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Hello everyone! My name is Roberto Capodieci and I am a blockchain architect.

I been working since a few months ago, with a team of almost 50 people, on a new blockchain platform named ZooBC.

The first draft of the white paper is out, and I need your feedback!
Furthermore, if you find the project interesting, you are welcome to support us!

NOTE: This is NOT an ICO paper! ZooBC has NO pre-mined coins, so no crypto investments to do... Yet if you will be between the firsts to run a node, you can put together quite some coins! How cool would have been to be there at the early days of Bitcoin? Well, you can be part of the early days of ZooBC!

Follow the progress from today on our forum, support ZooBC project, and make it a success for everyone's good!

Start by helping with the white paper!

You can download and read the PDF version here:

You can leave edit suggestions and comments in the Google Doc here:

White paper is TL;DR? Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Imu9W1mFdQ to learn why ZooBC blockchain uses a Proof of Participation algorithm!

Thank you for your support!!!

Introduce Yourself / Hello everyone!
« on: September 18, 2019, 08:17:46 am »
My name is Roberto (read about me here: https://medium.com/@capodieci/i-am-was-an-it-artisan-cdf56f3831d3 )

Cheers to everyone in this forum!


DeBuNe / ERC20 DeBuNe tokens swap
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:56:54 am »
Getting ready for the ICO!

Now (27 September 2017)
1DBN = 35NXT = 2.45 US Dollar
1NXT = 0.00001684BTC = 0.07 US Dollar
1ETH = 290 US Dollar
1DBN = 0.0085 ETH

The swap of AE DeBuNe toward ERC20 Ethereum tokens is at 1:1.5
(for each 1DBN from the AE you get 1.5DBN ERC20 tokens)

AE <> Token swap will end the 30 of October 2017!

DeBuNe Pre ICO will start the 1st of November and will sell 1DBN at 0.02ETH (for large quantities).


First, take note of the addresses of the AE and the ERC20 token:

ERC20 Token: 0x570295aeC9b7196300885eC594049c1C50fEB09c

Account: NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK
DBN Asset Id: 6926770479287491943

Send your DeBuNe assets to NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK adding in a message (either public or encrypted) the Ethereum wallet where you want to receive the ERC20 token.

Requests will be collected until the end of the month of October 2017, and the ERC20 tokens will be sent only after the ICO is started.

Requests of swap received after the end of October MAY not be fulfilled.

For those of you that have heard about BlockchainZoo and are interested in ZOO tokens, send me a message to rob at bcz.ooo

Roberto Capodieci


A) Some of you have contacted me asking how to avoid the swap with the ERC20 tokens and swap directly with the DeBuNe blockchain tokens.

B) Some of you simply don't want to deal with Ethereum. I understand and appreciate this.

I want to clarify that DeBuNe is NOT being implemented with Ethereum.

Case A) I am open to this possibility, and I apologise for not thinking about it beforehand. In this case return the AE token from an Nxt account you will be able to use in the future to send me the DeBuNe blckchain account where I will send the matching DBN.

Case B) For those of you that prefer to skip the ICO in Ethereum, I been suggested to talk with Komodo Platform to run a BTC ICO there. I am absolutely open to this, and I understand this makes many of you happier. I will discuss with Komodo the how to, and if all is ok we will proceed to offer DeBuNe also there. Note that in this 3 years I have delivered several working Blockchain projects. I have made a good estimate that for a successful phase 1 of DeBuNe we will need at least USD2M for initial work and bounties. For as much as I love Nxt I understand that is a hard goal to reach this in the AE, thus my intention to move to ERC20, and I am super open to working with Komodo for those of you that prefer not to use Ethereum.

Please let me know if you need more clarifications and have more suggestions, I will be happy to do my best to make it right to everyone.


DeBuNe / DeBuNe webite on the making
« on: July 08, 2017, 12:33:54 pm »
Removed all that was there, and preparing a new one for the ICO.

For now just a simple landing page, but something is moving :)



DeBuNe / Last assets in AE from Asset Issuer!
« on: November 05, 2016, 05:51:06 am »
With Transaction 16419882809150848464 the last 10k shares of DeBuNe have been put on the AE for 40NXT each, leaving DeBuNe 750k assets.

The ICO will start at a value of NXT45 per asset going up, for a total amount of 250k assets.

I really can't wait the ICO to be over to launch DeBuNe :)


DeBuNe / DeBuNe ICO at the horizon
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:57:49 am »
Hello everyone. DeBuNe will have an ICO toward the end of the year, beginning of next year. A lot of news will be released, and there will be a distribution of the coins.

250000 will be sold in the ICO, and 250000 will be given to the asset holders with an average holding calculated in a period that will be announced (something similar to the ardor distribution).

I have put some DeBuNe assets at 19 NXT each in the AE, and 15k more will be made available in the next weeks at a higher price until a total of 250000 assets are circulating in the Nxt AE.

The ICO will sell for definitely more than 20NXT per coin, so this is an soft offer for NXT holders.

I am aware that all of you want to hold Nxt for the ardor distribution, so I don't expect an assault to the available assets for now, but once the ardor distribution is completed there will be some dump of Nxt (IMO) and it may be a good moment to convert in DeBuNe assets.

Well, this is pretty much all I can say for now...


DeBuNe / ANNOUNCEMENT: buyback and dividend coming
« on: July 17, 2016, 02:17:11 am »
Issuer: NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK
Asset Id: 6926770479287491943

Last time I did a buy back (by the asset issuer) of the shares sold at low price before doing a dividend payment.
I been told I should have let everyone know first.
Here I am then, to let you all know I will soon (in the next 30 days) do it again. It can be this coming week, can be later, but in the next 30 days I will do a buy back of the shares sold at low price, and a dividend payment.
NOTE: shares should be at least 22NXT each.


DeBuNe / Some dividends have arrived
« on: June 14, 2016, 03:24:06 pm »
Uh Oh...

DeBuNe had paid dividends...

Do you own DeBuNe assets?

DeBuNe / Beta Testing NotiFile
« on: March 12, 2016, 08:00:46 am »
Hello, OTDocs (a company that uses DeBuNe tech) just released the beta version of NotiFile, for beta testing.

This version runs in a centralised server, but the idea is to make a version that runs on the Nxt blockchain!


Do you want to help beta test NotiFile? Ask an invite scrolling down at the bottom of the home page at http://go.notifile.me (or ask me in a message)

NotiFile is a document centric communication system.

People with the same document can read and write comments about it in full privacy, without uploading it, using that document as an entry point for their dialog.

How it works?

  • Users drag and drop a document on NotiFile web app.
  • The web app calculates an hash (unique fingerprint) of the document
  • A page opens where the user can post a comment about the document.
  • Before submission, comments are encrypted using asynchronous cryptography. The private key used for the encryption is the hash of the document document the user drags and drop on NotiFile window.
  • Encrypted comments are sent to a DB (soon on the Nxt blockchain), and are stored using as ID the public key of the document itself.
In this way only people with the original document can locate the encrypted comments in the DB, load them in their browser, and decrypt them locally using the hash of the document they drag and drop on NotiFile as private key!

How cool is it?

Sounds like mambo jumbo? Well, it means NotiFile is super secure when it comes to privacy: even us, with full access to the server and the database, can’t read users comments if encrypted with a document we don’t have!

Learn more about NotiFile here: http://go.notifile.me


Ask me, or using the form in the website, a beta tester invite, and you will be granted one!


DeBuNe / Third DeBuNe Dividend Paid
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:08:08 am »
So payments came in, dividends went out!

DeBuNe / Second DeBuNe dividend paid!
« on: September 23, 2015, 10:12:31 am »
Second dividend paid. More consistent then the first, hopefully less then the next!

Transaction 16854565318260077093


DeBuNe / FinTeck Asia Survey vote on Nxt Blockchain
« on: July 30, 2015, 07:32:24 am »
Yesterday has been Demo Day for FinTech Startups in Singapore.

The biggest event in Asia of the kind!

DeBuNe, through OTDocs, has sponsored a survey with a vote on the Nxt blockchain.

As it would have been impossible to ask all the participant to create an Nxt account, transfer them some Nxt, activate their account, and ask them to cast a vote with the proper voting system, we created a wrapper with a PHP application, and used a single account that sent the votes as message to itself, and another app that counted the votes.

Users accessed the app via mobile, scanning QR code:

or simply going to: http://demoday.live.otdocs.com

NOTE: Voting now is not working, as the account has balance zero. If you want to try to vote you need to feed the account NXT-MVMM-6BV5-W8EB-DY2LX at least 1NXT

The results of the votes are visible here: http://demoday.live.otdocs.com/#/results

and the last transactions (so people could see the votes into the blockchain as they did happen) are visible here:


DeBuNe / First DeBuNe dividend paid
« on: July 24, 2015, 10:27:38 am »
Hello! We had the fist small income, and we paid the fist dividend!

This is the transaction ID: 7653714893178470041


As per subject: HELLO! HELP! Anyone has experience to send >1Kb messages on NRS1.5.x via API?


As per subject: HELLO! HELP! Anyone has experience to send >1Kb messages on NRS1.5.x via API?


DeBuNe / We are DeBuNe!
« on: May 06, 2015, 03:35:10 am »
Just saying this: Transaction 4827243118153644918


Eris Industries - wow blockchain technology - anyone knows it?

This is their website: https://erisindustries.com/

This the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkYVc1YsGCc

Smart contracts on the blockchain for free???

Any GOOD developer with deep knowledge in Nxt want to join DeBuNe for 3 or 4 months in Singapore?

We are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj-C1Q_gGag the place is amazing and has also a ping pong table :)

There are 9 other amazing IT startups and a lot of incredible people to meet.

If interested email info@debune.org

We have close to no money, but can help with housing and expenses. yet the experience is work on itself. Plus, it can become a full time job...


  I been asked to present Nxt "smart contracts" as they can be used for a big important gov project, if they meet the requirement this people has...

Now, is there some material for both me - to learn better - and to present the functionalities?

Yes, an installation of 1.5.5e for a demo is in my plans, but has anyone made a video with a demo?

They asked me to send them something to look at before meeting me again.

I have the Wiki http://wiki.nxtcrypto.org/wiki/Phasing

Any other useful link?


  I have to cover expenses and costs, and my resource are NXT. I would love to exchange 1/2 million NXT in Bitcoin (to later get local currency to pay for expenses). I don't want to go in Poloniex or Cryptsy and kill the value of NXT dropping such a huge amount.

If some wealthy user here wants to buy the NXT for Bitcoin please contact me. If you trust me we can do direct or we can use some party we both trust as an escrow.


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