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Cryptoasset.fund projects / Swap procedure to WAVES tokens
« on: May 01, 2016, 11:36:20 am »
As you probably know to support the NXT community and ensure smooth transaction to the new platform we offer Coinomat asset swap to Waves tokens.
All coinomat assets will be transferred to the new platform, until then they will exist on NXT blockchain  and will be functioning as usually. More on that here:
If you still would like  to swap the procedure is the following:

1. Register an account at ico.wavesplatform.com
2. Send your assets to NXT-B8K7-FJJW-CYV2-6XQFJ and put your
account email in the transaction message. It can be either encrypted or plain-text.
3. Your account at ico.wavesplatform.com will be credited within 24 hours.
4. To prevent any kind of arbitrage and limit the procedure to current asset holders within NXT community you need to buy one of the assets before the first of May in order to be eligible for the swap procedure.

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Coinomat assets.
« on: April 30, 2016, 10:36:13 am »
Probably  you know about upcoming WAVES platform, coinomat assets will be transferred to it once it's live and asset functionality is up. Also there will be some kind of burn protocol that will allow to transfer any NXT asset, and most probably assets from other platforms too. All coinomat assets will be actively developed and will have an important role in the WAVES ecosystem.

Coinomat project will have an important role for waves, basically it's going to be what shapeshifter is for ETH now - the way to buy WAVES fast. It will be integrated right into the WAVES clients. Coinomat project will be substantially upgraded after the WAVES ICO, we need to fight Shapeshift for the niche we invented - namely instant crypto exchange. A financial licensed will be obtained, and coinomat assets should become valuable after that.

Cryptofund asset will be transformed into the Waves foundation asset. Waves foundation will be a kind of a decentralized venture fund, investing in the projects launched on WAVES blockchain.  Waves asset will be the first asset launched on the new WAVES chain.

Index/IndexRev assets will be the foundation of a properly registered index mutual fund, investing algorithmically in cryptocurrency portfolios.  Nothing of the kind exists at the moment, but it's high time to start this fund.  The procedure of the fund registration will start in June.

NEXT/NEXTBOND will be a major trading fund using different approaches to cryptocurrencies trading. When WAVES network is up I really wanna try to pursue deep learning algos applied to cryptocurrency trading, I believe this might be huge.

Coinomat assets represent projects with a future and potential, this is just a humble beginning, all cool stuff is still ahead.

Stay tuned!

Nxt General Discussion / SAE clone
« on: February 26, 2016, 08:59:02 pm »
Looking at what happens at AE now I think we need SAE clone. I tried to do it with freebie but it did not work out.
So I won't mince words - who wants to do frontend for SAE backend, which is opensource? We'll find a way to fund it.
You will profit from TX fees. I can't be managing this project because I'm starting with the new chain. But it would be really nice to have asset/BTC trading as long as the platform is not live yet.  And even after that it'll be a viable project, centralized trading solutions are always faster and more convenient.

Nxt General Discussion / [PRE-ANN] Time to go further. New Chain is coming.
« on: February 19, 2016, 09:31:32 am »
We will be launching a new blockchain-based decentralized network, with user-defined tokens issue and transfer.

It will be based on following principles:

1. Does not support scripting on core level. New transaction types are supported through plug-in system and soft forks.
Decentralized contracts might be realized in future based on "proof of execution" and supernodes approach.

2. POS consensus. Improvements to counter the "nothing-at-stake" argument will be considered, but plain-vanilla POS is deemed to be "secure enough"

3. Main focus is on usability and connection to "real world" economy

- At launch fiat and BTC assets are supported.  Fiat assets are backed by existing fiat payment systems/banks.

- Asset to asset swap/trading is supported on the core level, which allows to offer quasi stock exchange user experience, with trading against fiat currencies.

- User-friendly interface resembling online banking or online broker interfaces. Realized as a browser plugin.
Basically users have a full-scale crowdfunding/trading platform right at launch, with native fiat currencies support. User experience is close to usual financial website experience.

4. Reputation system is considered to be vital, and will be realized soon after the launch. It will be based on voting system which is an integral part of the core. Also account activity will be used to define the account karma (issued assets, transactions volume etc).

5. Scalability is considered to be the main problem which will need to be tackled eventually, and some basic scalability improvements will have to be made on the core level right from the start. 

6. Strict development practices. All major changes in the core should be approved by the stakers community through voting.

7. The client will be coded in low-level programming language (C/C++)

All in all the network has a "NXT Classic" feel, with improved user-friendliness, strict development practices, connection to existing fiat networks, and high-load ready.

We have several major NXT ecosystem contributors already on our team. Currently the developers team is being finalized, and we will be coding it fast. If you want to join us you know how to reach me :)

We launched nxtcrowd.fund, asset sell platform which allows you to do ICO's at AE and collect BTC and fiat payments for the sold assets.
If you want to offer your asset for sale please contact us. We list your asset for free. If you want a dedicated subdomain and a landing page we could do it for a small fee to cover the coding costs. Otherwise the service is free, all collected payments are forwarded to you without any fees.

Currently we're gauging interest, and based on your requests we can add new features, such as buying assets from AE at market rates, automated interface for asset sellers etc.

Do your AE ICO's for BTC! Be hedged against NXT price volatility.

Assets Board / Bitfirm.io asset
« on: December 09, 2015, 10:01:48 pm »

I'm glad to announce thе launch of Bitfirm.io asset. Bitfirm.io is an initiative aiming to unite all promoters in NXT ecosystem, and create a synergy between different media projects. Bitfirm will be offering promotional services to crypto and fintech related businesses, with a goal of becoming the go-to place for all the companies who issue assets at NXT AE. The idea is to go beyond NXT community, address other communities,  attract new business to AE and make money along the way.

Bitfirm.io covers all the aspects of online (and even offline) promotion, from content creation to social media marketing, from forum posting to print media. All Bitfirm members are very experienced with crypto and crypto program promotion. We want to become the top PR firm in crypto space.

All Bitfirm participants hold Bitfirm assets. Preliminary distribution has already taken place, final settlement will happen in three months. The assets are used to distribute profits internally, along with fixed payments for completed work. Bitfirm will actively promote its services in all cryptocommunities. To that end 40% of asset issue will be sold at open market, the proceeds will be used to establish Bitfirm.io brand and cover promotional costs.

Cryptoasset.fund will promote all its current and upcoming projects with Bitfirm, and hold 5% of the issued assets. Bitfirm.io a separate entity, with its own accounting, Cryptoasset.fund role is limited to general coordination and being a good customer :)

Currently Bitirm has several projects in its pipeline,  which should provide the revenue stream of about 4-5 K monthly during the next two-three months.  This will translate in shareholder dividend of about 3-4% monthly.

Bitfirm.io official site: Bitfirm.io
Bitfirm.io official account: NXT-ZMUM-4CQ9-9ZG6-HKYDV
Bitfirm.io asset:  2069092550347872704
ICO will be launched on December, 15
4 mil assets will be offered, ICO price is 1 NXT. It will be done in a usual way, reverse dutch auction. If demand exceeds supply the price will be adjusted. It makes sense to place a bid in advance, if you want to buy the asset at ICO price.

Conferences / First Urkainian blockchain conference
« on: December 03, 2015, 01:42:05 pm »
I'd like to invite everyone to the first Ukrainian blockchain conference which will take place in Kiev on December, 19
Ukraine has a vibrant bitcoin arena, many famous bitcoin projects hail from Ukraine (btc-e for example).There's a positive dynamics regarding legalization and mass adoption, it's possible to buy BTC in payment terminals for cash, for example

It's easy to go to Ukraine, EU countries citizens don't need a visa for Ukraine. The participation fees are very low.Kiev is a very beautiful town, not very well known in the West unfortunately. And there's a lot going on in Ukraine now besides Bitcoin, so it might be interesting for many to take a look. Anton, the conference organizer, also opened the first NXT embassy in Ukraine.
Everybody welcome, it'll be fun!


Nxt General Discussion / Asset to asset trading
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:43:42 am »
I'm pretty sure that asset to asset trading could help NXT a lot at the moment, it would turn NXT into a financial platform more suitable for asset issuance aimed at fund raising. We could move away from such a strong dependence on NXT price as we have now. Obviously it's pretty hard to issue "stock" tied to a base which changes its value more by an order of magnitude in a year.

If we had asset to asset trading NXT would turn in a koinify-like platform but much much better. Assets could trade against (super)BTC, and this is what every ICO investor wants. That could be a huge boost for NXT as a financial platform.

Assets Board / [PRE-ANN] Forkpay.net
« on: November 19, 2015, 07:40:29 am »
New Cryptoasset portfolio project is Forkpay.net, browser plugin for paying Bitcoin bills in various altcoins. It is based on Coinomat API, and supports all the altcoins Coinomat supports. Forkpay will go beyond payment plugins, it will be a full scale merchant solution for payments in alts.
Forkpay team is in Lithuania. They will have a separate thread at NXT forum too.
Outline of further development looks like this:

- Firefox plug-ins
- Cash-back program for plug-in users
- Server-side plug-ins for merchants
-  "reverse" plugin solution, where merchants can get paid in fiat and receive crypto is being considered
-  Also paying credit card bills in crypto is being worked on.

Forkpay revenue model is based on transaction fees. 50% of the profits will be paid out to shareholders.
All projects in cryptoasset.fund portfolio will be using Forkpay for payments. Also it will be actively promoted by upcoming bitfirm.io project.
Forkpay.net is going to follow the standard start-up cycle. This asset issue is the seed stage investment, forkpay.net is going to approach venture funds for second round investment or buy-out in future. In this case asset holders will be able to make an exit or exchange the assets for the "real" equity. This is going to be an experiment with classical seed stage investment made on NXT platform.

ICO for forkpay.net asset will start on November, 24. It will be the traditional for cryptoasset fund reverse Dutch auction scheme, that is we reserve the right to increase the ICO price if the demand exceeds supply. If you want forkpay assets please place your bid in advance.

Asset ID: 4244599378927106120  Total assets sold at ICO: 3 million. ICO asset price: 1 NXT

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Bitfirm.io - PR firm for crypto projects
« on: November 12, 2015, 10:50:07 am »
We're starting Bitfirm.io (website will be live in a while), public relations and promotion company for crypto-related projects. The goal is to leverage  the existing resource of NXT community in content writing, social media promotion, SEO for promotion of NXT-related projects and beyond.

Cryptoasset.fund will be the first customer of the firm, and an advertisement campaign will be launched in order to attract third-party customers from other crypto communities.

On top of that substantial effort will be channeled into promotion of NXT platform in general. Bitfirm.io will be supporting 1000assets.net project, bringing new businesses to NXT ecosystem.

The firm founders are: coinomat, coinking, bezbezbez, mx.  Everybody is welcome to join us, if you write content or a SM expert we'll be happy to have you on our team.

An asset will be issued, all founding parties will receive a share in the issue. Asset sell proceeds will be used for promotion of Bitfirm services in communities beyond NXT. Also we're planning to code a set of Twitter/FB promotion tools which should make the work of SM promoters much easier and efficient. Of course there are some ready-made tools but something much cooler can be done.

If you want to be a part of Bitfirm contact us here or on Supernet slack #bitfirm channel!

I'm with NXT community since more than a year and a half and I can see some recurring pattern which I'm really tired of.
There's always drama where there should not be any, and it can be easily avoided.

The problem is miscommunication between the developers and the community. Developers must lead the way, but they can't implement features which hurt end-users and other devs building on the platform, at least without asking them first.  New releases broke payments, broke dividends,  are breaking backward compatibility which is sacrosanct for many people. I can't see a single reason why it should be like that.

I propose to create a protocol for all significant changes to NXT core.

- Developers announce new release features.
- Based on the initial feedback a poll is set up
- Users vote.
- Features are realized in the NXT release.

At the current stage of NXT development the devs can't be solely responsible for the implementation of the new features. This has to be a community endorsed process.

To that end I propose a creation of separate developer's fund, using which all NXT businesses and users can support the developers' work.
Community has to give back to developers, and developers should work in concert with community. There's no other way.
Current situation  leads to degradation of the current ecosystem. Please share your thoughts on this proposal.

Cryptoasset.fund projects / New projects
« on: November 05, 2015, 01:31:22 pm »
As you know we're mostly focused on applications of blockchain technology, preferably using NXT/Supernet.

If you have an idea which you want to realize - don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide coders, web-designers, and promotion.

Also here I'll be listing projects which I want to realize, if you're interested to partner up just contact me.
If you can code or can manage the project we'll work something out.
Blockchain reporting system for businesses.
Typical application: online shop launches an asset on AE and wants to provide transparency for its shareholders. Every sale gets written in NXT/BTC blockchain, when a buyer lands on checkout page a plugin, installed on it, writes Proof-of-Sale into blockchain.
Also if the shop has an affiliate program it can be used for affiliate sales tracking.
If a shop investor or affiliate has a suspicion that some part of profits is hidden he can simply make a test purchase and see if it's written into the blockchain.
Similar approach can be used for all online businesses which need transparency in their operation - charities, any voting sites (each vote is written into blockchain, you vote - can't see your vote - you know it's rigged) and so on.

Blockchain-based cashback/rewards program for shops.
This is very close to the above project. Basically a sale is written into the blockchain with customer-chosen token. When a customer makes a purchase at another shop, participating in the program, he automagically receives a discount. Nothing of the kind exist at the moment. But it obviously will in near future :) so let's be the first

Application of Instantdex/Supernet technology.
Considering creating an app which will highlight Supernet/InstantDex benefits. Most probably it's going to be a betting plugin for Chrome.
It will be the first fully decentralized betting application. BTCD stakers will vote on the correctness of the betting feed.
I think that NXT ecosystem needs some big revenue generating gambling project, paying out BTC profits in NXT, supporting the NXT price in this way.  That could be another direction we're willing to take.

Can go on forever but let's start with this. Also suggest your ideas here.


Assets Board / [PRE-ANN] Forklog.net - cryptocurrency news
« on: October 15, 2015, 12:18:55 pm »
ForkLog  is a online journal covering various cryptocurrency and decentralized technology related topics.

English: ForkLog.net
Russian: ForkLog.com

It was started in August 2014 and has been under active development since.  A lot of exclusive content is posted, including interviews with top cryptocurrency experts and payment providers representatives (for example, interview with qiwi.com regarding their stance on digital currencies forklog.net/cryptotechnology-beyond-prohibition-an-interview-with-bitruble-project-managers/. NXT is mentioned in the article by the way :) )

Forklog is also active in cryptocurrency promotion, having translated in Russian Princeton lectures on Cryptocurrency. Forklog team has participated in preparation of "Bitcoin as a driver of fintech development in Ukraine" document for Ukrainian central bank.

Recently Forklog team has started working with cryptoasset.fund and has become an active participant in 1000assets.net campaign, aimed at raising awareness about NXT platform and the vast range of possibilities it provides. The following articles about crowdfunding on the NXT platform have been published: forklog.net/crowdfunding-on-decentralized-platforms/ , forklog.net/how-to-launch-your-own-crowdfunding-campaign-with-nxt/

Currently there are three employees in Forklog team, and also several freelancers and guest writers work on the project, including an artist drawing custom illustrations for the articles.  All advertisement payments are made through public bitcoin address  (18HgAfEmjXRBzfuYMXWWVUYF3Kn5jpsDiZ) and are fully transparent.

In partnership with Cryptoasset.fund Forklog is launching  a crowdfunding campaign and issuing a Forklog asset.  The campaign target is 1 mil NXT, which will be used to enhance our presence in social media, start working with several new writers and provide more exclusive content. The advertisement revenue will be shared at 50/50 ratio with project backers, and can be tracked through our public BTC address.

The funds raised through ICO will be spent mostly on pushing forklog.net english version, we want to make it a top five Bitcoin news resourse.

It is a limited asset issue, only 1300000 assets are issued. One million assets will be sold at 1 NXT, 100000 distributed to cryptoasset.fund shareholders, 100000 will be held in the fund's account, 100000 reserved for Forklog team.

The ICO will start on October, 20.  It will be in a form of reverse dutch auction, so if the demand exceeds supply the sell price will be higher.

NXT AE asset ID: 14822567517046840274

Nxt General Discussion / Raising funds in BTC
« on: October 13, 2015, 10:40:37 am »
Looking at the price I think we should promote raising funds through AE not in NXT but in mgw assets. Otherwise people are going to become reluctant to buy assets for NXT, fearing that it will be dumped. To make it perfect we need asset to asset trading. But even now it can be done.
NXT can have a future of a multi-currency platform, in which NXT as currency itself plays only a technical role, or is just one of the many supported currencies.

I think we're going to have an ICO service at coinomat where issuers would be able to offer their assets for crypto and fiat.

Nxt General Discussion / Prediction market based on NXT AE
« on: October 11, 2015, 08:01:55 am »
With recent Augur crowdfunding a lot of attention is on prediction markets now. I guess it would be fairly easy to have a prediction market based on AE. Probably some specific smart contracts capabilities should be coded into NXT, but overall it shouldn't be too complicated.
What do you guys think? Prediction markets may become huge. And for NXT that would be a very natural development.

Nxt General Discussion / NXT trading on leverage
« on: October 11, 2015, 07:55:55 am »
If you trade at Poloniex.com you probably noticed that they offer margin trading for several coins, but not NXT. On the other hand NXT has a sufficient volume on Polo. What about some community plea to Polo to enable it? I think it should give NXT quite a boost and attract more swing traders to it, which should actually prop up its price.

Nxt Plugins / Coinomat official client plugin
« on: October 08, 2015, 08:35:31 pm »
Coinomat plugin is in the supernet client and SN lite client (under development)
Looking for a coder to partner up on the official client plugin. If you are interested let us know please

Cryptoasset.fund projects / IndexRevenue asset.
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:14:02 pm »
As you probably know we're running coinoindex.com, first tradeable cryptocurrency index. It trades as Index at Poloniex  and as Index asset 13634675574519917918 at Asset exchange.

 I've been asked several times why Index is not a part of Cryptofund. The main reason here is the asset is technical, and does not pay dividend. Besides I think it's a very good moment to start massive promotion of Index project, since Index value is at all-time low now, and the altcoins market should be coming back soon.  NXT, BTCD, ETH  should be the growth drivers, first-gen coins most probably will appreciate in value too.

But even if  the altcoin market remains stagnant Coinoindex project does not looses its value, it reflects the current "temperature" of altcoins market, is much less volatile then specific altcoins which are included in Index (all time volatility is around 50%) and still can serve as a great trading instrument, if sufficient market liquidity is present.

In the first place Coinoindex aims to create a unified altcoin index, but it is still a for-profit project. Index operator makes money from providing market making for the Index at exchanges, and this profit can be shared with the project backers.

So the first asset issued by Cryptofund is IndexProject asset. A total of 0.5% of current aggregate monthly trading volume will be paid as dividend to the asset holders. The dividend payment will be made on the 1th of  each month, the first dividend will be processed on November, 1. 5% of the issue will be distributed to the current Cryptofund holders as a dividend.

Collected funds will be used for promotion of the Index project. Our goals are:
 - achieve 500 BTC total monthly trading volume till the New Year
 - have Index embraced by cryptocurrency community as a major market indicator
 - achieve sufficient market liquidity for the introduction of Index short-trading. Index volatility is close to BTC volatility, and the index fluctuation seem to be more predictable.

Asset Exchange ID: 3711818476859489072

Nxt General Discussion / Asset Exchange promotion - #1000assets
« on: September 16, 2015, 01:34:08 pm »
Probably we all agree that the most precious NXT asset is the Asset Exchange itself. It is what NXT does best, other crypto 2.0 platforms don't have what NXT has. Asset exchange is quite mature and tested, and I believe even in this bear market NXT and NXT asset exchange deserve much better.  To put it directly people are simply unaware of it. 99% of startups looking for funding have no idea about Asset Exchange. This is not the best time for crypto, but you still can get initial funding for your projects, I talk to many startups and they are really excited about the potential.

Success of NXT as a cryptocurrency platform hinges on success of NXT AE as a crowdfunding platform. More assets at AE will bring more interest to NXT in general, which will be reflected in NXT price.  New asset issuers will bring along new investors. More assets mean more profit opportunities.

Currently there's 593 issued assets. Let's make it to be 1000 till the end of 2015!

We announce a community project aimed at AE promotion in cryptocommunities and beyond.  It will be funded from cryptoasset.fund profits but everyone who wants to donate will have a chance to do so too.

What we plan to do -
- Website will be launched
- Bitcointalk and other bitcoin forums promotions
- Social media campaigns
- advertisement in crypto and mainstream media
- also we plan to launch a centralized crowdfunding platform based on AE in near future

NXT community has all the necessary tools to weed out scammers and endorse assets which can bring real value. There can be a lot of work for NXTinspect but it will be rewarded.

Special account for donations will be created, all promotions spends will be transparent.

Please share your ideas about ways we can promote AE better and create more action there.

Official donation account: NXT-QFBR-43J5-TGVV-G9GRK

Nxt General Discussion / NXT is for crowdfunding
« on: August 29, 2015, 04:28:46 pm »
It's dawned on me - NXT community should focus on crowdfunding aspect of the platform, all development has be tailored to make the asset exchange the leading blockchain based crowdfunding platform.  Crypto ecosystem is new, but  it's clear that segmentation has already started:

- ETH will be for contracts
- Ripple, Stellar will try to approach the banks
- Namecoin eventually could be used for DNS system indeed
- such coins as BitcoinDark will be testing the limits and opening up the new possibilities
- BTC will be the money and a platform for blockchain based projects.
- the rest will be for trading and speculation :)

The question is - what will NXT be for?

Ask yourself this question, and take a minute to think on it. Try to be unbiased.
I believe the only reply you'll get is -  If NXT exists for decades to come it will be used primarily for crowdfunding.

The most successful NXT project is Asset Exchange, this is what NXT known for. 
Market place, custom currencies are nice projects but probably it's not the right time for them yet. Many coins tried to do market place, but I can't find one working. Pls don't code any anonimaziton into NXT either, there's no need for this, AE transparency is fine.

But for decentralized crowdfunding the time has come, very many projects are in the works now based on colored coins, besides such projects as Startcoin are doing quite well.

If NXT does not want to loose momentum we should focus on what we're really strong at - decentralized crowdfunding platform. We should fix the block times.
Also some centralized authority like NXTInspect could be created, which will vet the asset issuers and provide some kind of rating. I can't see any problems with that, you can't decentralize everything and it's not needed actually. Also some trading platform for the assets could be built, people (and their bots) will still be using centralized trading platforms due to latency problems of decentralized ones.

Building a centralized asset exchange on top of AE could be a great community project (check assets at Poloniex for example. There should be a trading engine + some kind of community approval service)

If we focus on the crowdfunding aspect NXT will be much more easily marketed.  Don't forget that NXT was the first to offer decentralized trading, and I hope we'll make it to be the go-to place for crowdfunding projects on the blockchain.

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