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did you read up on these two threads?



I did not give you a -1 btw, but can you please give us your opinion or some commentary on vultmining and autodiv?

No, I have no affiliation with those. Do you think I am the same person as there? Then you are fully wrong.

I have just joined NXT, while I know about it for some time because now our trading fund is getting very profitable. We never really struggled but we just wanted to make sure we can deliver our promises before starting this venture.

Some person or persons is giving me constantly -1 for no reason, I hope his finger hurts because he has no basis for destroying my reputation.

You guys are insane, but i`m not backing off, even if you give me -100 reputation.

I will prove here that we are really profitable. Are you guys scared of success? Is that it?

Maybe you guys really dont like earning 4% every 4 days, then please stop FUD-ing the thread and just leave.

Those who want to earn please remain.

Promising an 8400% return ?

Run to the exit, lads.

Guys, we have started trading only 3 months ago. We don't know our limits yet, so far we made only profits.

I don't understand we paid 2 dividends so far and i got a -15 reputation. For what?


CHARM (4789454523255533962) Total issued assets: 20000, Assets to be distributed to: 1536
Summary of proposed distribution of  379NXT to 11 assetholders
Based on ownership at timestamp 65177228 (Fri, 18 Dec 2015 20:47:08 GMT)
Message included-->2nd Dividend from asset CHARM(4789454523255533962)
Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
1033, NXT-D8TG-6JR5-MUF4-BVH3Q, 254.88736979
400, NXT-N7DQ-A7TJ-92KH-FZWH8, 98.69791667
30, NXT-BGJH-P6EN-3NZ2-24P7U, 7.40234375
25, NXT-6ANL-QC7T-HP4U-5EELL, 6.16861979
22, NXT-6LGZ-5HHB-UCLZ-H8SVW, 5.42838542
14, NXT-YKAA-TEJU-XMEK-H6Q2Y, 3.45442708
5, NXT-5ETN-YRK3-KN5P-C4582, 1.23372396
4, NXT-EDYT-WVPH-FZ8W-3AYTE, 0.98697917
1, NXT-7AAA-NTDW-9EHK-BZ7QG, 0.24674479
1, NXT-NVHP-YSGD-N5PG-GKF3S, 0.24674479
1, NXT-T4T5-UC9B-X38Y-4XXU7, 0.24674479

Enjoy! :)


It's not a proven scam....

Ok so before to call something a scam we have to wait that people have lost their money?

When it is obviously a scam I take the right to call it a scam.

Promising 5% / 4 day is nonsense...Especially for a newbie account + anonymous

So they can guarantee to make  roughly 1.25% per day, do you really borrow money when you can earn 1.25% per day??? I would not share this business...

Serious trading assets (liquid / MMNXT) are hardly at 3% per month dividends, which is something really good but very far from 1.25% per day.

If you know it is a scam you should not be a coward and let the doubt.

I understand that some people might have doubts, but giving me -10 reputation before any proofs is childish.

We are so far earning very good , and soon i`ll pay the second dividends, so please be patient, i dont know what else proof you need.

Official Nxt Releases / Re: NRS v1.7.2e
« on: December 18, 2015, 02:45:02 pm »
Just started staking, works like a charm, just wanted to let yall know.

Indeed it works like "CHARM",  but joke aside, I`ve also downloaded the new client with blockchain and it works very well. I hope the supernet gets updated to these features too.


That's only if you don't reinvest your dividends. If you do, this asset is promising a 8400% return. With these returns, you could just start with 1 dollar and be a multibillionaire 5 years from now.... So why need investors?

Let's hope that happens, we started trading only a few months ago, therefore we dont know our limits yet :D

But so far every week we made profits. We only need investors for leverage purposes, we only risk ~2-3% of our fund/trade, as you noticed we dont take comissions, we use the capital to be able to trade larger positions so that our personal part of the fund grows together with the CHARM fund.

We also offer 100% of the profits of the CHARM profits to our investors. We can do it without CHARM, but with CHARM it's faster, and it help NXT too, after all CHARM's secondary objective is to restore NXT to it's former glory.

I think I`ll release the dividends later tonight, we already made big profits today :)

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Re: [ANN] Coinomat.com
« on: December 17, 2015, 10:21:59 pm »
Dividend payouts from the coinomat web wallet is not working: https://nxt.coinomat.com/

Can this issue be please addressed? :)

I think I have the same issue, it doesnt let me pay automatic dividends, I have to pay them manually :|

I think I have to download the NXT core client do I?

We are doing very well so far, there is a high probability that we pay dividends tomorrow, stay tuned :)

Alright, we have started trading again, expect next dividend by Saturday.

Until then, have fun with the profits :)

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 15, 2015, 06:40:26 am »
Huge thanks to Mike, he did it. He succesfully made +5% in just 2 days.I underestimated his trading talents :)


CHARM (4789454523255533962) Total issued assets: 20000, Assets to be distributed to: 1074
Summary of proposed distribution of  295NXT to 10 assetholders
Based on ownership at timestamp 64866349 (Tue, 15 Dec 2015 06:25:49 GMT)
Message included-->Dividend from asset CHARM(4789454523255533962)
Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
877, NXT-D8TG-6JR5-MUF4-BVH3Q, 240.88919926
100, NXT-N7DQ-A7TJ-92KH-FZWH8, 27.46741155
30, NXT-BGJH-P6EN-3NZ2-24P7U, 8.24022346
25, NXT-6ANL-QC7T-HP4U-5EELL, 6.86685289
20, NXT-6LGZ-5HHB-UCLZ-H8SVW, 5.49348231
14, NXT-YKAA-TEJU-XMEK-H6Q2Y, 3.84543762
5, NXT-5ETN-YRK3-KN5P-C4582, 1.37337058
1, NXT-7AAA-NTDW-9EHK-BZ7QG, 0.27467412
1, NXT-NVHP-YSGD-N5PG-GKF3S, 0.27467412
1, NXT-T4T5-UC9B-X38Y-4XXU7, 0.27467412

We shall see how fast we can make profits in the future, but these days the markets are just perfect for trading. Almost all altcoins are going up, so no wonder we are making big bucks these days. We actually made 6.43% however the rest of it got reinvested an in the future it will pay out more. We aim to keep the 5% we promised and we shall deliver that promise  8)

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 13, 2015, 09:50:25 am »
Sorry for not being online the past 2 days, I have spent time with my family.

We have started, CHARM is active now, I have deposited the investments in our trading account and Mike my trading partner is already trading from it.

We will try to pay first dividends by Tuesday, I hope Mike will play the markets very well as usual, he is a very talented trader. I`ll also login to the trading account to trade but for most of the work will be done by Mike. If for some reason we are behind schedule then worst case scenario we will pay Wednesday.

In the meantime I have put another 1000 CHARM assets for sale at 7 NXT. Each packet will be sold for higher and higher price until we are sold out entirely. Remember we have only 20,000 CHARM in total, so the price of it will probably go up very fast  in the later rounds.

Ok, now wish us good luck, and by Tuesday we will see big profits!

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 11, 2015, 10:20:00 pm »
Alright I think we are now well funded, it should be enough for start, we will proceed investing it, it will be converted into LTC , and moved into our trading account.

Stay tuned for more updates. If it goes as planned then Tuesday we can pay the first dividends.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 10, 2015, 07:17:58 am »
Well we are going to wait until weekend for more investors, and we will start the fund in the weekend nontheless with whatever we have.

We can still provide the 5% we promised, and we will be very transparent.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 09, 2015, 01:10:24 am »
Only less than 1800 CHARM left to be sold before we can start accepting NXT investors.

I will soon post here the results we had from C-CEX trades.

Here are the CEX trades of my partner, he booked it very well 2 days ago on LTC/BTC, and it went all in the fund. It took long for him to send me his trading history.

Brand new user. Trading fund promising about 8400% APR ("at least 5% every 4 days"). Proceed with caution. Probably a scam.

Yes i`m a new user, everyone has to start from somewhere. We knew about NXT but only now are we confident enough to create the asset for our fund, there was no point in making account on the forum earlier.

We will try to earn our trust on the road, and we promise to always remain as transparent as possible.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 08, 2015, 01:17:56 am »
Only less than 1800 CHARM left to be sold before we can start accepting NXT investors.

I will soon post here the results we had from C-CEX trades.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: [ANN] CHARM - A profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 06, 2015, 03:06:03 pm »
It took me some time to find it but here it is, one of our biggest profit trade sessions. We made alone 1.5 bitcoins in this session, although it took more than 3 weeks to fill. Therefore the return per 4 days is not that high, and we had losing trades inbetween so it's not that big if you think about it, yet it's considerably profitable if you compare it to other NXT asset's. So we can provide 5% every 4 days in these conditions.

I`ll post more trade records soon from other exchanges too.

Nxt Asset Exchange / [ANN] CHARM - A very profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 05, 2015, 02:31:06 pm »

Hello NXT-ers. We are a small team of traders that trade altcoins on various exchanges: Yobit, C-CEX, Poloniex and sometimes Bittrex. We are currently managing around 3 BTC already of our own money an we are able to generate on average 5% return every 3-4 days. Our profits are higher than that but this is the % we can safely say to be able to generate. With some altcoins we are literally making 10-20%, however for consistency the average is about 5% / 4 days. We are not trading by doubling down/ using extreme risk, our highest risk is about 5% of our funds / trade which is a reasonable amount given the volatility and such. Therefore the 5% return / 4 day is achieved with relatively low risk.

We started out with 2 BTC, and increased it to 3 BTC in less than 3 months, thus we can safely say that our method works. Therefore we are not accepting new investors, capital, that we can manage. We are very short term traders, so our fund is different than others, in the sense that we can pay dividends very frequently. Other funds pay dividends monthly or biweekly, we can pay dividends every 4 days, which will make our fund very active and "charming".

Our little fund hopes to expand in size, and thus provide a decent profit for all of our investors. We knew about NXT for some time now but now we became confident to create the CHARM asset, to provide investors with a way to invest in us and profit.

How it works:

  • CHARM will be sold in small bundles, 1000-2000 pieces, initially at 5 NXT, and then increasing by 5 NXT each time a bundle is sold, thus ensuring early investors get more returns of us for a cheaper cost
  • The collected funds will be converted in BTC or LTC and sent into our exchange address where we will trade them. We inform you about every transaction and destination to ensure that we won't run away with the money.
  • Since we daytrade, we have more than enough time in 4 days to generate the profits, and we aim to pay out at least 5% every 4 days.
  • Then we will buy NXT with the profits we made and give it out in dividends every 4 days
  • If for some reason we make more than 5% we may reinvest the difference, and pay out more in the future
  • If for some reason we can't pay every 4 days (illness,internet connection problems,etc.), then as soon as we can we will pay the past and current profits out ASAP

Asset Info:

ID: 4789454523255533962
Supply: 20,000 CHARM
Decimals: 0
Dividends: Yes
Dividend size: We aim to provide at least 5% returns or more
Dividend frequency: Dividends will be paid every 3-4 days.
First Dividend: After the first bundle of CHARM is entirely sold (2000 pieces) +4 days


Feel free to drop me a PM or post here if you have a question. If I`m not online then you can e-mail me at:  jeffrey55@keemail(dot)me
(replace the (dot) with "." , i wrote it that way to avoid spambots sending spam to my inbox)

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