December 10, 2017, 08:07:15 pm »
Hello all,

apologies for using english but I'd need Google translator to make any sense in German.

ron contacted me recently to point out that the local moderator for the German board (Berzerk) hasn't been involved for a long time. He's indeed gone to other endeavors since long ago, so we'd need to grant new moderator rights to someone who has some experience in the forum, some knowledge about Nxt and could do a good job at keeping an eye on things and interacting with other users. This will also be important for the upcoming Ardor forum and the corresponding German section.

I think it is a task that requires little dedication, but whoever is up for it should take it in a proper way. If you want to apply for German moderator, please post in this thread. Also please link it to whoever could be a good fit.

If there's multiple alternatives, I'll attach a poll to this topic with the candidate names.

Kind regards,


Mynxt.info / MyNXT web wallet closing in the end of 2017
« on: October 22, 2017, 12:41:35 pm »

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM https://wallet.mynxt.info

Due to the wide usage of the Nxt light client feature and the Jelurida public node, the lack of manpower for development and support, and no clear path to profitability,
MyNxt is closing new user registrations and will phase out the MyNxt web wallet feature by the end of 2017.

New users can download the Nxt Client or use the Jelurida public Nxt node instead. Existing users will be able to operate the MyNxt wallet normally until the end of November
and will be able to export their Nxt accounts until the end of 2017. For instructions about how to continue using your Nxt accounts outside of the MyNxt wallet, check our FAQ page: https://wallet.mynxt.info/faq.php

Thank you all for your support! We hope to continue to see you as both Nxt and Ardor move forward!

Quoting the updated MyNxt wallet FAQ:

Q: For how long will the MyNXT wallet stay operational?
A: You will be able to access and use your MyNXT wallet normally until the end of November of 2017. From the beginning of December to December 31st, 2017, only the Download Wallet Backup feature will be available after login. In the beginning of January 2018, the MyNxt Wallet site will go offline, although the MyNxt blockchain explorer will keep working.

Q: What should I do with my MyNXT wallet account/s before the service closes?
A: You have two simple options:

1 - You can transfer your NXT, and any other tokens like assets or currencies you hold in your MyNXT wallet, to another Nxt account operated in the Nxt Client. If you don't yet have a Nxt account outside of the MyNXT wallet, you can download the Nxt Client, create a new account (make sure you save and double check the account passphrase!), write down the address and send to it the coins or tokens you have in your MyNXT wallet. Alternatively, if you don't want to download the Nxt Client, you can use the Jelurida public Nxt node.
When you transfer your NXT or other tokens from your MyNXT wallet, remember that every transaction has a fee of 1 NXT, so make sure you leave 1 NXT available and not included in the transaction!

2 - You can Download a wallet backup (recommended) in order to obtain the Nxt passphrase for the account you're operating in the MyNXT wallet.
With the Nxt passphrase, you will be able to log in to your account using the Nxt Client, with free access to all the Nxt platform features. In order to download a wallet backup, log in to your MyNXT wallet, and go to Settings > Security > Download Wallet Backup. Then follow the instructions on your browser. If you need assistance in the process, check this thread in NxtForum. The tool to read your wallet backup is available for Windows and Linux OS.

NXTventures / SuperNET assets migration
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:34:59 am »
See SuperNET Assets: Nxt AE > Komodo Migration for instructions from jl777 to migrate SuperNET assets to the Komodo platform.

Affected assets:

Asset ID: 12071612744977229797

- NXTprivacy > JUMBLR
Asset ID: 17911762572811467637

- InstantDEX > DEX
Asset ID: 15344649963748848799

- NXTcoinsco > BOTS
Asset ID: 17571711292785902558

- sharkfund0 > SHARK
Asset ID: 3006420581923704757

- crypto777 > CRYPTO
Asset ID: 13476425053110940554

- jl777hodl > HODL
Asset ID: 6932037131189568014

- Pangea > PANGEA
Asset ID: 6883271355794806507

- Privatebet > BET
Asset ID: 17083334802666450484

Asset ID: 10524562908394749924

Asset ID: 13502152099823770958

UNITY / SuperNET Assets: Nxt AE > Komodo Migration
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:30:55 am »
jl777 has published today this update and asked me to manage the communication with the Nxt community:

Quote from: jl777
The following are the KMD assetchains that correspond to NXT assets:
SuperNET: {"result":"success","coin":"SUPERNET","lastnotarization":4687,"bestheight":4693}
NXTprivacy: {"result":"success","coin":"JUMBLR","lastnotarization":6458,"bestheight":6465}
InstantDEX: {"result":"success","coin":"DEX","lastnotarization":4430,"bestheight":4430}
NXTcoinsco: {"result":"success","coin":"BOTS","lastnotarization":4451,"bestheight":4456}
sharkfund0: {"result":"success","coin":"SHARK","lastnotarization":2167,"bestheight":2167}
crypto777: {"result":"success","coin":"CRYPTO","lastnotarization":4931,"bestheight":4942}
jl777hodl: {"result":"success","coin":"HODL","lastnotarization":4656,"bestheight":4665}
pangea: {"result":"success","coin":"PANGEA","lastnotarization":4283,"bestheight":4283}
privatebet: {"result":"success","coin":"BET","lastnotarization":4570,"bestheight":4575}
MGW: {"result":"success","coin":"MGW","lastnotarization":4612,"bestheight":4661}

The above 10 will be swapped to the corresponding KMD assetchains. In order to redeem, transfer the asset to the SuperNET account NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM with a permanent message that has the KMD format address they want the assetchain coins sent to.

The transfers will be processed prior to any dividends that are sent out, which means if you dont transfer before the payout date, you will miss out on that payout. However, I cannot promise any specific date for the conversion, only that if you do the above asset transfer before payouts, you wont miss any payouts.

First payout will be for crypto777 CRYPTO and currently has approx 50 BTC accrued in https://blockchain.info/address/1P3rU1Nk1pmc2BiWC8dEy9bZa1ZbMp5jfg. I expect the payout to be processed in December. SuperNET's share of this is approx 12 BTC. Good news is BTC txfees got low enough to consolidate all the small transactions, so it will be possible to send out the dividend after it is converted to KMD. It isnt that big of an amount, but we have to start somewhere.

The asset transfer swaps will be open until March 1st 2018, which is over 4 months from now, we have learned the pains of having a one year swap period! Please do not complain that it is not long enough. It is not clear how much longer the NXT chain will have enough forging percentage to keep it secure, so time is of the essence.

After that date, there is no assurance that the NXT assets will have any value, they will not be eligible for swaps, so would be like BTCD which also wont have any conversion rights.

NXTventure will have its significant holdings distributed out proportionally to the holders as of the end of November to allow time for people to swap received assets into assetchain coins before the first CRYPTO payout in December.

SuperNETx2 will receive 1 SuperNET and 1 REVS to approximate its double revshare. I know it isnt exactly the same, but it is a rough match.

I will take care of the user support in the Nxt side, so for any doubts about how to send the assets please ask in this topic. However, here's the available information in clear bullet points:

- Which assets are being migrated from Nxt to Komodo?

This is the list of source Nxt assets with their destination token name in Komodo, and the corresponding asset ID in the Nxt AE:

Asset ID: 12071612744977229797

- NXTprivacy > JUMBLR
Asset ID: 17911762572811467637

- InstantDEX > DEX
Asset ID: 15344649963748848799

- NXTcoinsco > BOTS
Asset ID: 17571711292785902558

- sharkfund0 > SHARK
Asset ID: 3006420581923704757

- crypto777 > CRYPTO
Asset ID: 13476425053110940554

- jl777hodl > HODL
Asset ID: 6932037131189568014

- Pangea > PANGEA
Asset ID: 6883271355794806507

- Privatebet > BET
Asset ID: 17083334802666450484

Asset ID: 10524562908394749924

Asset ID: 13502152099823770958
Note: 1 SuperNETx2 asset will be swapped for 1 SUPERNET + 1 REVS

- How to send your assets for migration?

Send your assets to NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM, the official SuperNET account in Nxt, adding to the asset transfer a permanent message (make sure you check the "Message is Never Deleted" option under the message box in the Nxt Client) with the destination Komodo address where you want your tokens to be delivered when the swaps are processed. To obtain a Komodo address if you don't have one, check the Komodoplatform website for upcoming new download links for the Agama wallet (update: they are already available at https://www.supernet.org/en/products/agama-wallet). Advanced users can also try the Komodod client repository, or whoever only wants to generate quickly a Komodo address, the Komodo Paper Wallet Generator.

IMPORTANT: If you have any doubts or support requests for the Agama wallet or Komodo in general, please go to the SuperNET Slack and ask in the #agama or #komodo channels. This NxtForum topic is ONLY to provide user support for sending the Nxt assets to swap correctly.

The transfer of the new tokens to Komodo addresses will start to be processed by jl777 in December, and the swap process will be open until March 1st, 2018. For other announcement details, please check the quote in the top of this post. If you have any doubts, please ask and I will contact jl777 if necessary.

Important Update after the first stages of the IGNIS ICO
Due to the high demand and the use of phased transactions (not supported by the MyNxt Web Wallet) in the first ICO batches, and specially after the release of the Nxt Client 1.11.7 to allow users to place ICO purchase offers before every batch is placed for sale, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use the MyNxt Web Wallet to participate in the IGNIS ICO, at least for as long as the demand exceeds the amounts offered in each sale. Thus, the steps below describing how to participate in the IGNIS ICO from the MyNxt Web Wallet will hardly succeed until the supply for sale in every ICO sale round remains available for at least a few blocks. To participate in the IGNIS ICO, the Nxt Client 1.11.8 is highly recommended.

You can see all the details about the IGNIS ICO in the Jelurida website.

To clarify any doubts for all the MyNxt Web Wallet users that want to participate in the ICO and prepare for the Ardor launch in the fourth quarter of the year:

1.- Same as it happened with the initial Ardor distribution snapshots, the MyNxt Web Wallet is compatible with the snapshots that will happen after the IGNIS ICO and before the Ardor genesis block.
2.- Starting today and until the end of the IGNIS ICO, the MyNxt Monetary wallet plugin, needed to buy currencies issued under the Nxt Monetary System, becomes FREE to install for all the MyNxt Wallet users.

So on to the main questions:

- How can I participate in the IGNIS ICO using my MyNxt Web Wallet account?

Before anything, make sure you have read the note in red above!!! If you still want to proceed, follow these steps:

1. Log In to your MyNxt wallet account.

2. If you don't have the Nxt Monetary plugin installed, go to the Plugins area:

3. Install the Nxt Monetary plugin (free during the IGNIS ICO):

4. Return to the wallet dashboard. If an IGNIS ICO round has already started, and you want to purchase JLRDA tokens with NXT, select the new Nxt Monetary plugin menu entry:

5. The Nxt Monetary plugin options will appear. Here you can use the Search box to find the official JLRDA token. IMPORTANT: Only the official JLRDA token will be exchanged for IGNIS in the Ardor snapshot. Beware of fake tokens issued with slightly different names!!

6. Click on the JLRDA currency code to open the currency options, and select the "Buy" tab:

Notice the note near the bottom, "Lowest sell offers". As soon as the ICO starts, below you will see the current price for JLRDA tokens for as long as there's tokens left for sale in this round. If instead of a price you see "No sell offers", like in the screenshot above, this means that either the ICO has not started yet, or that the JLRDA tokens for this round are sold out. If so, make sure to check the Jelurida ICO details to see when does the next round start!

The total NXT cost will appear in the "Total" box below, which of course cannot exceed the NXT balance in your MyNxt wallet account. Remember that you need 1 extra NXT to pay the fee for the buy currency transaction.

8. After clicking buy, you'll need to enter your MyNxt master password to authorize the transaction as usual. And that's all. In a few minutes, once your Buy order has been processed (and unless the last JLRDA tokens were sold in the previous block!) you will see your JLRDA tokens in the "My Currencies" tab in the Nxt Monetary plugin.

- After the ICO ends, 0.5 IGNIS will be automatically reserved for every 1 NXT I have in my account. Will this happen with the NXT I still have in my MyNxt wallet account?

Yes. See below.

- What do I need to do to prepare my MyNxt wallet account for the Ardor genesis snapshot and the Ardor launch?

Since the MyNxt web wallet operates real Nxt accounts, the different snapshots in the Nxt blockchain that will be taken before the Ardor launch will work for MyNxt wallet accounts as well. These snapshots include:

- Granting 1 Ardor main chain token for every ARDR asset held in a Nxt account in the moment of the snapshot.
- Granting 1 IGNIS for every JLRDA token held in a Nxt account in the moment of the snapshot.
- Granting 0.5 IGNIS for every 1 NXT held in a Nxt account in the moment of the snapshot.

Your MyNxt wallet account will participate in these snapshots with no action required from you.

However, in order to use the Ardor Client after the launch and access your new tokens you will need to follow this tutorial (you can do it anytime before, during or after the ICO, even after the Ardor launch) to export the Nxt passphrase for your MyNxt wallet account. The same passphrase will unlock an Ardor account with all the tokens you earned in the snapshot.

This post will be updated to reflect any details we overlooked. If you have any question that is not answered in the information above, please post a reply in this topic.

Mynxt.info / MyNxt Online Wallet Registrations are Open again
« on: June 04, 2017, 11:01:00 pm »
Hello all,

after a blackout that lasted longer that we hoped, registrations for the MyNxt Online Wallet are now open again.

Since the previous developer left the project, required software upgrades asked for some code fixes. It's been hard to find reliable and trustworthy developer assistance to apply these fixes, but thanks to the support of the Nxt Foundation (kudos go specially to Marenkar) the issues have been solved.

Only one reported issue remains: login occasionally fails with some versions of Chrome/Chromium web browser (although it seems to work in most cases). Before this is troubleshooted, anyone having login problems under Chrome/Chromium can switch to Firefox to work around it.

Thanks for your patience.

Nxt General Discussion / Nxt Client Update Script for VPS
« on: January 04, 2017, 06:54:59 am »
I've been using this bash script to quickly update Nxt Client in the Ubuntu/Debian servers I manage, for the last major versions. Maybe it will be useful for other node operators.

Just place in the level where your nxt folder is, and make it executable. It requires the Nxt process to be stopped for working.

Code: [Select]

# Linux Nxt Client Update script by vanbreuk
# v1.1

# Place this script where the nxt folder you want to update is,
# and run it with the same user that runs the Nxt process.

# If your nxt directory has a different name than the default nxt, change the value below accordingly.


# 1 - Make sure that Nxt is not running

ps ax | grep -q "[n]xt.Nxt" && { echo "Nxt is currently running! Stop it and try again."; exit 1; }

# 2 - Check local nxt version

if [ ! -d "$NXTDIRNAME" ]; then
    echo "ERROR: $NXTDIRNAME directory not found. Please run this update script from the same folder where your Nxt directory is placed."; exit 1

DEFPROP=$(grep "nxt.version=" nxt/conf/nxt-default.properties)

if [ -z "$DEFPROP" ]; then
    echo "ERROR: Nxt properties file not found under nxt/conf. Please make sure that the nxt folder belongs to a Nxt Client install."; exit 1

CURRENT=$(echo ${DEFPROP:12})
echo Found Nxt Client Version $CURRENT
echo ================================

# 3 - Check if an update is available

echo " >>> Retrieving latest version in repository..."
wget https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/downloads/ -O nxt_update_repodir
LATLINE=$(cat nxt_update_repodir | grep "LATEST STABLE IS ")
echo " >>> Latest Nxt Client stable version is $LATEST"

if [ "$CURRENT" = "$LATEST" ]; then
    echo "You're already running the latest Nxt version."; exit 1

# 4 - Run Nxt Client update

echo "Starting Nxt Client update"
echo "=========================="
echo "WARNING: The blockchain data ($NXTDIRNAME/nxt_db) and the custom configuration file ($NXTDIRNAME/conf/nxt.properties) will be preserved."
echo "The rest of the $NXTDIRNAME folder will be deleted. If you have customized any other files, or if you store any personal files"
echo "inside of the $NXTDIRNAME folder, you might want to stop the update and save them first."
read -p " >>> Continue the update ? (y/n) " -n 1 -r
if [[ ! $REPLY =~ ^[Yy]$ ]]; then
    echo; exit 1

mkdir nxt_update_tmp
echo " >>> Saving local data in nxt_update_tmp folder ..."
mv nxt/nxt_db nxt_update_tmp/
mv nxt/conf/nxt.properties nxt_update_tmp/
echo " >>> Downloading Nxt Client $LATEST ..."
wget https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-$LATEST.zip
unzip nxt-client-$LATEST.zip
if [ "$NXTDIRNAME" != "nxt" ]; then
    mv nxt $NXTDIRNAME
echo " >>> Restoring local data ..."
mv nxt_update_tmp/nxt_db $NXTDIRNAME/
cp nxt_update_tmp/nxt.properties $NXTDIRNAME/conf/
echo " >>> Blockchain data and custom configuration file have been restored."
echo " >>> Nxt Client update completed."
rm -rf nxt_update_tmp
rm nxt_update_repodir

exit $?

Hello all,

this next Thursday (August 4th) the forum will go temporarily offline at 2PM UTC / 4PM CET, due to required server work. The forum index will be forwarded to a maintenance page during the down time, expected to last 1-2 hours.

- The NxtForum Staff

Hello all,

this is a call for everyone in the forums to update their NxtForum account password to a strong one, most particularly if your current password is a short string - less than 16 characters, and not including a variety of character types like mixed-case letters, numbers and symbols.

Recently it came to our attention that someone was able to gain access to one of the NxtForum staff accounts (and please do not ask whose account, since we do not have that information) due to a weak password. This person was able to access the control panel and sniff the database for user credentials, including the hashed version of the passwords stored in the forum database. This leak means that any weak passwords are now specially vulnerable to brute force attacks.

We have identified today two compromised user forum accounts, and although we have no sure way to tell if they are an isolated incident, it makes sense to connect them to the leak of password hashes. The forum admin access passwords, even those with already high entropy, were changed as soon as we found out about the leak, and the two compromised accounts have been locked and their owners informed.

So now, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you make sure your forum account password is strong. This means 16 random characters at least, more won't hurt. In case of doubt, change it. Tools like KeePass allow to easily generate strong passwords and store them in a password database, which you can also encrypt if you want. And please remember that using the same password for different sites or services besides the forum is a bad security policy.

Thank you for your attention and our apologies for the inconveniences,

The NxtForum Staff

Mynxt.info / MyNxt Web Wallet is ready for Ardor distribution
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:49:51 am »
In the last couple days, the MyNxt user support email has received several times this question. Since it will keep being asked, we're leaving here stickied the short and long answers about the MyNxt Online Wallet and the Ardor snapshots and distribution.

The Short Version

Q: Is the MyNxt Online Wallet compatible with Ardor snapshots and distribution?

A: Yes, it is. MyNxt Wallet users will automatically participate in the Nxt account snapshots for Ardor distribution and will receive the ARDR asset at the end of the snapshot period, after Nxt block 1,000,000. MyNxt Wallet users will be able to manage their ARDR assets either 1) By using the Asset Exchange plugins in the MyNxt Wallet itself; or 2) By exporting their MyNxt Wallet in order to access the accounts using the Nxt Client - see here how. As usual, the only essential information a MyNxt Wallet user needs to keep safe is the master password.

The Long Version
(taking as example the model question received)

What happens when Ardor is released? Will NXT holders on mynxt receive Ardor tokens, or do we need to store our Nxt on a local wallet in order to get them?

Before anything, please note that there is no such thing as a Nxt local wallet - at least not with the principal clients used currently, the core Nxt Client and the MyNxt Online Wallet. All the Nxt accounts are in the blockchain, so the only piece of information a user needs to keep (locally in your computer inside a password manager for instance, or written in a piece of paper stored somewhere safe) is the account secret passphrase; in the case of the MyNxt wallet, this corresponds to the master password for your Nxt account. Using your master password you can export your MyNxt wallet accounts (see https://nxtforum.org/mynxt-info/accessing-your-mynxt-wallet-accounts-in-the-nxt-client/ ) which allows you to obtain the full secret passphrase for your online wallet account/s. And then you can use the secret passphrase to access your Nxt account/s using the core Nxt Client.

The difference between the Nxt Client and the MyNxt Online Wallet is how the accounts are unlocked. Using the Nxt Client, you enter the actual secret passphrase for the account in order to be able to send transactions. Using the MyNxt Online Wallet, you enter your master password. This master password is used to obtain locally, in your web browser, the actual secret passphrase - which is then hashed also locally in your web browser, and then securely compared to the hash stored in the MyNxt Wallet servers for your account. But in both cases, you're accessing a Nxt account with its corresponding balance and assets.

So MyNxt does not need any extra management as some cryptocurrency exchanges wallets may need, where all the NXT and Nxt assets are kept in a central wallet account, and the balances for every user are kept in some off-blockchain database.

This means that all the accounts in the MyNxt Wallet will automatically participate in the snapshots for Ardor starting the 14th of July, and will receive the corresponding amount of ARDR tokens when they are sent once the snapshot period has ended, after the Nxt block 1,000,000.

One thing to note, though, is that in the MyNxt Online Wallet you need to add the Asset Exchange basic plugin in order to monitor the assets you have in your account, and the Asset Exchange Pro plugin (or the full Nxt Client plugin) in order to do transactions with them. But even if you have a bare-bones MyNxt wallet with no plugins, and you cannot see in the online wallet all the contents inside of your Nxt account, the assets your account receives (such as ARDR) are in that account regardless. You can always search for the Nxt account ID in the MyNxt block explorer - https://mynxt.info - to check all its contents.

Another option, of course, can always be to export your MyNxt wallet so you can obtain the Nxt secret passphrases locally in your computer, following the instructions in the link above, and then install the Nxt Client to access your accounts from it using the passphrases.

Public Nodes / VPSs / Method to configure https for Nxt public nodes
« on: June 05, 2016, 09:51:56 pm »
Recently, some developers and myself had missed having a simple way to enable remote https access to applications running in public nodes and a custom port.

When websites and services that want to connect to a public node have their backend running on https, unencrypted http calls can become a problem.

Installing SSL Certificates with Letsencrypt/Certbot has become easier than ever, so this is a workaround for the issue that I don't think has been posted before, and might be useful.

It has been tried and will probably be used for SuperNET Iguana nodes (and Basilisk, the lite client evolution), but the first time I discussed this was with Tosch and around Nxt nodes, and it worked easily when I tested it in a public Nxt node.


1) A Linux server running Nxt, and configured for public API access. This should only require creating a nxt.properties under nxt/conf similar to this:

nxt.allowedUserHosts=; localhost; SERVER_IP_ADDRESS; 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1;

2) A subdomain (or domain) to access your node. This is required to use an SSL certificate. The subdomain should be included in the domain nameservers configuration as an A record pointing to your server IP.


In this example, setup was done using root account. If you're using a non-root account, it needs to be in the sudo group and commands need to be run using sudo.

1) Install letsencrypt (certbot) and generate the SSL certificate for your (sub)domain.

wget https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto
chmod a+x ./certbot-auto
./certbot-auto certonly --standalone --email admin@example.com -d sub.example.com

2) Install apache webserver and enable the modules for ssl and reverse proxy.

apt-get install apache2
a2enmod ssl proxy_http

3) Configure the default apache configuration file.

nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf

Replace the default configuration lines with the following, replacing the strings in red with your (sub)domain:

<VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName sub.example.com
        Redirect permanent / https://sub.example.com/
<IfModule mod_ssl.c>
<VirtualHost *:443>
        ServerName sub.example.com
        SSLEngine on
        SSLCertificateFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/sub.example.com/cert.pem
        SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/sub.example.com/privkey.pem
        SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/sub.example.com/chain.pem
        SSLProxyEngine On
        ProxyPreserveHost On
        ProxyRequests Off
        ProxyPass / http://localhost:7876/
        ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:7876/

4) Finally, restart the apache webserver.

service apache2 restart

As an example, you can check https://node001.nxtinside.org, and try a Nxt API request to that node using encrypted connection - https://node001.nxtinside.org/nxt?requestType=getState

Any improvements and alternatives for this procedure will be welcome.

SuperNET Lite Releases / SuperNET Lite v2.0.9-Beta
« on: January 24, 2016, 04:49:13 pm »

In SuperNET Lite (Beta), you can use the SuperNET Multigateway and NXT in an easy environment. Just as a plain html/javascript application, no further download of blockchains required. Open the supernet.html in your Browser and start using your favorite Cryptocurrency.

Use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, NXT, BitcoinDark, OPAL and Vericoin in a multi-web wallet.
All powered by NXT and the Asset Exchange, your SuperNET account represents your Nxt account. NXT holdings are required as "fuel" for the Multigateway. Make sure you have some NXT in your Account.


- Changed coin withdraw message syntax and fees logic for compatibility with Nxt 1.7 

IMPORTANT RELEASE NOTE: The 'Advanced' tab, leading to a Lite build of the Nxt Client included in the package, still needs fixes for full compatibility with the Nxt 1.7 network. Although these fixes are pending in the developers roadmap, v2.0.9 is released for a fully working multi-wallet in the main dashboard. Bugs found by whoever uses the Advanced tab can be reported in this thread.

Hashes for .zip:

Code: [Select]
sha256: 937c4a198cdab91b3b215dee483014e56a253853f2dc1ffc5287513b87c9a72c
Nxt Account: NXT-D4LP-JF32-LR9F-GZW97
Token with sha256 as data: 291n4mtm0la69ffri5aulkbpdk8cti0bg3tb8jfgos73n4842calskcq1ohusb04tsv3b2lqclin5krtstsleic55nursd05v2gbdvbo0ttgmld53h2olonrmk8np4q7c89fqufsnfctckfmngsn0dlospek06kv

Mynxt.info / Accessing your MyNxt Wallet accounts in the Nxt Client
« on: December 29, 2015, 12:55:19 am »
If you ever want to operate the account/s you have in the MyNxt Wallet using the full Nxt Client, you need to export your MyNxt Wallet passphrase so you can use it in a local version of the core Nxt Client in your computer. If you want to do this, here's how.

Remember that MyNxt does not have the secret passphrase for the Nxt account you access using the Online Wallet, for obvious security reasons. When you operate in the MyNxt Wallet, your transactions are signed locally in your browser, and the secret passphrase required to send transactions to the network using that Nxt account never leaves your computer.

This secret passphrase (the one generated by the Nxt Client or yourself when you create a new Nxt account using the full Nxt Client) is obtained by the MyNxt software using your MyNxt credentials, most particularly your master password. This master password is not known by the MyNxt servers either (only a hash of this password is stored) and this is why it is VITAL that you keep your MyNxt master password safe. As you saw in the warning when creating your MyNxt Wallet, if you lose your master password you'll lose access to your account - the same happens with the secret passphrase for accounts created with the Nxt Client.

So, to open your MyNxt account with the Nxt Client:

1.- Log In to your MyNxt Wallet and have your master password handy.

2.- In your wallet dashboard, go to Settings > Security

3.- Click on "Download Wallet Backup", and enter your master password. Note the reminder and click "Download"

4.- You need the MyNxt Wallet Viewer mentioned in the reminder above. You can grab it here.

5.- Open the wallet.json.aes file you downloaded with the Wallet Viewer (you'll need to enter again your MyNxt master password). Then you'll see a table with all the accounts found in your MyNxt Wallet, each with the numeric Nxt account ID and the password for that account. Keep this password safe!

6.- Use this password to access the corresponding Nxt account in your local Nxt Client.

Nxt General Discussion / Statement on the killakem - Freebieservers dispute
« on: November 03, 2015, 12:18:16 am »
(this is a copy of the reply sent to both parts after both EvilDave and myself read their conversation in PM and talked about it; EvilDave can post his opinion himself later on this topic)

Hello all,

this evening EvilDave (as Nxt Foundation rep) and me (as NxtForum admin) have read all of your messages, have discussed the topic for a bit and this is what we have to say about the subject.

(EvilDave's thoughts, see his post later on this thread)

My thoughts:

First, I agree with EvilDave that communication around this issue could (should) have been handled better on both sides, not only once as the conflict was obvious, but precisely to prevent it.

Then, there's one point that is clear, which is - Freebieservers LLC signed a contract and did not deliver what they signed for. Even besides any technical considerations, the signature in a contract implies acceptance. If there was any terms that were not clear, or any of the tools meant to be used in development were not suitable for some reason, Freebieservers should have done their homework before signing.

But then again, as a personal note I find surprising that Freebieservers brings up as the main point in his arguments that InstantDEX had no withdraw function, and say this is why they could not follow the project scope. The contract says that "(the product to be developed by Freebieservers) will query the API’s of InstantDEX, Shapeshift and MGW". In the SuperNET client, the coin withdraws are done by the MGW API, not the InstantDEX API. We've been doing coin withdraws using the MGW API for some time now.

This stresses the fact that the developers in Freebieservers had not done their due research before signing the contract, and committing by contract to do a job without knowing how are you going to make it happen is definitely not good practice.

Of course we have no legal duty, nor can we enforce anyone to do anything here either. Just two resolutions as far as we are concerned, which agree with what has been previously discussed:

First, the names of any partners of Freebieservers LLC will not be posted openly in NxtForum. The other side could argue that they are a Google jump away and hence public information, but the point #3 in the NxtForum Registration Agreement asks to respect the private communications and/or personal details of other community members when there is no specific consent that allows to disclose them, and deciding whether personal information is public or not because it can be found more or less easily through a search engine opens a door for debates and nuances that we prefer to avoid. The forum staff might decide hypothetically to make an exception to that rule in very serious cases, but we do not think this is one. So the names may be elsewhere, but they won't be in NxtForum without their consent.

Second, and as announced, we'll make a forum post sharing our position as we've stated it here. I'll start a topic and EvilDave can post his opinion afterwards. As far as we are concerned, this post will not include any quotes from previous messages in this thread by Killakem or Freebieservers. You are of course free to post in that topic, as long as you try to be constructive and respect the NxtForum registration agreement. But I think our position in the subject is clear.



Hello all,

The following update will be distributed through SuperNET channels. This is the first news release for the NxtForum community.

SuperNET to take over MyNxt hosting and development

From November, SuperNET will manage the MyNxt project, including the Block Explorer, Online Wallet and NxtAd service.

1 November 2015

SuperNET is to take over Nxt wallet and block explorer initiative, MyNxt.info, with immediate effect. The servers have already been migrated into the SuperNET infrastructure, and the lead development and operation are now in hands of Tosch and VanBreuk. Both have been involved in the Nxt community since its early days: Tosch as developer of php/js/python applications and VanBreuk as forum administrator and technician for several projects, including the Nxt Wiki and the Multigateway.        

Block Explorer

One of the greatest advantages of cryptocurrencies is that, while being available to anyone and offering a strong level of anonymity when used correctly, the blockchain remains fully transparent. Besides offering its Online Wallet and other tools, MyNxt provides a powerful overview of blockchain transactions on the Nxt network, and will do the same for other cryptocurrency networks in the future.

The MyNxt Block Explorer has been the most stable and reliable Transaction Explorer in the Nxt ecosystem for over a year. You can access it at https://www.mynxt.info/blockexplorer/

Nxt Wallet

MyNxt already does an outstanding job of bringing blockchain technology to new users. It offers a simple, secure and open-source Online Wallet. Registering requires only an email address and a password. The MyNxt Online Wallet makes accessing Nxt easy, and allows for a gradual learning curve for anyone who wants to start using cryptocurrencies. The wallet is available at https://wallet.mynxt.info/


One of the most important features developed in the last year has been MyNxt’s plug-ins system, a straightforward way for users to activate additional tools in their online wallet. This plug-in architecture has huge potential but has not received yet the attention it deserves. This is why the new development plans for the service have a strong focus on MyNxt wallet plug-ins. SuperNET developments like the Multigateway, InstantDEX or Pangea Poker will be available as plug-ins.

Development roadmap

With the shift to SuperNET hosting and management, a new development roadmap has been created:

2015 November - December
  • Bring the Nxt Block Explorer more up-to-date with current Nxt developments. These include transparent forging, increased meta-data for the Asset Exchange, and explorer tools for the Monetary System, the Marketplace and the Alias system.
  • Promote coins community discussion to gather feedback for further improvement of the Block Explorer, and for continued development of MyNxt Tools such as the Charts, the Forging Calculator, NxtAd or the Alerter service.

2015 December - 2016 1st Quarter
  • Add powerful and reliable Blockchain Explorers for other active coins in the SuperNET community. First on the list is currently BitcoinDark.
  • Improve the MyNxt API to give developers easier access to a broad range of functionality.

2016 1st Quarter - 2nd Quarter
  • Include SuperNET features as plug-ins for the MyNxt Wallet.
  • Create new plug-ins with other interesting tools that Nxt or SuperNET have to offer.
  • Connect the Block Explorers to the MyNxt Wallet, providing full integration between both for the MyNxt users. This will allow greater functionality such as buying assets or sending encrypted messages from the Block Explorer pages.

During this time, MyNxt will work to provide an easy accessible system for developers. You can learn more at https://www.mynxt.info/apidocs/

MyNxt wants to give developers good reasons to use the API, welcoming contributions and creating together the best documentation for both newcomers to the cryptocurrency world and advanced developers.

So we aim to do more than keeping a good service working: we want to make MyNxt an essential tool for everyone in the Nxt community, and other crypto communities active in SuperNET and beyond.

For this, we want now to invite everyone to bring on their feedback about other suggestions and improvements for MyNxt.

MyNxt now works under the SuperNET infrastructure, there will be new life for MyNxt in the Asset Exchange (asset ID 2176003302076381931). James may post his part of the news soon :)

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