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Core Development Discussion / PoS Algorithm
« on: February 19, 2016, 07:07:48 pm »
On the Daily Decrypt is an interesting interview with the developer of Caspar, the PoS Algorithm of Ethereum:

I try to summarize the main difference to our PoS algo from a non-expert-view. Correct me if I'm wrong:
In Caspar you can't just forge with all of your stake just "for free", but you have to make a deposit (the size of it it up to you). This deposit can be lost if you're dishonest or if you don't forge at all (being offline, etc...). Meaning, the bigger the deposit you make, the higher your incentive to forge honest and make sure that your node stays online, the hardware does no fail, etc... Or in other words, it gets really expensive to be dishonest. You do not only have to buy a big stake (as it is in Nxt), but you can lose it all (which is not the case in Nxt)

So, what to the experts out there think about caspar?
What are the differences between Caspar and the PoS Algo in Nxt?
Do they have good ideas we could borrow? (->Nxt2.0 fNXT?)
Maybe our algo is too simple, and doesn't give enough incentive to be a "really good forger"?

Arbitrary Messages / Maximum length/size of an Arbitrary Message
« on: September 30, 2014, 07:27:18 pm »
Hi, what is the maximum numbers of chars in an Arbitrary Message (only the message/payload itself). Are there solutions if the message is longer than the maximum? What would you propose?

Hi Nxt-People
The Nxt ecosystem has a shiny brandnew service: NxtReporting.com is a beautiful, easy to use web service. Its main purpose is to track the profitability of your complete Nxt Asset Exchange Portfolio. Yes, exactly: For every asset you possess, you can see if you made a profit or a loss with it. You can track exactly when you bought how much of it, when you sold it and what were the best trades. Additionally, it works as a complete blockbrowser with graphs of the last trades and a lot of info. And all of that by simply entering your account number. No registering, no login needed, for free!

=How can you help to further improve NxtReporting.com and increase the overall value of Nxt=
* test, use, and enjoy NxtReporting: go to NxtReporting.com, enter your Nxt account number, have fun.
* spread the word about NxtReporting: tweet about it, retweet about it, blog about it, post about it, tell your friends, neighbors and grand parents about it.
* Give feedback to us: possible improvements, feature requests, bug reports. Every feedback is appreciated!

=How we want to further improve NxtReporting.com=
* we will continue implementing new features, showing additional information, make nicer and more graphs
* fixing bugs and adding improvements, based on your feedback

NxtReporting.com was created by Dario and me. Dario is the developer of CoinReporting.com, a nice service to track your cryptocurrency portfolio. And me, I am just a simple Nxt enthusiast, who wants Nxt to rule the world :)

Checkout NxtReporting.com, the Nxt Asset Exchange Portfolio Manager with Profitability Tracking. Use it, enjoy it, spread the word about it and give feedback how we can further improve it.

Enjoy Nxt!

I've seen that a Cancel-Order includes the Transaction-ID of the Bid-/Ask-Order it wants to cancel. But what happens exactly when my Ask Order is filled only partially and i want to cancel the rest?
I set an Ask Order for 0.5 NEM at a price of 10000 (NXT per NEMStake). Then, 0.2 NEM get sold. So, there will still be an Ask for 0.3 NEM. What happens with my initial Ask-Order? Will the amount be modified? Or is a new Ask-Order for 0.3 generated? And the initial-one deleted? And what kind of Cancel-Order is generated when I want to cancel that rest of 0.3 NEM?
I need this information to track exactly how much of the assets I sold/bought/canceled.

Thanks for any info.

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Nxt is to Bitcoin like ...
« on: May 21, 2014, 10:08:07 am »
Do you have some funny/interesting/unique examples for slogans like this:

"Nxt is to Bitcoin like ..."

I begin with:

"... Android to Nokia"
"... Internet to Fax"
"... Tesla Model S to Volkswagen Beetle"

Let the creativity flow ;)

Nxt Asset Exchange / Managing AE Assets
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:20:19 pm »
I'm in contact with the developer of www.coinreporting.com (a nice webservice to manage the crypto currency portfolio). He is very interested in Nxt, especially in the Asset Exchange. There is nothing to announce yet, but having a great Asset Exchange with a lot of assets (that want/need to be managed somehow) and the developer of coinreporting.com at the same table looks like a great match, doesn't it?  ;) Info will follow...

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