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Nxt Community News and Announcements / Monopoly Game Powered by Nxt
« on: April 04, 2017, 02:22:23 am »
   There are some computer games using crypto-currencies, like Crytokingdom, Vox, Augur and so on.  Huntercoin is a game on blockchain launched in 2014 based on bitcoin source code. Cutting edge of the Huntercoin is human mining. In this introduction, I will introduce Monopoly like game powered by Nxt chain.

   Nearly all coins will be distributed by FSM which is similar to AT( automated machine), after players jump to the location of the coins in next block, they will share the coins. There are lands in the game too, so players can buy lands to build hotel, restaurants, healthy club and weapon factory, which can be traded in asset market in the game also.

Total supply: 1 000 000 000
Premine: 4% (for forge use and marketing)
Block time: 1 minute
Distribution per block: 600 (100 to dev, Nxt Foundation and marketing)
Map: 100*100
Lands: 76 (40 for hotels, 30 restaurants, 1 health club, 1 martial art center, 1 weapon factory…)
Role of player: jumper (collect coins), boss (owner of hotels), worker (build hotels and so on)

How to play the Monopoly game
1.   Distribute coins
FSM sends 5 packages coins total 500 to different location, every package has 100 coins.
2.   Become a jumper
User with over 1000coins can become a player, after sending a transaction of jumper setting. Every player has two life value: Collection Power(CP), Attack Power(AP), Defense Value(DV), Healthy Index(HI), which are 100 in default.
3.   Collect coins
Jumper can collect coin once every ten blocks, by jumping to the location of a coin package in his AP range. Next block, will share the coins with other player if more than one players jump to the location too. If over 100 players have jump to the same location, after 100 transactions are invalid, so they can not share the coins.
In the same time, CP of the player will minus 1 till lowest 1. If CP is less than 50, the player can not collect coins over distance of 51. If CP is one, that means the play only cannot jump but walk a step every time.
4.   Buy a land
User can buy a land, after pay the amount coins to the seller.
5.   Become a boss
When an owner funds enough coins for project of the land, the owner becomes a boss. A hotel has 40 single rooms, and a restaurant has 30 single tables.

6.   Become a worker
User with over 1000 coins can become a worker, after sending a transaction to a building site.
7.   Build Hotel on a land
Workers do building work by sending a working transaction every 10 minutes, then in next block they will get 3 shares of the land. Building others like it too.
8.   Check in a hotel, eat in a restaurant
If a player’s AP is equal to zero, the player will enter into recovery mode, which means the player cannot move within 48 hours (2880 Blocks). When time out, the player can act normally, and the AP will restore to initial value, that is 100.
But if the player sends coins to a hotel(Check In), the player’s CP will increase to maximum healthy index, which initial value is 100, and has to sleep for 8 hours. Same as eating in a restaurant, the player’s CP will increase 25, but every two hours the player only can eat once.
9.   Attack other player
When two players are in the same location, one player may attack the other players. The attacker’ AP will minus 5, and the victim’s DV will minus 25. If a player’s DV is below zero, the player will be in coma for 24 hours. When the victim wakes up, DV will restore with HI.
10.   Healthy Club
Every player can use healthy club once a day for 1 hour, after that the player’s healthy index will increase 2.5 up to maximum healthy index 200.
11.   Martial Center
Player practices in Martial center one hour every day for 40 days, then the player will get a Iron Fist, which increate player’s AP to 200. If the player attacks another player, the victim’s DV will minus 50.
12.   Weapon Factory
Weapon Factory only makes an armor, which improves player’s DV to 200.  Everyday the weapon factory only sells 12 armors to players.

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Uther contract testers, 8000 Uth bounty
« on: April 11, 2016, 02:15:47 am »

1. Official logo and website - coming soon
2. Windows binary: here now.
2. Foundation contract, will prove transparency. Will enable all uther community to check premine not abused - 50000 uther bounty (Claimed)
3.test of contract to ensure integrity 8000  (one people)
4. Block explorer - 50000 (Claimed)
5. GUI wallet - 30000 uther bounty


Automated Transactions / FSM with assembly language
« on: January 08, 2015, 07:35:20 am »
Automated transaction implement of Ciyam is a virtual machine running on top of Nxt Core, which has its machine code, data area, stack, just like a single-chip processor. But keeping the data, stack and control information into the blockchain cost lot. FSM of Kushti has finite states and runs on decentralized node.

I propose to introduce FSM with op-codes or other assembly language. Every line of op-codes is a state except program block. FSM doesn’t have stack, and need not save data into blockchain every time, only saves when it initiates itself again, for example Mark Six Lottery draws again. The state saved into blockchain contains several data, i.e. program counter, timestamp. FSM runs when creator of FSM logins. It fetches machine code and initial data from creation FSM transaction and blockchain, resumes running form the last state, and will stop when runs out of money or goes into a stop state.

Because of no stack or temporary data area, op-codes don’t contain PUSH, POP, SUB instructions etc. Avoiding producing temporary data, a program block is a state. FSM execute a program block all or not.

Account id of a FSM is hard coded in core, so no explicit transaction from the account. This means that passphrase of the account is useless. Its id range is between 1..99999 which can be expanded if necessary.

Mr. Yang knows IT and market, and he posted a blog about NXT

He has 1,773 subscribers in, and many blogs got 10K+ clicks.

i thinks he is the best people to promote NXT in china.

中文 (Chinese) / 【windows android】NxtQQ 中文客户端
« on: April 27, 2014, 03:10:17 pm »

download here


Alternative Clients / [Windows/Android] [NxtQQ] NXT client
« on: April 27, 2014, 03:04:07 pm »
NxtQQ is ready for AE in windows platform, including English and Chinese  in it.

download here

For using NxtQQ, User must input account and secretPhrase, then click fresh Asset button to get asset. Because NxtQQ has not database now, it don’t save any account, asset, or any other records.

After AE launched, i will develop NxtQQ in Android platform.

btw: QQ is the most famous client in China, so i combine Nxt and QQ for the name of my client.

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Global Points System(GPS)
« on: April 08, 2014, 07:29:46 am »
GPS is a combination of crypto payment and reddit.com. After uploading something or solving a little question , members got points from websites(BBS). Thus some expert members have lots of points, but these points are worthless, because these points cannot be traded. If we can merge these points of different websites into a asset(AssetName=points), the experts would like solve more and more question, and questioner have to buy points from Nxt AE Platform.

I think we may tip in website like: youtube, facebook, twitter, weibo.cn, blog. If google.com likes the tip , we can tip to searching pages of google.com.

If more and more people use points asset, merchants(restauranteur, hotel owner etc.) would like to accept the points. In this scenario, actually the points is a e-cash on the Nxt.

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