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NXTER.ORG / NxterBridge :: Alert service
« on: January 29, 2018, 05:25:08 pm »

I would like to introduce you to our new service:
- The Nxter Alert Service for Nxt and Ardor accounts. (https://www.nxter.org/alerts)
You can add your (or any other) Nxt and Ardor account address to our service and you will receive email alerts every time a transaction is made (sent or received).
We are starting alpha-testing now, but we have many great plans to upgrade our service in the near future. You can test and use our service already now and help us by sending your feedback to help@nxter.org or by posting it in this thread.
Our nearest plans:
- add alert for forging blocks
- add alert to approval accounts when an account under Account Control needs a transaction approved
- upgrade our light blockchain explorer section on nxter.org to show more info about Nxt & Ardor.

Nxt Projects / [NXTBridge] Wordpress plugin for Nxt users.
« on: December 01, 2016, 02:57:48 pm »

I would like to introduce my new project for Wordpress Nxt users with the support of Nxter.org portal. Wordpress is most popular CMS, but if you are in search for a plugin to help you show any information about Nxt on your home page or asset project page you will fail.

We offer to you a simple and useful plugin called ‘NXTBridge’, which can help you to show:

-   Short asset information (Name, Initial quantity, current quantity, owner account, ID, last ASK and BID information).

-   Proposals for purchase and sale

-   Graph for the price with single line

-   Graph with candlestick and volume

All features above will help you if you want to show information about a single asset, but if you want to create something more globally, we can offer you a special TOP50 shortcut, which will show the 50 most traded assets for the last week!

And, this is not all. If you click an asset on the list, it will show an auto generated page with simple, but useful, information about that asset. Alternatively, you can create a custom page for the assets on the list.

In addition, we have a small road map for development:
-   NXTBridge wallet
-   NXTBridge marketplace

In conclusion, you may see how it here:
-   https://nxter.org/nxtbridge/
-   https://nxter.org/assethub/ (TOP50, under construction)

P.S. If you want to support me, Nxt address for donations in my forum signature.

Всем привет!

Уже больше года существует сервис прямого обмена Nxt на рубли, но последнее время его популярность упала. Возможно это связано с падением курса Nxt, возможно с чем-то еще, не могу проанализировать.

Вот и хотелось бы услышать от сообщества мнение - нужен ли такой сервис в текущей ситуации? А если нужен, то какие еще дополнительные возможности позволили бы ему увеличить популярность среди пользователей...

Всем заранее спасибо.

P.S. сервис прямого обмена https://nxtex.info/

Nxt Projects / Micro-payment service NxtTips
« on: November 18, 2014, 08:05:10 am »
Simple and fast way to convert anyone Nxt little as a gift or payment services.

URL: https://tips.nxtex.info/
Author: scor2k
Other project: Service of Direct Exchange NXT , nxtAuth

What we offer
  • Fast payment. You must enter a PIN-code to confirm.
  • Low commission service. Total 1 NXT per transaction. The absence of any additional fees.
  • All transactions carried out with your personal Nxt-accounts on our service.
  • To receive micropayments, registration is not required, it is sufficient to place a signature on the forum Nxt address translation.
  • To make micropayments, you need to install the extension for one of the modern browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Micro-instructions for micro-payments service NxtTips on the site (with step-by-step youtube video).

Welcome to our service!

Русский (Russian) / Сервис микро-платежей NxtTips
« on: November 13, 2014, 06:36:11 am »
Хотелось бы представить вам beta-версию сервиса микро-платежей NxtTips.

Немного о сервисе:
  • Позволяет отправлять микро-платежи (поощрения) участникам форма NxtForum & Bitcointalk (и любых других, на движке SMF)
  • Для получения поощрений надо лишь изменить адрес в подписи (более подробно - на сайте).
  • Для отправки поощрений - надо зарегистрироваться, пополнить счет и установить дополнение к Google Chrome.
Здесь я хотел бы немного пояснить почему требуется установка расширения для браузера. Существует 2 варианта отправки поощрений - дополнение к форуму или дополнение к браузеру. Убедить администрацию форума NxtForum поставить стороннее дополнение без уже работающего сервиса - занятие практически нереальное, поэтому было принято решение начать с расширений к стандартным браузерам - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,а потом, когда сервис будет работать и пользоваться спросом (надеюсь), предложить им установить дополнение, которое позволит принять участие в поощрении и пользователям мобильных устройств и IE :)

Микро-инструкция есть на сайте, чуть позже буду расширять и дополнять ее. Так же планирую видео-инструкцию для тех, кому лень читать :)

Nxt Projects / nxtAuth - allow you to log into WordPress using NXT-token
« on: October 29, 2014, 12:59:56 pm »
nxtAuth - allow you to log into WordPress using NXT-token.

Simple about:
  • Wordpress up to 4.0
  • Changed the API to access the NXT-node (up to 1.3.1)
  • You can specify any number of servers NXT for authorization. Plugin check their availability before use. You don't need to install localhost node!
  • Username as RS-style account name.
URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/nxtauth

1. Login form

2. After log in

Services / Service of Direct Exchange
« on: October 28, 2014, 12:18:11 pm »
Client & Server for create your own service like https://nxtex.net

English topic: https://nxtforum.org/trading-exchanges/nxtex-net-service-of-direct-exchange-nxt/
Russian topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=556947

This is only source code with instruction about installation! Without any support. In this instruction there is no description of means protection and sharing server, as it is at the discretion of the customer. The protection system shall be unique and come up for each project from scratch, otherwise it becomes vulnerable.

Price: 20'000 NXT

version with 1 month support:
Price: 25'000 NXT

Any question about service  to topic starter of post above or PM (scor2k).

Nxt account and userID

contact info for submitter
scor2k at nxtforum, scor2k at bitcointalk or admin@nxtex.net

Project Links
URL: https://nxtex.net
English topic: https://nxtforum.org/trading-exchanges/nxtex-net-service-of-direct-exchange-nxt/
Russian topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=556947

Submission date
25 july 2014

A short description of the project
Project was created for fast and easy exchange NXT for fiat money between people.

Long description of the project
When our project started in February 2014 I didn't know easy way to buy or sell NXT for fiat money. I had to buy Bitcoin, then convert them to NXT and only after that I could transfer them to my account - it took a few days and had to pay lot of percent fees.
At now, our project allow to P2P exchange NXT to rubles (QIWI, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Sberbank direct transfer), dollars (PayPal, WebMoney), hryvnia (WebMoney) and Bitcoin. The principle of service is similar to localbitcoin.

Specify the target audience
At start our service was created only for Russian, but now we can add any language and any payment systems!

A little statistic
DateMonthly salesProfitExpenses
April 201425,128 NXT440 NXT~1000 NXT
May 201423,209 NXT561 NXT~1000 NXT
Jun 201429,269 NXT676 NXT~1500 NXT
July 201465,921 NXT1426 NXT~2000 NXT


We are planning to move to a more expensive service hosting for more speed, but without increased traffic and user activity it's does not make sense.
To increase traffic and user activity we must constantly upgrade and advertise it.

For promotion our service for the next six months is required:

6 х 4000 NXT upgrading service and professional translation.
6 x 1000 NXT hosting
6 х 2000 NXT advertise
Total: 24,000 + 6,000 + 12,000 = 42,000 NXT


I planned to make stable version up to 01 November 2014.


By 01 November 2014, I plan to reach a monthly sales of 100,000 and profit in 2000 (including the cost of hosting)

Thank you for your attention

Trading & Exchanges / nxtex.info - Service of Direct Exchange NXT
« on: July 21, 2014, 09:59:02 am »
Hello All!
We want to introduce you to our service ( nxtex.info  ) of direct exchange NXT to another currencies. We work since April 2014 (only for Russian users). Our service provides an opportunity to buy or sell NXTs for RUR, USD, UAH and Bitcoins, but also for any other currencies you may have an interest to trade in. Our service is an intermediary between buyers and sellers of NXT (like localbitcoin). To make an exchange, you need to generate a valid NXT-token for the website nxtex.info.

What we offer:
  • The ability to quickly and profitably sell or buy NXT for rubles, dollars, hryvnia or bitcoin.
  • Small fee (5NXT) for the execution of orders for the sale.
  • For the withdrawal of funds to your personal account - the fee will be 2%, but not less than 10 NXT
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Protection against fraud transaction participants.
  • You can also sell or buy Nxt for PayPal and WebMoney.
  • E-mail notification of various events, such as sending you cash to you
  • Comfortable history of operations witch links to blockexplorer and orders

If you have ideas, please post in this topic or send me PM.
If you want to donate our project:NXT-54GV-KTZH-7YDY-7J63T

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)


Hi all!

After more than a week of correspondence with the domain name registrator www.bitronictech.net I decided that the domain nxtex.net irretrievably lost, because tech support don't do anything exept send me email with "fix tomorrow"...

So I registered the new DNS name: .

When DNS name was changed I done some little change with my service:

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

P.S. NxtTips service will be open in few days.

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