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Transparent Forging / Transparent Forging - the latest info
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:34:39 pm »
Hello... Riker/Mthcl/Kushti/JL??  ;D (who is most 'in the know' these days)

I have some questions to try and increase/update my understanding of TF:

1) Is a penalty (24h forging blacklisting) still considered the way to go for those that miss their forging turn?

2a) Is the implementation discussed by CfB initially still current?
2b) ... so can I go back and read his posts to try to understand TF?

3) If changes have been proposed and deemed better, which ones are these and where can you read about them?


4) Also, is the 'blind shooter' algo a proxy for the hit/target algo(s)? A bit of clarity here would help me.

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Peg Nxt to BTC Sidechains
« on: June 09, 2015, 04:42:23 pm »
Sidechains done - nxt ded?

Sidechains is far from done.  Would be great if some of our tech guys took a look at the Sidechains code to see how difficult it would be to peg Nxt.

I let this thread...


...go stale without using the info in it, now people might have changed their minds or we have more people who want to take part. So I am re-runnning it  ;D

Before I do, I want to get any more nominations people have in addition to the once already listed. Again, they will be listed in the vote in the order they are suggested. This is what we have in the running so far...

"A good percentage in plain NXT"
Hodl ALL your Nxt in Nxt


Please let me have any other nominations.

Thanks in advance  :)

I am interested in learning more about mining (but not ever joining the throng  ;D)

You often see disagreements about the subject above, I guess it is at it most basic a discussion about supply and demand.

Could someone walk me through a few scenarios (i.e. hashrate drops, what would cause this, the effect or a difficulty increase and its effect etc) to help me understand mining as an ecosystem.

I suspect when it boils down it is argument about which blade of the scissors cuts the paper (both, together!). Or is there any specific mechanism in mining that gives priority to hashrate or difficulty or 'x' that has a dominant effect on price?

(No links saying 'read this' please  :D I will have follow up questions)

Instant Transactions / New proposal for Instant Transactions
« on: May 11, 2015, 01:42:13 pm »
Any thoughts?

Last year I was working on a new sort of blockchain that would enable instant transactions. I'm dumping some info here so it's searchable and maybe inspires someone or w/e.

The basic idea is that each TX has a small PoW attached and is 'mined' instantly. Larger miners (who are in it for the money) mine TXs with *large* PoWs and point back to other 'work heavy' blocks but also link back to these 'lighter' txs from regular joes.

The blockchain is actually a DAG instead of a linked list.

One challenge was ordering txs, I think I've come up with a pretty good solution that's included in the source here: https://github.com/XertroV/quanta-test/blob/master/quanta.py#L204. Basically it recurses down the heaviest path until it reaches a common point between all paths, then it recurses down the second heaviest path till it hits a block in the first path, and so on down all paths. In this way it can operate as a DAG, has a deterministic ordering, and not worry about people inserting blocks into history or anything like that (though there might be a DoS angle here on computationally heavy re-orgs).

It relies on treating the pool of workers available as producing a *stream* of work, rather than the discrete blocks that we're used to. By treating it as a stream you get (nearly) infinite granularity, enabling near instant TXs. You still have to wait an hour for a good confirmation, though (like all networks).

One downside is all TXs have lots of metadata about links so they can be 500 bytes for a simple TX.

Source code is here: https://github.com/XertroV/quanta-test

I can't remember if it works or not when you run it.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1057342

General / Database Pool?
« on: May 05, 2015, 04:27:09 pm »
What is the purpose of this in the terminal window? I don't think it has always been there (thought it has been for a while now)

Anyone spread the knowledge of what it does?

Thanks ;D

Nxt General Discussion / Videos of Nxt
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:56:26 am »
Hello All,

I don't think we have a repository of Nxt related video links? Edit: I found Salsa's one. https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/videos/

So I thought I would start one  ;D

Please post links below and I will add them to the OP.

I have a question, if I issue a currency (via MS) and don't select any of the 'type' boxes (Exchangeable, Controllable, Reservable, Claimable, Mintable, Non-Shuffleable,)
what 'type' of instrument will be created?

My objective is to create a currency that could be traded at a Poloniex type of exchange with no strings attached.


I think he is right and you will just create a coin of x units in your own account?

Jobs board / [WANTED] Nxt Torrent Plugin DEV
« on: April 21, 2015, 08:44:34 pm »
Jean-Luc has provided tech for a torrent style system, now we just need someone to build it  ;D

Volunteers please, a bounty is being collected.

Maybe NXT should incorporate a torrent library... and focus more on this area.

Jean-Luc suggests a bounty to build on the APIs for this:

"Prunable tagged data are similar to prunable plain messages with no recipient,
but with additional searchable metadata fields added. This feature can be used
for decentralized and trustless distribution of small (up to 42k, including
the metadata) pieces of data, which are by default stored for two weeks only
(24h on testnet), but can optionally be stored longer or indefinitely by some
nodes, and can be verified against the blockchain even after their expiration."

Very nice those new APIs :)
Should we set a bounty for the first torrent tracker plugin using the tagged data feature? It would be controversial to have in the default client, but is a legitimate use case for someone to provide via a plugin.

The tagged data APIs really need more testing, I only spent a week implementing this feature, there may be bugs.

Where are our weak areas?

On BTT you often used to see this:

"Tech doesn't matter. Betamax was better tech than VHS but VHS won cos it had better adoption"

It is though technology and marketing are divorced from each other and one doesn't influence the other. I thought I'd check it out and after googling "betamax vs vhs" I found this ~12 year old article:


In marketing terms, "the core product" - such as a car, a computer, or a video recorder - is just the start. You have to add on all the things like reliability, service and support (the expected product), its expansion capabilities (the augmented product), and its potential for future development (the potential product) to get "the whole product".

Since real people make real buying decisions based on "the whole product" ... simpleminded comparisons of products by technological feature are very likely to get it wrong.

Also tl:dr:

  • Sony (Betamax) had 100% of the market initially but was slow to bring in other manufacturers. Consumers don't like being locked in?
  • Betamax couldn't do what people wanted (record a full movie unattended) as tapes were only 1 hour long, not 2 hours of VHS.
  • Betamax was more expensive initially, only lowered prices when market share lost
  • Tech differences weren't that huge, some reviews said VHS was better quality
  • Quality wasn't the highest priority to users, rather than using SuperVHS (matched Betamax in quality) people preferred longplay VHS where they go 4 hours of recording

" "The whole product" model also provided a convincing explanation of why VHS had thrashed Betamax. VHS offered a bigger choice of hardware at lower cost, the tapes were cheaper and more easily available, there were a lot more movies to rent, and so on. All of this matched my own experience."

So, how can we compare this to Nxt?

For me, this raises more questions than answers  ;D If we define customer as "average joe", I have no idea. Has anyone in crypto done any serious research into why they aren't interested?

I suspect: (seen as) insecure and too hard to use. Crypto will have to become credit card + pin simple I guess.

But, we do have huge positive characteristics in our favor:

Reliability, service and support (the expected product)
Evidence so far (Consensus Research + Vitalik's "Cryptoeconomically Secure") suggest Nxt is secure from a basic protocol level. Users can still be hacked, phished, enter weak passwords etc. Services are coming online all the time. We have good support, if you know where to look.

Support only provided majorly in written form?
Services mainly aimed at crypto users? Held back by difficulty of using the software?
Geekiness of forum being best resource for support?

Expansion capabilities (the augmented product)
This is one of Nxt's biggest assets. APIs are being added almost daily, anyone can build upon Nxt. We get interest from external parties, it is impossible to predict where Nxt will go. With BTC, you basically need permission form the miners so they don't exclude your blocks or create your own blockchain.

Difficulty in being heard and attracting the best people in crypto to build new capabilities?
Documentation not up to scratch? (it might be, I'm just spitballing)
Documentation missing in key languages?
There are not enough places to get into Nxt? (i.e. only poloniex, centralized exchanges are a source of new users)

Potential for future development (the potential product) to get "the whole product".
Buying Nxt today gives you free access to use any future developments and we have a plan: nxttechnologytree.com

No one knows (not even Nxters except 2-3) what these features working together are capable of, so how can they be promoted?
They might be trade secrets so we may never know until they are all released, bad thing?

So, I say Whole Product = pretty decent so far. I find the tech side of Nxt far more interesting than the marketing but I have always tried to straddle the two and blur the distinction. So this is me straddling  8)

Do you agree with the weaknesses? Are there any more? What can we do about them?

We have had many "we need better marketing" threads and they often attract a lot of enthusiasm and many pages of posts. But I think they at the end they omit a "to-do" list.

Let's compile a list of practical ideas based for strengthening our marketing of technology as the starting point  ;D Ok, go!

Multigateway++ (jl777) / uMGW
« on: April 16, 2015, 12:10:29 pm »
Is uMGW still an ongoing project?

Nxt Monetary System / New use case: Ticketing
« on: April 09, 2015, 09:40:45 pm »
I had a thought today that I don't think has been mentioned.

Electronic ticketing is used for travel tickets, events and more. Could an MSCoin with a new property be devised for this scenario?

It would stop touts and forgeries, that would have real world appeal to events managers and organisers. It would be best if they could expire.

Any thoughts?

Security / Hack vector: Address book re-direct?
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:27:28 am »
I understand the address book in NRS is stored locally.

Say I assign an account as "Savings" that I want to use as long term storage for Nxt.

Rather than target Nxt, could a hacker target the address book to change the account that "Savings" points to from my account to one owned by them?

Then the next tx that I think I am sending to my "Savings" is actually going to the hacker. Is this possible? Can it be prevented?

Transparent Forging / Does TF allow instant transactions?
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:57:36 pm »
I was under the impression that it just allowed high transactions per second? Or, more correctly, high transactions per minute as the block time remains the same?

Is this where Time Warp comes in, to enable Instant Transactions?

Question in the title, answers below :)

Hello lovely, hardworking, all-knowing Nxt Core devs  ;D

Now I have buttered you up, I was wondering are there plans in a drawer to implement Jinn's software ternary emulator (Jiniri) into the core of Nxt at some point in the next 6-18 months (NRS 2.x)?

I ask because Jinn technology has already been sold/provided to Supernet for an undefined use case to set a precedent and there is a "Hexagon" IIRC Jinn node already running on the mainnet (peerexplorer.com lists it as version 15.01.01). So it seems to be possible.

Any info would be great  ;D

General / Does Nxt use ECDSA?
« on: March 25, 2015, 11:53:52 am »
I think it uses something different (starts with an e...) but I don't know what.

Jobs board / [Python] Nxt Multipool Integration Dev needed
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:39:24 am »
[Nxt Multipool Integration] Dev needed

If anyone has the capabilities to code the customization into my pool, I'd love to be able to payout out in NXT on my multipool.

 www . xpool . ca

I have a long history of running reliable and trustworthy pools. Google "ann xpool" and you'll find my BCT thread for my pool.

Please email me info @ xpool . ca if you or you know someone capable of python coding that could add NXT payout functionality.


Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Ideal Reserve - opinions?
« on: March 18, 2015, 05:42:52 pm »
Ideal Reserve have been spamming BTT with threads, give-away threads and fantastical claims (500ms full concnsus block times, complete IP anonymity)

I thought about it an have decided to go with..

"No Comment."

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