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Update:  By offering 1 year free trading accounts, we have obtained 2m loan from the whales and now we can lower the withdrawal fee to 1%.
We will keep working on it and try our best to lower the withdrawal fee as fast as we can.

I really want to sincerely thank many people who helped us a lot in the horrible NXT event:

Come-from-Beyond provided us excellent technical supports, security suggestions and possibility analysis and helped us in communication with the core developer Jean-Luc. He also offered escrow service for us to get back the NXT from the thief although the thief refused to do so.
Jean-Luc developed and released  3 new client versions very quickly after the funds were stolen , which let us have the opportunity to convince forgers to do the network re-org (failed) and to convince NXT users to do a fork (failed again).
Damelon introduced many people in the NXT community who helped us in different ways.
Wesley provided technical supports
We finally worked out a plan by discussing with many talent people:
1) a second offer to buy the NXT back from the thief
2) a hunting bounty and a fork preparation to push the thief to accept the first option

This plan really worked. The thief showed up quickly. DoM P(cfa-consulting.ch) worked with me in the negotiation with the thief and we successfully got 3.8m back from him in this time.
NXT Legal.org gave us many suggestions including the withdrawal scheme and the one month free trading promotion.

Although we didn't worked it out but I really want to thank all the people who supported us on re-organizing the network and blocking the theif's funds in the fork.
I was surprised that almost all the nxt exchanges including cryptsy, poloniex, btc38 were willing to help us on blocking the thief's funds.

Now I am working with many people including DoM P, bation, rickyjames, etc on chasing the hacker. I appreciate it if anyone can provide us any useful information of the thief theSir.

Thank all of you,

Hello everybody,

We have bought 43.3 million out of 51.6m NXT back from the thief and 8.3m's still there.
We have decided to take all the loss and re-open the NXT market. We will use the trading fee from all markets to pay the 8.3m NXT loss in 3-12 months.
We will set up a 3% withdraw fee at the beginning and reduce it gradually to 0.5% 0.0% when we paid off all the 8.3m NXT.
We are going to offer 0 trading fee in our NXT markets for 1 month to express our apology and appreciation.

We were working with security specialists in these days and we have greatly enhanced our security system.
Not only the cold wallets but also the hot wallets are very strong now.

I just arrived in Canada where the thief took all the NXT from (proxy IPs). We won't give up, we will keep seeking him.

There're a lot people we want to thank sincerely later. I will give you more details and update this post when I get more time.

Lin @ BTER

Update: Aug. 17 2014: As you can see in our wallet, We have got most NXT back except the last 8m. The hacker disappeared again before we finish the new deal with him. We are still working on it for the left 8m. Will keep you updated. 


Hello everyone,

I won't repeat all the regrets we have and I just let you know the thee solution we can do:

1) Another 200 BTC offer to the hacker from Bter to get back the left 46m NXT
2) 310 BTC bounty    (including the 110 BTC we sent to the hacker already) from Bter for hunting him
3) Fork using Jean-Luc 's v1.2.5f at


we cover users loss and promise to invest 200 BTC on NXT if this fork win

In new fork the hacked account is blocked so he won't dump any NXT to anywhere.

We have to win the 1.2.5 network before  block 213000. Now 1.2.5 is at 211035, 1.2.5f is at 210440 .

If we win,  Jean-Luc will integrate it into the main release.

Please check Jean-Luc's explanation on this fork at:


You don't have to choose one of them.
In the first place, if the hacker agree we can do the first solution and give him 200 BTC for the left NXT.
If not, people who catches him get the 310 BTC bounty if we stay on 1.2.5 network

Fork is an option. We can call off it if one of the first two works, but we have to do it now if we want to win.
I encourage everyone to run the 1.2.5f now to make sure we still have a choice if the first 2 solutions wouldn't work.

Hacker, if you want to take the 200BTC deal, please send us NXT messages. We can do it 20 by 20 this time but you go first. Or we can do is with escrow by Come-from-Beyond or someone we can all trust.
Come-from-Beyond, would you please post a escrow NXT address you hold for receiving the hacker's NXT? We will send him 200 BTC when you get the 46M NXT. You can return all the NXT back to him if we failed to do it.

If you 1.2.5f doesn't sync, use this trick:

edit this file:
set it to 1000 or more so that you can see all the nodes

We need NXT coders for the next release. Please contact us if you are and willing to help.

Lin @ Bter

Update July 15 ,2014: We have contacted with the hacker and he agreed to return the frozen fund to Klee.

3129000 NXT has been transferred from Bter.com 's NXT address to Damelon's escrow address  NXT-X7AV-KRD5-2YK6-GXZ5W for Klee



This is the admin of Bter.com
We have frozen two suspicious accouts (from the same user) .
One has 1629000 NXT left and one has 1500000 NXT left.
One account also has  1.9135BTC and 1.1922 LTC left.

We heard that it was stolen from the NXT community funds.
To support the NXT community, we would like to return the frozen funds to whom it belongs to.

However, we got two requests who claimed he was "Androklis Polymenis" and asked for the funds.
To be safe, we need the community help us to identify the real owner.
We would like to return the funds to him publicly.

We hope the owner or the NXT team can provide an address in public every one can trust, and we will send the funds to that address.

For sake of safe, please also post at bitcointalk

Lin @ Bter

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