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NXTER.ORG / Re: Main thread
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:00:16 pm »
It might need a rewrite. Until then, the book is listed on several online marketplaces too. They don't mention Ardor.



You can even go to the comment fields and write your own review that talks about the greatness of Nxt.

Ardor was announced as Nxt 2.0 back then, but both are independent blockchains, I agree the text should focus on Nxt entirely.

That said, the book itself focuses on both the Nxt blockchain and community/ecosystem, and the Nxt core dev team's work on Ardor is important to Nxt's history.

This year Nxt will get a good bunch of rather groundbreaking features added - they will be ported to Nxt from Ardor. The ICO money pays for such upgrades of Nxt too. ;)

Ardor Software Releases / Re: Ardor v2.2.1
« on: December 14, 2018, 01:09:04 am »
Thank you!

Nxt General Discussion / Re: NXT 5th Anniversary
« on: November 25, 2018, 11:19:33 pm »

5000 NXT and 10 x 1 Nxt Snapshot e-books are waiting to get picked up.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: UNWTO EVEN 6th September Chisinau Moldova
« on: September 06, 2018, 12:53:47 pm »
Looking good!  8)

Hey forkedchain, I am sorry to hear that.

Are you closing down only the Nxt pool or the Ardor pool as well?


I see....  :-[

Hey forkedchain, I am sorry to hear that.

Are you closing down only the Nxt pool or the Ardor pool as well?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: [RELEASED] File sharing plugin
« on: April 12, 2018, 12:02:08 pm »

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Maze programming
« on: March 20, 2018, 12:40:08 pm »
Wrong forum, I think. This nxtforum is about Nxt, the blockchain.  :)

I do not understand what you mean by centralization  ???

It's all about your proposal that a centralized unit decides who are scammers and who are not.

It doesn't matter though because it won't work.

Scammers will create a new account.

We had plenty of scammers on the Nxt AE back in the day. Some were bad guys and others were not, just bad businessmen.
The community can be hyped to believe that someone who got sick and disappears for a month, for example, ran with the money.

My point is, it's hard to draw the line. And a crazy workload.
Also, by announcing that you ban scammers you may lead people to believe that the blockchain is free from scammers. It will never be.

thank you for sharing your opinion  :D

Thank you for opening the topic :)

So you want to centralize? That's not why I'm here...

I extend the idea of excluding the exchangers accounts from the snapshot by adding to my request the mandatory exclusion of all accounts that have been involved in criminal activity like the scamers of the ICO...

Which ICO scammers?

jelurida can add a BlacklistedAccounts.json file to the snapshot tool for example...
Who will decide which people or projects are scams? Social media, you or Jelurida? In which jurisdiction should their actions be considered criminal activity?

Don't misunderstand me, I see the problem, but maybe By-Property phasing and Asset Control can solve this in a better and more decentralized way.

based on what happened with the exchanges and to avoid that these entities steal their users like the case of some, I request an addition to the JPL giving the right to the new coins creators using the NXT Blockchain Kit, to exclude the known exchanges accounts from the snapshot ...

It does feel stupid to throw tokens into a black hole. Or rather... IMHO the problem is, that it's NOT a black hole. In 10 years when everyone has forgotten about centralized exchanges, their former owners can go pick up their former customers' tokens. Oh boy. It's just not fair.

1 solution could be to distribute those lost "exchange tokens" as an extra reward to the ppl that hold NXT or IGNIS in private accounts. Another one would be to just burn them. But I see your point and I agree with you. Maybe exchanges that do NOT agree to support Nxt/Ignis airdrops within a reasonable timeframe shouldn't get those tokens.

Nxt Helpdesk / Re: Nxt deposit not receive
« on: February 09, 2018, 12:35:51 pm »
Hello jeck01 and xminers.

This is a Nxt / Ardor community forum.

You have to contact bittrex with this issue, it is a company no one here runs or have control over.

I can say though, as a Bittrex user, that they write very clearly that users must NOT transfer NXT directly from another exchange.
Bittrex wants a message added to the transaction for security reasons, and I am almost sure that Hitbtc does not allow you to do that.

Trading & Exchanges / Re: buying ARDORs for FIAT
« on: February 09, 2018, 11:29:30 am »
Have you checked ardorgate.eu?
Anyone (non-US) can get an account with Mister Tango and get onto the Ardor blockchain.

If you're located in the eu you can also buy ARDR directly from fiat with litebit.eu.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: where is the marketing???
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:02:24 pm »
show their cvs to the community, for instance.

Are you for real? So you want

1) private applications copy-pasted into a public forum?
2) To decide for Jelurida who they should hire? Hey, maybe we could have a vote. :D

Jelurida is a private company, it's not a DAO you supported. They give you: NXT. IGNIS. ARDOR. Child chains. Massive talent. Not their company.

There is no formal communication between Jelurida and the community, people complain about not getting answers when they ask for information about different issues. That means there is nobody from Jelurida to drive the community behind this project.

Agree. They could inform us better. I see Riker and Veronica being out there, and also their helpdesk is being expanded. This will help.

Ardor-NXt were one of the coins that fell the most in this last crytpo bear cycle and it is not where money is going in again after reaching the trough. Market never lies and shows how people vote about the management of this project.

Crystal ball-comment?

Constructive criticism is fine, doomsday prophecies based on weekly charts aren't very constructive, imho.

You made your point in the OP. I agree to some degree. Riker answered. So, what now? How about we get off our asses and begin using, pitching and promoting the platform? After all, Ardor is truly awesome, so awesome that we decided to buy tokens. It's a first mover in so many fields, stable, energy efficient, scalable, its continued development has been funded, and as a community, there's so much we can do. Where do you suggest we begin?

Something is being done very bad (communication, promotion, etc) and it has to be addresses as soon as possible in order to put Ardor cryptosystem in the right path.

Great, let's do it! Maybe I can help. Maybe the greater community can. Maybe Jelurida will even fund a bounty for you. What are you going to do for your platform today?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: where is the marketing???
« on: February 06, 2018, 10:20:53 pm »
where are the 26 people that jelurida promised to hire as ICO level 4 was reached??

Well, a bunch of good people are being interviewed atm, afaik.

After that, they will be tested.

Personally, I am more than satisfied with that.

We may be used to "just" having a world class team of core devs, but I wouldn't want Jelurida to "just" hire 26 random people over the internet just to tell you: HEY, we hired 26 people after a month, aren't we great! Would be an easy way to burn money and time, sure, but not so awesome when the biggest part of those people turned out to be CV scammers and left the project as soon as the bitching over their incompetence took over social media and even Jelurida's ecosystem began shouting at them for running their business badly.

NXTER.ORG / Re: NxterBridge :: Alert service
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:29:11 pm »
Thank you, scor2k! #hownice

For those Nxters using messages, selling goods on the marketplace, having asset orders on the AE, or forging, this is actually awesome.


I know this is the alpha-version, sufficient for most users, but as a power user, I'd like to ask...

1) Shuffling. Yeah, I know about "Shuffling Sundays", and I know I can monitor the network and see when new rounds are proposed, but ... my life is busy, and so are many of my fellow token holders'. I'd like to receive a message when shuffles are proposed for the tokens, assets, MS coins that I hold... And I'd like to know that others get notified if I ever set up a coinshuffle myself. Is this possible to implement?

2) How about when I lease my account balance - can you send me an email when/before my leasing period expires? I like leasing my NXT and ARDR balances to Nxter.org's forging hub - NXT-NYJW-6M4F-6LG2-76FR5 - just to support them and their work for the community. Unfortunately, I tend to forget when it's time to renew my leasing contract. I don't think there's an API for this, but is it possible to send me an email warning 1440+ blocks before my leasing contract ends? I hate seeing the power of my NXT and ARDR tokens unused.

3) I love:

- add alert to approval accounts when an account under Account Control needs a transaction approved

The NXT and ARDR account control / multisig feature is truly awesome.
The only drawback is; whitelisted approvers must stay in touch or constantly monitor their client to see when a transaction is awaiting their approval.
It's an unwanted task for escrows, for business owners that need to approve salary transactions initiated from the company's main account, etc. Who said DAO.

I am looking very much forward to this initially tiny Alert Service project moving forward. It makes me think... that perhaps we shouldn't expect everything to be implemented into the official (and cluttered) Nxt and Ardor client by Jelurida. Maybe the official client IS just the "reference software". It is possible to build great extra services on top of the Nxt and Ardor API. Actually, maybe the API is not just meant for the community to build blockchain explorers. Maybe we, Nxters, the Nxt and Ardor community, shouldn't sit and wait for them and the ANG to make deals and sign contracts with big businesses, banks, and governments, but instead, take matters into our own hands.

Who decides how this tech should be used? The tokens holders, eh?

Forget about Slack and Twitter for a moment, use the forum where posts can be followed and gold isn't lost after 10K 1-liners in several channels.
Yes, admitted, I do miss the days when we, as a community of visionaries, 3rd party devs, supporters, and hodlers took action on this forum. Raised funds, built.

I dare you, Nxters and new community members, bring your complaints and your best ideas here, and we can expand this platform together. Make it the best. All of us.

NXTER.ORG / Re: Translators
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:30:38 pm »
Sorry for writing here, but I've searched for contact form on site and didn't find it.

No problem. Feel free to DM my profile here too. :)

[EDIT] Well, maybe it is a problem, actually. The contact form link is @ the bottom of the front page. Should be made easier to find.

Thanks again ;)

NXTER.ORG / Re: Translators
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:40:10 pm »
It's since 13/11 I'm trying to send mail to info@nxter.org and I'm getting this response from smtp server and after some days it returns the undeliverable error.

(host nxter.org[] said: 454 4.7.1 <info@nxter.org>: Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command))

Are there any problems?

Thanks for letting us know @robotron!
We'll look into it tomorrow and fix it. Until then you can use the contact form @ nxter.org/contact


NXTER.ORG / Re: Translators
« on: November 11, 2017, 09:21:25 am »
Ok, thank you, is simply to make italian users understand, not for rewards.

I've recently purchased your book "SNAPSHOT Nxt - unsurpassable blockchain solutions" and translated your amazing introduction while trying to let my friends understand, it's a very good explanation for people at their first approach.
I can try to do my best as I have only some spare time to dedicate.
I've been running my home hallmarked node into my first RaspberryPi, with few Nxt on it, from the beginning just for fun (NXT-63NR-ZCLN-H7QF-EBFSU), and now I'm very excited for the launch of the Nxt2.0
Many thanks for your excellent work that helped me to start. :)

And thank you too! :)

It's awesome that you try to help italians get started with Nxt and Ardor (always begin with a few friends :) ) and you're most welcome of course to use and translate content from the Nxt Snapshot book as well as from nxter.org to help you.

nxter.org is missing /it version

I'll be happy to host your translations on nxter.org/it if you want. You can have a simple blog-style webpage there, and if others show up and want to help and build it into something bigger, we'll just take it from there.

NXTER.ORG / Re: Translators
« on: November 10, 2017, 01:54:58 am »
Hi all,
I've seen that this thread is quite old but nxter.org is missing /it version.
Can I help you for Italian language?

Yes sir, of course you can.

But the reward depends on the time and energy you want to put into it, tbh.

First, we welcome free workers. ;)
We have some old articles translated into Italian, but the Italian nxter site never really took off...

If you are willing to help us create and maintain an Italian site for Nxters, be they into Nxt, Ignis, or Ardor, then you are welcome. I and my team will, on our part, do whatever we can to assist you and help your Italian site grow. We will first filter and update the old content we have in Italian, republish it, give you the most (and newest) content to translate and publish, such as the Nxter Weekly Newsletter. And yes, you are welcome to pick any article you want to translate too or write your own original content, your own language. GET OTHERS TO JOIN.

Some of the translations that go into your Italian blog will be paid for - others won't.
That's how it works. We serve the Nxt/Ardor community for free, and we serve the Nxt/Ardor businesses for revenue.

If you draw Italian businesses into the Nxt/Ardor fold, so they plan to use our blockchain, or even buy advertisement on your Italian site, then do it. The profit is yours, besides 2,5% to nxter.org - we have to keep the site running. That, or we're planning to get rich from our NXTP's.

As an editor, you are awarded NXTP (Nxterpoint) assets. With NXTP you're a part of nxter and will receive our global Nxter.org profit rewards.


Btw, if you're still here...
There's a little money per month as basis pay as local editor. /it/ will be great to have, imo, as long as the site is maintained, updated, and gets visitors. Please DM me if you are interested, and I'll invite you to our Slack. :)

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