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I decided to record couple of new CD's for traveling, and have being crawling these forums long enough to know there are plenty of people here with similar music tastes. I am looking for something new in alternative/smooth jazz area (De-Phazz, Morcheeba, Moby) but not spoiled by the fame yet. True musician should be starving and depressed to make something very good. I am looking for those pearls you might know, those couple of tracks genuinely moving something inside.

I'll give couple of those to show what I mean:Thanks.

You might wanna look at Ukrainian group Onuka:
Onuka - Zavtra

Thanks for answering, I still have couple of questions so far:
I did not invest with any of my asset's resources, it was from personal funds.
If I look for this asset on nxtreporting, top asset holders are:

Account                         Account Name       Asset Quantity   Asset Value   Total Account Balance
4383817337783094122   InstantDEX        33'600 pcs.       487'200 NXT   2'511'257 NXT
18323612891099439610   jl777hodl           10'750 pcs.       155'875 NXT   40'383 NXT
9136006511635170675   -                       9'750 pcs.         141'375 NXT   21'570 NXT
18182267333590635062   -                       5'000 pcs.         72'500 NXT   48'558 NXT
9190137219092766242   NXTventurE        3'190 pcs.         46'255 NXT   961'498 NXT

As I understand 47540 out of 100k are controlled by your assets, which is close to 47%
I have not heard from pf in a while, I will send him a PM and hope for the best. I believe he put in a lot of his personal funds to buy LTCgear ASIC's and with current BTC prices down so much, mining is breakeven at best, so cant really expect much dividends.
I believe the price is down from 100 to 3 not because of low margins, pf is gone and we all know it. He could post daily/weakly balances, to hell with it, he could just say hi every once in awhile.
Of course for the mining pool side he should be making payments, but I am not involved in the mining operations. I believe cobalttsky who doesnt seem to be very active anymore.

I truly believe you do not control situation with pf, I just wanted to know your opinion, considering asset issuer is gone. We all know how much you do for the community and this question was not intended to insult you or to question your authority. I am sure a lot of people here believe in NXT and its potential, but the only  "community owned" multipool gone scam would make even total noob go BTC, if not fiat forever. Not good, if you ask me...

I really hope I would not be considered vulgarian here, but as to what I see on my client, James' assets own more then 50% of the pool. With pool still working and as I understand "paying" to the miners, am I the only one here "not understanding what is going on"? pf is sockpuppeting for sure, no dividends for who knows how long, but my main concern is all those money invested by JL's assets (and I own some of those) are basically worthless now? Or not? James, do you know something we are not? As I understand, a bunch of investors here have no idea in your involvement in this affair. Can you get hold of pf? Lest time he appeared it was like "hey, I was around all the time, here is some pennies for you guys."

James, If you read this, please explain your thoughts (or not).

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] CVF - Crypto Venture Fund
« on: April 04, 2015, 11:00:15 pm »
Nice job. Very happy with dividends.

Thanks. Let's see if it works.

For folks who would like to cash out I will be making an announcement regarding structured settlement in 24 hours.

Im sorry that ltcgear has turn bad. Satoshi, you will certainly gain respect from the community for honoring the large engagement you took toward customer of ltc2nxt3. l hope your next venture will turn out to be better. Do you plan other venture in the near future or will you mainly concentrate on STSH now? Keep the good work!

I second that. Making your shareholders happy in this crisis will boost community's confidence in you tremendously. Those things cannot be bought and have to be earned. Good luck.

That's 4.82NXT or 19.28%,    not 6.82.

Remaining guarantee is 20.18 per share.

PF have to wake up finally, talk to the Chris we need our Money now. No patience anymore it cost too much time. They should finally tell us when he is going to pay out and stop this Kindergarten play with us. :-[
Agree to the above views, PF to take practical action to, otherwise difficult to.

There is nothing pf or anyone else for that matter can do here (except Chris of cause). If (when) it is clear, or should I say no doubt left it was ponzi, all these mining assets will be effectively useless (like in 0 NXT). But the trick is you can't hold asset issuers responsible (except ltc2nxt3 and safehash) we were told that dividents depend on LTCGear. No LTCGear -> asset = 0.

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] CVF - Crypto Venture Fund
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:17:46 pm »
Du you have released the first dividend?

I haven't yet. I've been surprisingly busy and i can only access the CVF account from 1 computer that i trust is secure enough. That computer is in my home and i haven't been home in a week :D
I'll do it today or tomorrow latest.
You can check the CVF account. The nxt came in and it's ready to be transferred to shareholders.
Also, i apologize to the ones that posted their address and haven't got their shares yet. You will get the shares and the dividend as well.
Have a nice day kids, and sorry for the delays!

How can I see nxtinspect report? How far away are you from home? Thanks.
P.S> Not fudding, I got mine for free, but I would really like to place a few buy orders if it works..

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] CVF - Crypto Venture Fund
« on: January 06, 2015, 06:17:17 pm »
Thank you

Boting for sure

New Thematic - Soon it will be possible to buy you-know-what for oodles of MIC

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