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Just on my way home, after another damn long week working away.

I shall crunch some figures and update you all at some point this evening.

Blimey I'm glad I gave myself a couple of days to work this all out, its hard work.

But it's good news :)

Looks like we will be making around 10% - 12% on the first month if the figures stay the same,  they bounce around a little from as low as 7% right up to 18%.

I'm pleasantly surprised by that, and with a 25% re-investment plan plus new comers this could be great :)


End of week update:

Total that was invested was $376 we are now at $439 with 14 days to go until the end of our 1st month (part of ~ due to start date)

This also means late comers and we have had a few (Balance:   20'775 NXT) also have 14 days to invest to be in on the next monthly cycle.


Nxt Helpdesk / Re: Someone help me with the NRS update
« on: February 10, 2015, 02:57:55 pm »
Or if like me (impatient)

Just copy your nxt_db folder from 1.4.12 into the new 1.4.13 and its up in seconds :)


Yeah I see it now 27.65% as of 5 days ago

I have to say I'm amazed at this asset I like many others thought this was a ponzi, but your gradually turning peoples mind. Well done.

I wonder what others views are on the total % of return making it a non profitable ponzi, and thus making this real ?

I have set a figure in my head for this and will re-invest once that threshold has been reached, as I have all ready more than ROI due to my selling of this asset the day after the initial burn:


I bought 100 of these @ 4 NXT each so outlay was 400 NXT

I received 32 NXT  in dividend payments

I sold 65 autodiv assets for a total of 595 NXT

So I am 227 NXT up and still holding 35 autodiv assets.


My only legitimate concern here is your second asset (AutoDiv3) are you running this asset as a real investment to gain higher volume in AD3 then vanish ?

No need to answer that by the way autodiv, as I all ready know your answer  ;) , its just a matter of me figuring it out. and I am invested in AD3

Still until you do wrong doing I have to treat you as legitimate, just with caution.

All that being said I guess the whole nature of virtual currency is a guessing game and just how much you gamble.

But anyway I have received today's dividend, so keep up the good work


Can someone work out total % return on this up to todays payout ?

Thanks for the elaboration mark and a welcome inclusion for us late comers... are you sure you're a painter decorator?, seem a little too smart for that (no disrespect intended for painter decorators  ;) )

Glad to be on board and will be increasing my stake as things progress

Cheers ears

Well I was put through private education.
My parents hit the roof when I " waisted my schooling " and became a painter and decorator, unlike my brother who went into banking, but I'm happy and I support my family well, plus you would be surprised at what I make per year being self employed and if it wasn't for the damn HMRC taking 20% off me every year would be even better off.

And thanks for your support with this asset.


Ok so good news we are up  $97.29 in the first 2 days trading (this can go down just as quick as it can go up mind ! ) Thanks to trader 1.

A few things I have had issues with:

BTC deposits/withdraws - I had a long think on this and decided it was not the way I wanted to go, I wanted more than anything to have some sort of security, and in dealing with a foreign investment company I just didn't feel I wanted to deposit YOUR money on trust which a BTC deposit would have been, so I paid on my card the exact amount that was raised, I will be using https://localbitcoins.com at some point today to reimburse myself.
However as this was my decision I will take the hit on the BTC > local bitcoins > Bank Account, fees charged after all I have 15% to play with to cover fee's and costs.

Late comers - as you can see here : https://nxtblocks.info/#section/accountId/NXT-5M3X-KDNJ-CEGB-E6TT4 we have a few late comers, which is fine and you will be included in the next month investment cycle, this though has now caused another slight issue, in that I don't want outgoing and incoming transaction to get confused as we will have a hanging balance in the investment NXT address, so I will open a further investment NXT account for incoming transactions ( that will be  the one your all interested in  ;) )

Other than that everything is running as I expected, in fact better than what I had Hoped for considering I have just started this asset, but alas we have 18 days to go yet on this month.

We are invested in 3 different traders.
[T1] 20% This trader seems to trade on the more risky things but has a good over all profit ratio per 12 mths a few minus months but on the whole a sound investment over the long run.
[T2] 50% A steady trader, nothing risky at all just basic trading, with only one negative mth in the last 17.
[T3] 30% Well this lunatic makes me laugh he has been trading for 14 mths and is only 8.4% up on investments, but when you look more closely it is because he is not in this for the short game but a very long gain, so I invested 30% as a fall back should something very wrong happen to the others, and after all 8.4% per annum  is not too shabby at all is it.

I will of coarse keep you updated as we progress.


Nxt General Discussion / Re: I forged my first block, BUT ?
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:53:53 pm »
Thanks, typical of my luck lol


Nxt General Discussion / Re: I forged my first block, BUT ?
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:41:06 pm »
Right I see ( I think) the 1TX = the amount of transaction in the forged block which in turns gives me the 1NXT fee.

So if the block had carried 5TX ( 5 transactions ) I would have received the 5 NXT that would have been paid in fee's .....Yes ?


Nxt General Discussion / I forged my first block, BUT ?
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:27:16 pm »
Am I reading this right, that I made 1NXT in doing this, but it also cost me 1NXT ?

This is the last day today that you can purchase this asset and be included in the first months payout.

Any money raised by asset's purchased after today will be included in the next months investment.

Total to be invested this month as it stands now is 15'995 NXT



I am starting to move funds around now ready for investment

14504.00000000  > Bittrex > BTC Wallet

Still time for initial investors to get in on this from the start.


We are moving along steadily and now have 14'505 NXT  invested - Thanks

This will be the BTC address that incoming and outgoing payments will travel through  1GPp74VPnkVneWzDvF8TErdKQ6r6r6xNKN


Assets Board / Re: CryptoCollab - a new service and experience awaits!
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:52:57 pm »
Wow first time i have seen open source software and a bit of web hosting cost £2219.1  $3384.13

You have to be kidding lol you will need to try harder than this to scam the NXT community.
True, it doesnt cost that much. But in the event we can't find enough volunteers, some features development will have to be outsourced. Keep in mind though, to uphold an active forum with a lot of members/activity, a rather large hosting account is required.

Nonsense I have 6 dedicated servers so know how much they cost this is one of mine:

Atom™ N2800
1.86 GHz+
4 GB   
1 TB   
100 Mbps

Server costs me £11 per/mth however you can have a smaller one for £6 per/mth both more than capable of hosting a large forum.

And its running a plesk multi domain license that cost £5 per/mth

And so now you are going from open source to outsourcing features etc etc

You should get your self sorted and up and running first and if you cant afford about £20 to get up and running your not worth investing in to start with.

What is your personal NXT account number ? I bet you dont even have one do you, and if you do i suspect it's empty, no i think you have come to NXT to try and abuse our AE


Assets Board / Re: CryptoCollab - a new service and experience awaits!
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:40:57 pm »
Wow first time i have seen open source software and a bit of web hosting cost £2219.1  $3384.13

You have to be kidding lol you will need to try harder than this to scam the NXT community.


The first MS Coin to support the adult business

Once minted this coin will adapt to support adult websites, similar to what titcoin, and wankcoin do.

Further more again once distributed a website will be commissioned to receive KINKY as it's only payment type.

Coin specs:
84'000'000 total
Decimals:   4
Minimum Difficulty:   16
Maximum Difficulty:   128
Algorithm:   5
Current Units Supply:   84000000

Difficulty has been raised slightly to improve the longevity of this coin.

Have fun and check back here regular to get updates on this project.

Sexy logo  500 KINKY
Sexy banners for advertising on 3rd party websites    500 KINKY

More bounties to come

Good offer, and well done on taking peoples advice I find people that are willing to listen to constructive criticism take it on board and act on it, have a far higher chance of succeeding.


Looks like the copycats have begun, again... I've already been doing this for a few weeks with my asset, Coldhash, so no need to start another one :-p

Here's the ANN - https://nxtforum.org/asset-exchange-general/(ann)-coldhash/

I never looked at your asset, anything with the word "hash" in it normally means a mining asset which is something I no longer invest in, and having looked at your now I see that's how it started.

So no I didn't copy your idea at all.

I do however commend you for diversifying once you realised the mining was becoming an issue, If others did as you did and find another way, half these assets would survive instead of just folding and leaving the investors out of pocket.


Nxt Monetary System / Re: NxtMint Java minter
« on: February 05, 2015, 06:27:00 pm »
My bad and I feel like a right dick lol

I had my config file saved as NxtMint.conf.conf

Thanks for the help though :)


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