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Hello Everyone,

From today on I will no longer be a global moderator on the Nxt forums. I recently started a crypto-currency platform called Lisk and want to concentrate on that task. (Questions please via PM, I don't want to promote it in this announcement!)

It was a great time and I wish you all the best. 

See you!



Hello and welcome to Lisk - a platform for decentralized applications & sidechains written in JavaScript! Developers can build, publish, distribute and monetize their applications within our custom built crypto-currency powered system.

We are happy that you took an interest into our platform and hope that we can convince you that we are the next logical step within the blockchain environment. Our ICO will start on the 22nd February, but you can already play around with our testnet client and even get some testnet LISK to play around with. It would be awesome if you join us on our Lisk.Chat and get in contact with us. We would like to hear your opinion about Lisk.

If you want to know who is behind Lisk, then please check out our first blog post Welcome to Lisk. This is us. in which we explain in more detail who we are, where we are coming from and what our plans are. If you want to know more about the way we will handle things you can also read the blog post Lisk - A new approach.

The most important blog posts for you are probably:

Overview of all available Bounties
The Lisk Roadmap
Explaining Lisk Forging Rewards

Lisk ICO Terms - Part I
Lisk ICO Terms - Part II

An updated link list can be found at our blog.

Thank you again and see you around!

Kind regards,
Max Kordek, CEO


Lisk Website
Lisk Blockchain Explorer
Lisk Faucet
Lisk Blog
Lisk Chat
Lisk Forum
Lisk Trello Board
Lisk GitHub
Lisk QQ Group: 377193016 (Chinese Name for Lisk: 应用链, means "Chain of Dapps")


Bug Report


Block Time: 10 seconds
Round Time: ~17 minutes
Confirmations for Final Transaction: 6-10
Supply: 100 million LISK + Forging Rewards (currently 5 LISK per block)
Consensus System: Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS)
Lisk's official ticker: LISK


Frequently Asked Questions
Installing Lisk (once clients are available)
Developing Dapps
Whitepaper (English)

  Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

All information about our ICO are available on our blog! Please read the following blog posts.

Lisk ICO Terms - Part I
Lisk ICO Terms - Part II


Important Early Dates

22nd February: The Lisk ICO begins.
21st March: The Lisk ICO ends.
End of March: Mainnet launch
End of March: LISK are being distributed

Lisk v0.1.x - February 2016

Initial Lisk user-interface rebranding.
Block rewards; to create a financial incentive to run an active delegate (more information next week).
Multi-lingual interface (starting with Chinese, French, German and English).
Responsive user-interface for mobile and tablet devices.
Introduce new and improved Dapp Store categories.

Lisk v0.2.x - First half of March 2016

Restructuring of dapp storage solutions to better cater for end-users.
Interactive user guides available within the client.
An integrated faucet for seeding new users with LISK.
News feeds (blog & dapp news) on the Lisk Dashboard.
LISK price charts on the Lisk Dashboard.

Lisk v0.3.x - Second half of March 2016

User avatars (implemented as a dapp).
User profiles (implemented as a dapp, e.g. a delegate can insert a contact option).

Lisk v0.4.x and onwards

We still need to research more advanced features. We are open to discussions and will update our roadmap with new advanced features once we are going forward.

Dapp store enhancements (dapp updates, user reviews, user ratings, featured dapps, buy a dapp, and more…).
IPFS integration as a dapp storage solution.
Plug 'n play system for sidechain forgers.
Update the Lite client to include all new features.
iOS & Android clients.

  Team Members

Core Team & Management


Max Kordek, CEO
Max is an electrical engineering student at the RWTH Aachen University in the morning and a crypto enthusiast for the rest of the day. His journey into the crypto-currency realm began with Litecoin, and continued with Nxt where he was the CEO of the Nxt Organization and managed the official web presence. After that he joined Crypti and helped building it out into what it is today. He is also the chairman of Bitcoin Aachen, his local university group. His next goal is to make Lisk the leading dapp and sidechain platform for JavaScript developers in the world.


Olivier Beddows, CTO
Olivier Beddows is a full stack developer with over 15 years experience in developing web based e-commerce applications. He joined Crypti (Lisk's predecessor) in early 2015 as a tools developer, and since then has gone on to develop much of the core infrastructure on which Lisk relies upon. He is a husband, father, amateur time-trialist, open-source advocate, and works tirelessly to build a better future for the Lisk platform everyday.

More information about our team members is available on our team page.

  Lisk Academy

The Lisk Academy is an initiative to help beginners to understand several topics about Lisk more easier with short videos.

Deploy a VPS on Vultr or DigitalOcean
Install Lisk From Source Code


Привет - Access the Lisk client in Russian!
Lisk ICO Terms - Part II
Lisk v0.1.1 - Release Announcement
Explaining Lisk Forging Rewards
Boris Povod joins Lisk as our first adviser
Lisk ICO Terms - Part I
Introducing our Multi-lingual UI
First Lisk Community Get-Together on 7th February
The Lisk Roadmap
A public Trello board to track our progress
Overview of all available Bounties
Being Open Source
Lisk - A new approach
Welcome to Lisk. This is us.
Closing the last Commitments to the Crypti Foundation
Statement regarding recent Allegations
Olivier and Max leave Crypti to establish Lisk!

  Media sources

Lisk Set To Launch Next Month, Partners With Cryptocurrency Exchange ShapeShift
La nueva plataforma de aplicaciones descentralizadas y cadenas laterales Lisk, anuncia asociación con Shapeshift para su oferta inicial de monedas
Ethereum Alternative Lisk Announces ICO With ShapeShift – New Open Source Dapp & Sidechain Platform
Decentralized Startup for Decentralized Apps: Interview with CEO of Lisk
Lisk: decentralised applications, reloaded
Lisk Harapan Baru Setelah Crypti
Burgfrieden bei Crypti/Lisk – Lisk wird Crypti wohl ersetzen
Crypti vs. Lisk – Palastrevolution führt zur Spaltung der Community
Decentralized Apps Platform Crypti Splits: Lisk Fork Announced
Olivier and Max leave Crypti to establish Lisk!

Hello guys,

like some of you know I was responsible for Nxt.org the last months. It was one of the responsibilities the NxtOrganization had. The NxtOrganization dissolved in June, because the team had other things to do and we couldn't attract new & active members out of the Nxt community.

Since then Nxt.org was not improved anymore, I only maintained the necessary parts. (Updating the download links and adding/removing links to other Nxt pages)

Therefore the NxtFoundation took over and is now responsible for updating and maintaining the page. I'm 100% not involved anymore.

I'd like to thank yassin54 for all the help. He contacted me very often, because of a dead link somewhere or some section needed to be updated. Would be cool if you can send him some tip. :)

PS: If Nxt.org is not maintained by the NxtFoundation, Damelon please say it. I will fix it in the text then. :)

Assets Board / Official closure of my asset KGallery
« on: February 28, 2015, 10:06:46 am »
Hello everybody,

as some of you know a few months ago I started my very own website called KGallery, additionally with an asset with the same name. It was a gallery for art newcomers, on which they could sell their artworks for Nxt, Euro and Dollar. After two months, in which I started several campaigns and got in contact with a handful artists, I needed to close it.

The reason is, that my local bureaus saw the website and thought that I am self employed. This would have resulted in much higher pay rates for energy and gas. As I can't and don't want to go the complicated way through lawyers I canceled my little side project. Please note, that it has nothing to do with Nxt being a crypto-currency. Its only problem was, that the project looked too professional/official and that I didn't informed myself enough about possible consequences.

Therefore I am now closing everything related to it. The child board is already deleted since weeks. There were only a few (3 I think) investors, anyone who wants their money back just get in contact with me.

The money was used for domain, space, some stock images, the asset issuance and quite a few art tools I bought for the charity campaign.

Thank you very much.


Nxt Organization / I'm nearly absent for the next two months
« on: February 03, 2015, 08:27:47 am »
Hey guys,

for the next two months I'm nearly absent from the forums and the NxtOrganization. Like every half year I have to take care of my exams at university.

If anyone wants to take over in the meantime, please do so. :)

Nxt.org will still be maintained! I have a list with things, which still needs to be done. I will also update the download links immediately, so you don't have to be worried about that. :)

Nxt Organization / Week 12 - (Jan. 19 - Jan. 26)
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:39:17 pm »
The last two week brought us some huge advancements for Nxt.org.  :o

This week (and probably the following ones) we will try something new, as we now have two more contributors again (Uniqueorn and domsch). We will try to approach different groups directly and looking into ways to let them take a look at Nxt.

Main buzz words here are "Academic research", "Non-crypto folks" and further businesses / startups for Nxt.

Along side this I will further enhance Nxt.org, if you have any suggestions just PM me. I currently have one list of ideas from farl4web. Komputor will also give me much input, ideas and texts this week.

We will probably also enhance the Nxt demo because we think that this is a major step into adoption for crypto folks, as they can easily try out Nxt.

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: Corporate Crypto
« on: January 17, 2015, 09:00:25 am »

Nxt General Discussion / Contributors page on Nxt.org
« on: January 14, 2015, 04:20:38 pm »

I want to publish a big contributors page on Nxt.org, imo this will give us a huge credibility bonus. (Do not confuse contributors with team!) At the top I will remember the reader, that this is a part of the contributors. Not a centralized team or a complete list. (bc we are decentralized)

For this I need information:

You can decide yourself whether you want your real name there, your nickname or both. Also you should give me your association with Nxt (your working area, areas of interest, skills, group, business etc.). Also it would be perfect, if you can also provide a picture of yourself. It will give even more credibility.

So who ever wants to appear there (the more the better! just imagine over 50 contributors!) give me your information via PM or this post. A name is a must-have. Association and photo is voluntary.


PS: If the majority decide, that this wouldn't be good for Nxt, then I will not do such a page.

Meta Nxtforum / New Global Moderators
« on: January 13, 2015, 10:48:12 am »
Hello guys,

I think NxtForum needs new global moderators. Is someone interested in such a position?

Maximum two new global moderators. Should be a well known and trusted member. :)

Nxt Organization / Week 11 - (Jan. 11 - Jan. 18)
« on: January 09, 2015, 01:07:35 pm »
Here already the Week 11 plan. I will add points gradually.

- Got MANY texts from Cassius for Nxt.org, will update several Nxt.org pages with the new texts. DONE
--- http://nxt.org/the-ecosystem/what-is-nxt/
--- http://nxt.org/the-ecosystem/how-nxt-change-world/
--- http://nxt.org/the-ecosystem/proof-of-stake/
--- http://nxt.org/the-ecosystem/alias-system/
--- http://nxt.org/the-ecosystem/arbitrary-messages/
--- http://nxt.org/businesses/why-invest/
- Added "Online Demo" button to Nxt.org DONE
- Added a Demo page to Nxt.org DONE
- Fixed the search option on Nxt.org (it was not responsive before and not beautiful) DONE
- Updated www.NxtMarketplace.org and linked it on the Marketplace entry on Nxt.org  DONE
- Made the text on Nxt.org a bit darker, so it's easier to read. DONE

If you want to get anything done, please let us know. If you want to help out, please get in contact with me. :)

Nxt Organization / Week 10 - (Jan. 4 - Jan. 10)
« on: January 09, 2015, 01:00:07 pm »
So, the week plan comes at the end of the week. Sorry for that, but I was very busy.

So what we did:

- rudeboi finished the Nxt demo app. It's available now: https://nxtforum.org/news-and-announcements/nxt-online-demo/
- I updated a few pages on Nxt.org, especially the Monetary System page.
- rudeboi started a PR campaign, funded by the NxtOrganization, on BitcoinPRbuzz

Everything is DONE. I hope I didn't forgot something. :)

Nxt Organization / Nxt.org Partner Page
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:28:12 pm »
Hello everybody,

at Nxt.org we have a partner page, where all Nxt partners can be listed. No link pages or fansites. Only serious businesses and partners which utilize Nxt. :)


If you want to be there, let us know.

If you have some useful site we can put it here: http://nxt.org/the-ecosystem/

Else I can create also a new sub page for smaller Nxt websites.

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!
« on: January 04, 2015, 08:48:02 pm »

Nxt Community News and Announcements / NxtOrganization Report 2014
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:58:03 pm »
Hello NXTers,

I just want to give a quick overview of the things that the NxtOrganization achieved in 2014 since I took over.

You can check out our child board to get more information. As you see I started being the head of the NxtOrg in October 25th. Since then 9 weeks have passed and these are the results:

  • Revitalize the NxtOrg, with it Nxt has a semi-official group for conferences, journalists, partner and businesses.
  • Made the NxtOrg an open group, everyone can see our tasks and do them. Also everyone can join us and be a considerable force, which is pushing forward.
  • Re-do the Nxt.org website with many information.
  • Initiated a marketing campaign on CoinMarketCap for the first anniversary of Nxt, with custom images and its own information page. In this marketing campaign the community paid 50% and the NxtOrg the other 50%.
  • We created a conference packet, in which are the most important files for conferences. You can find it on the business section on Nxt.org
  • We entirely re-designed the Nxt subreddit.
  • Nxt finally (after 1yr) has its own Wikipedia article. It's also linked from various wiki entries. (Digital_currency, Digital_currency_exchanger, List of digital currencies, electronic money, cryptocurrency table, cryptocurrency, German article..)

There are still many things to do, but I think we did pretty well for 8 work-weeks (9th was a holiday week) and only three active members.

What is coming next?

  • Nxt DEMO on Nxt.org for new users to test out the Nxt client in our own testnet.
  • More marketing. (Especially MS marketing)
  • Maybe a forum theme in a corporate design. (If wanted -> VOTE)
  • Finish the 2014er tasks we couldn't finish due to lack of personal.

If you want to help us contributing to the Nxt ecosystem, then please get in contact with us!

Thank you so far!


NxtOrganization Head

Nxt General Discussion / Nxt Birthday Cake
« on: December 25, 2014, 01:11:34 pm »
Because its my birthday today my girlfriend made me a NXT cake.  ;D

Just wanted to share it with you guys. It's very delicious. :)

Nxt Community News and Announcements / MOVED: repeated
« on: December 23, 2014, 10:30:47 pm »

Nxt Organization / Week 9 - (Dec. 22 - Jan. 03)
« on: December 23, 2014, 07:23:18 pm »
Primary these are holiday days for us, but I will make sure to do:

  • A summary of everything we done in the time since I took over DONE

As the core member reconstruction is finally done, we can begin to plan the new internal voting procedure.

Thank you all for the constructive year! :)

Nxt Organization / Week 8 - (Dec. 15 - Dec. 21)
« on: December 17, 2014, 03:10:50 pm »
The weekend and until yesterday I was pretty ill. So this week will be used to discuss..

- the internal structure of the NxtOrganization. DONE
- the reconstruction of the internal voting procedure.

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