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Technical Development Fund Committee / GUI
« on: October 24, 2014, 08:59:20 am »
As you may have noticed I have been absent from the forum these past few weeks. As I have said in some of my last posts, this is due to "real world commitments" (job) that are taking up all my time.

Fortunately, we already have 2 new GUI developers working on core that are doing a great job. Mrv777 is working on his theme changer, a feature that I didn’t have time to develop, and is also working on the UI for a 1.4 feature, the "monetary system".

Jones as I understand it is working on wallet.dat and a few other things. And I hear crimi may also be interested in joining the GUI developers sometime soon.

Having multiple GUI developers just makes sense, it was never good to rely on a single person (me) in the past. It should also bring new ideas and innovations, such as the QR login / signing idea from HumanFractal. And of course it will speed up development, which sometimes has to wait for GUI development before being able to test things properly (this was partly why 1.3 took so long).

I’ll be giving some of the tech committee donations I received back (to the tech committee), for the purpose of GUI development so that these new developers are properly motivated.

Of course, I’ll still be around for any questions that GUI developers may have surrounding the current code base, and for some code review / suggestions also.

Nxt General Discussion / Bittrex adds NXT support
« on: September 02, 2014, 10:22:55 am »
NXT returns to bittrex:


I (as part of NXT organization) convinced them to re-add NXT and helped with integration. Now it's your turn to prove us right in that there will be volume!

Nxt Community News and Announcements / NXT Organization initiative
« on: August 07, 2014, 12:32:20 pm »
In the last months there has been a growing consensus that the current Committee structure simply isn't efficient and promotes passivity in the community. In the last weeks a group of us with similar ideas on how to solve this has come together. This resulted in a concrete solution that we named "Nxt Organization". This organization is not a formal or otherwise official organization. It's an effort by community members to push NXT to the frontier of crypto and make sure it stays there. Read the entire announcement here: http://nxtorganization.org/129/nxt-organization/

We're also looking for a few more people, if you like the initiative and think you can contribute send a mail to the admin of the group you think you'll be useful in. Mails can be found here: http://nxtorganization.org/contributors/

Nxt General Discussion / Phasing Specification
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:23:54 pm »
It would be nice if someone could write this a little more eloquently:

> (20:45:27) come-from-beyond: Phasing could be a bad word actually, I "invented" it from "2-phase payments"
(20:46:00) come-from-beyond: in the nutshell Alice sends a transaction
(20:46:06) come-from-beyond: it's included into the blockchain
(20:46:15) come-from-beyond: but not processed until Bob approves it
(20:46:29) come-from-beyond: here an example:
(20:46:46) come-from-beyond: A company can be controlled in a decentraslized manner
(20:47:01) come-from-beyond: Alice holds private keys to an account
(20:47:10) come-from-beyond: she is the only one who can issue transactions
(20:47:44) come-from-beyond: but this account has M accounts bound to it
(20:48:16) come-from-beyond: when N of M such accounts approve a transaction the latter will be completely processed
(20:48:42) come-from-beyond: another use case is to protect big accounts
(20:49:44) come-from-beyond: 1st type of a transaction related to PHasing is marking the account.
(20:50:01) come-from-beyond: In this transaction must be specified accounts that control it
(20:50:09) come-from-beyond: and how many of them is enough for QUORUM
(20:50:36) come-from-beyond: 2nd type of a transaction is approval of 1+ transaction(s)
(20:50:44) come-from-beyond: it's send by supervising accounts
(20:51:06) come-from-beyond: approval or disproval
(20:51:29) come-from-beyond: coz when Alice sends a transaction she reserves funds
(20:51:49) come-from-beyond: and can't spend them on anythting else
(20:52:16) come-from-beyond: there is also deadline should be set. so a transaction can "expire" if QUORUM is not reached
(20:52:47) come-from-beyond: 3rd type of transaction is needed when one of the supervising accounts wants to delegate it's right to control to another account
(20:53:02) come-from-beyond: this transaction must be approved by Alice and QUORUM
(20:53:15) come-from-beyond: Any questions?
(20:55:09) come-from-beyond: the other types like cancelling phasing for a particular account r not so necessary and could be implemented later
(20:55:15) come-from-beyond: if needed at all
(20:56:34) come-from-beyond: Merging of VS and Phasing assumes that shareholders can approve transaction sent by the asset issuer. And 51% is the quorum.

[2/08/14 23:57:37] CFB: u send transactions as usually
[2/08/14 23:57:50] CFB: but it's not processed until others approve it
[2/08/14 23:59:45] Wesley: and these transactions remain in unconfirmed transactions or what
[2/08/14 23:59:54] Wesley: unconfirmed queue could be long
[3/08/14 00:00:41] CFB: no, they remain in another list
[3/08/14 00:00:49] CFB: not confirmed nor unconfirmed
[3/08/14 00:00:51] CFB: pending

[3/08/14 00:06:51] Wesley: normal deadline isn't used here? normally a transaction is 24 hours and it expires
[3/08/14 00:06:55] Wesley: that's the MAX, 24 hours
[3/08/14 00:07:20] CFB: deadline for including into the blockchain
[3/08/14 00:07:26] CFB: pending transactions r already included

Nxt General Discussion / Find Developers
« on: August 01, 2014, 08:07:34 am »
Guys, it's up to you now, go find us some new Java developers, preferably with blockchain experience, or financial experience.

K thx bye!


Nxt General Discussion / Merge infrastructure and tech committee
« on: July 31, 2014, 04:17:08 pm »
It doesn't make sense to me to have these 2 separate. Infrastructure committee doesn't seem to be spending much lately at all. Tech committee is kind of slow due to some members not having the time to do a skype chat or something. If we merge these 2 committees and keep only the members that do have the time to do skype chats, preferrably daily, then we can move faster. For new devs it's key to act as fast as possible.


Nxt General Discussion / Vote for NXT on exchanges
« on: July 23, 2014, 06:37:39 pm »
There are a couple of exchanges that have listed NXT as a contender to be added. These need votes:

https://usecryptos.com/voting (free after logging in)

https://bleutrade.com/voting (0.0001 BTC per vote, 0.1 BTC to get to the top)

https://www.crypto-trade.com/voting (0.001 BTC per vote, 0.105 BTC to get to the top)

https://coin-swap.net/newcoin (0.2 BTC to get added)

I don't really know these exchanges at all, and some require payment, however it still seems cheap to get listed.. You never know if one of these exchanges becomes the next mintpal right, so better to get in cheap?

Do let me know if any of these exchanges are already considered completely dead though.

Nxt General Discussion / Skype group chat
« on: July 22, 2014, 07:51:16 pm »
For those that don't know, there's a skype group chat for Nxt. If you are interested in joining, pm me your skype username.


We need volunteers to translate the UI to as many languages as possible.

Go to https://crowdin.net/project/nxt-ui-translation to help translate.

if your language isn't listed, post in this topic to have it added.

If there is something like __var__ do not translate "var", for example, if it says "__blocks__" you do not change anything about that.

Secondly, some of these strings have HTML, that too you do not change.

Thank you,

Nxt Asset Exchange / Asset Exchange redesign
« on: May 16, 2014, 03:15:26 pm »
It's been decided that the full asset list will be removed, because of scam assets and in the future there'll be too many assets anyway making it impossible to list them all.

Search by name will also be removed, because the name in itself is useless. Only the asset ID or the account ID will be searchable.

I'd like your input on how to redesign the asset exchange page.

Should there still be a sidebar? Or should we use a dropdown with bookmarked assets, etc...

Alias System / Namespaces
« on: April 24, 2014, 06:30:33 am »
What does everyone think about introducing namespaces for the alias system?

Any current alias would get the "d/" prefix. This means "domain" and specific rules can be applied to it, for example: yearly renewal fee.

We could have a "u/" namespace which means a username / user info. Only 1 such namespace alias can be registered per account, and there is no renewal fee.

Etc etc, I'm sure you guys have some ideas for other namespaces too. Please share.

NXT Multipools / Hashrate.org
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:51:42 pm »
hashrate.org needs to be promoted. Salsa, what can you do?

Nxt General Discussion / info.nxtcrypto.org
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:18:21 pm »
Is someone going to update this? It's very out of date.. If not, close the site.


Automated Transactions / The fifth protocol layer
« on: April 07, 2014, 08:16:38 am »

Alias System / Decentralized Browser
« on: April 05, 2014, 08:50:13 am »
I would just like to point your attention to this decentralized browser effort, which uses namecoin amongst others:


More info here: http://jack.minardi.org/software/syncnet-a-decentralized-web-browser/

Technical Development Applications / Bounty Request For Nxt Wallet
« on: April 01, 2014, 12:43:03 pm »
User id:

Account id:

Submission date:
April 1, 2014

Short description:
I would like to apply for a bounty for my Nxt Wallet software available at http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet (downloadable) and http://nxtra.org/nxt-client (online)

The web version at the second link will be integrated in the official software at some point and become the new default, replacing the current NRS interface.

The downloadable versions are for windows and mac, with linux being possible in the future also.

I hope that I can get paid for the work I have done in the past, and the work I continue to do now and in the future. Up until this point I have relied on donations by users.

You can follow my progress here: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/commits/branch/feature%2Fwesley  (no activity last 3 days since I'm working on encrypted messaging functionality).

Not all activity is listed there since I didn't use bitbucket the first few months. I have worked on this for a long time.

Upcoming features:

Auto update for windows version (mac version already has this)
Encrypted messaging
Voting system
Any other new features added by JL/CFB like the digital goods store and pooled forging.
Fully themeable (partially now)
Much more small changes to the client, usability etc.
Easy to run over tor.
Testing suite via selenium.

I also plan on making browser extensions; lightweight clients that connect to public nodes, for all browsers. Possibly a windows 8 app store app too.

And some kind of addon functionality to allow you to install extra functionality (If possible):

For example, we could have an app for James' multigateway (since I'm not sure it should be installed by default - it's not part of the core). The "app", once installed, can add a link to the sidebar menu and when clicked will show it's contents in a sandboxed iframe.

Via the use of messaging the iframe will be able to communicate with the Nxt wallet itself, so as to check if a specific message or transaction is received, etc. The iframe will also be able to send a message to do certain things like opening the "Send Nxt" dialog with a specific recipient pre-filled.

I won't be providing deadlines, I will continue to work on this as I do now, the client is already usable, new features are added all the time.

Thanks for your consideration,

Alternative Clients / [Windows, Mac, Linux] NxtWallet
« on: March 29, 2014, 07:09:33 pm »
New version of NxtWallet for Mac and Windows now available at http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet

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