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So someone sent me 2 ardor and it doesn't seem to be the problem.  I've tried to send the 4 ingis back to the person and the same thing happens.  The green box pops up says "ingis sent"  but balance remains same and not log in the ledger.  Tried to send to the exchange and the same thing.  I'm connected. Everything looks good.  I have peers.  Guess I'm going to uninstall/reinstall this lite client and install the full node and try that as my last resort.   Because something is obviously wrong with this installation.

Install the full node, your problem will be solved right away.  ;D

Yup!!!   Reinstalled and ran the full node and no problems.  Thanks m8!! 

Nxt Helpdesk / Cant send from newest light client.
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:16:44 pm »
Sorry to bother you guys,  but my transactions are not being sent from my Ardor wallet using the lite desktop client.  Most recent version I d/l yesterday.  I'm trying to send my Ignis to an exchange that is listing IGNIS  and allowing deposits of it.   I'm doing everything correctly.  I complete the transaction and the little green box pops up and says 'transaction sent successfully' but the coins remain in my wallet as if nothing ever happened.  I thought it was because i didn't have any Ardor to cover the fee and someone has sent me 2 ardor and still the same thing happens. 

So someone sent me 2 ardor and it doesn't seem to be the problem.  I've tried to send the 4 ingis back to the person and the same thing happens.  The green box pops up says "ingis sent"  but balance remains same and not log in the ledger.  Tried to send to the exchange and the same thing.  I'm connected. Everything looks good.  I have peers.  Guess I'm going to uninstall/reinstall this lite client and install the full node and try that as my last resort.   Because something is obviously wrong with this installation. 

You do not have to select a bundler, some people started their own bundler and the cheapest of them win.

If the client tells you it is ok it must be ok.
Otherwise it is a bug.

Did you download the blockchain ?
or connected to a node (then you may change node)

Tell us your ARDOR_ID you operate with. Then I can look if really nothing happened.

Here is my Ardor ID..  I forgot to mention that I'm operation a lite client if that matters. 


Well am I supposed to select my own bundler?  I may be doing something wrong but I don't thinks so.  I've tried to process this transaction 3 or 4 times from both the most recent client I d/l yesterday, and from the wallet open in browser.  I'm trying to send my IGNIS to an exchange that is accepting deposits for IGNIS.  I enter the amount, my passphrase, the destination address, the message, click to calculate the fee and it displays .199 < or something similar, click send, and then I get the green box that says ' transaction sent successfully'  <or something similar, however, nothing happens.  No deduction from my account.  No transaction in history.   Nothing pending.  Just nothing.   So I figured it was because I didn't have ardor needed to process the fee for using the ardor platform which I'd read in numerous places.  Even though I'm sending a child coin, the fee needs to be paid in Ardor. 

You say use a bundler.   How?  Is it not automatic when I try to process the transaction?   

I can't send my IGNIS anywhere without having some ardor to cover the fee.  I've found an exchange based in Indonesia called bitcoin.co.id that is accepting deposits for IGNIS but I can't send there without some Ardor to cover the network fee.  I figure I'll need 1 to move my coins to the exchange and 1 to pay you back in IGNIS. 


Trading & Exchanges / Re: Bug? IGNIS can not buy ardor
« on: January 04, 2018, 03:28:41 pm »
Hi same as OP.   Will gladly pay 2:1.  Looks like I'll need 2 ardor.  1 to get my ignis out of the wallet,  and 1 to pay you back the 4 ignis.  Thanks to anyone in advance willing to help here in this matter.



Basically nxt generates passwords with 12 words randomly selected from an alphabet.
You can calculate the possible permutations and it seems to me that these passwords have 232 possibilities.

It would take around 7 billion days to calculate the right combination of words you need for your passphrase.

If someone could spend 19178082191 years of his life brute forcing the passphrase for you, I think he would have asked for greater remuneration. ;)

SegfaultSteve cracked it. ;D ;D ;D ;D  Didn't ask me for any compensation.  So as segfaultsteve says in the previous post, if there aren't too many typos and its only a couple characters out of place it can be done.  Mine had 2 words sandwiched together without a space in between and had an extra 'r' added to a word that would have otherwise been spelled correctly.  And he did this in a very short period of time.  So if anyone else out there has this same issue, and knows their passphrase for the most part, ask segfault if he can help you.  I've learned to copy and paste my passphrase.  Had I known that a new account could be created by typing any combination of characters, I'd never have tried to type in the passphrase manually in the first place.  I think more emphasis needs to be put on this to newcomers.   

Nxt General Discussion / Re: You can now trade your Ignis on AEX
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:27:10 am »
How did you get your IGNIS to AEX?  I just created an account and tried to deposit the ignis but the wallet is 'temporarily closed'..... Same with the Ardor wallet on the site. 

Trading & Exchanges / Re: Inreasonable rate between IGNIS and ARDOR
« on: January 03, 2018, 12:47:04 am »
Do you have a source for IGNIS at around 13$? Out of Coin Exchange I just know about Ignis Futures on hitbtc with very low volume and it's around 13$. Don't expect 13$ if you look at hitbtc future price.
Real Value is in Coin Exchange.

And also 1.8$ is a strange value for Ardor. Bittrex closed Ardor trading, so don't check the value at coinmarketcap. Better check on specific exchange that did not stop.

Which specific exchange did not stop?   HitBTC has trading of Ardor available but the wallet is shut down and closed until the 5th of Jan at the earliest (though one guy said that it may open up before then so I need to keep checking back every hour or so) so no deposit of Ardor can made there.  Is there any exchange allowing a deposit of Ardor at the moment?

Or you get off your high horse and realize like the guy said above that this is a HUGE flaw in the system. 

Nxt Helpdesk / Re: Password Mistype Recovery
« on: December 28, 2017, 12:48:51 am »
Hey Rex, we have the same problem.  I've just posted in the General discussion section a solicitation for someone who can brute force my mistyped passphrase.  I'm now going on to the dark web to find a hacker that can do this as well.  If I find someone I'll pass it on.  I'm offering a reward as my NXT locked up is quite substantial. 

Hi, I noobed it bigtime and sent a couple thousand NXT to an account I created by mistyping my passphrase.  If anyone can brute force the passphrase for me I'll gladly pay 500 NXT to them.  PM me if you think you can help.   Thanks.   

I decided to send some NXT from Bittrex to my desktop client and after having successfully created the account earlier, I open the client and proceed to type the passphrase in manually as I did before and it opens and I copy and past the address into my bittrex NXT wallet and send a couple thousand NXT to it.  Then I decide I need to sell some of it now and go to send it back to Bittrex and it tells me the passphrase is wrong and then upon closer inspection I realize the address is different.  Come to find out that you can create a wallet with any combination of characters and it doesn't have to be 12 separate spelled correctly words.  So now I have 2k NXT sitting in an account that I can't do anything with because of a typo.  Any suggestions? 

So what I've concluded I've done is manually typed my passphrase in and made a typo, and for some reason this software allows accounts to be created with any old slew of characters you throw at it.  I purposefully mistyped 3 words out of the 12 and it loaded up a fresh new unused account with a different wallet and a ZERO balance.  I could be here for years trying to figure out the error i made when typing this passphrase in there.  But I've concluded that this is my only option to recover my funds.  I can see them by logging in with the wallet address.  But can't do a damn thing with them without the passphrase (which is most likely MY passphrase with a mispelled word or two).  I guess I'm going to just keep trying to make the same error I made when I opened up this account until someone can help me with some other solution.  I remember expecting it to deny me entry because I felt that I had made an error when typing my passphrase.  I remember the feeling of being surprised that it allowed me to access what I thought was 'MY' account.   ??? ??? ??? :-X :-X :-X  I'm also going to start a new post.  Now that I've narrowed down my problem. 

NO luck..  I've gotten to the point of trying to send the funds from the phantom mystery wallet to MY wallet and it keeps asking for the passphrase which I don't have.  I've tried everything I could have possibly entered to create this account and nothing works.  It also keeps telling me that MY account is unknown because there has been no recorded txns yet.  Could somebody please help me here.  Is there a way to recover the passphrase?  I can't believe that this thing will let you create an account with an inaccurate passphrase.  I must have made a typo when putting the passphrase.  I've tried every possible combination with and without caps lock.  I don't know what else to do.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Dude you feel my pain,  I'm completely befuddled.  I now cant access the account with the funds in it using the same passphrase I used to open it and add the funds.  But I can now access it by entering the wallet address from my bittrex txn history.  But when trying to access the account details, I noticed that the funds had disappeared.  I'm hoping that one of the transactions I had attempted to initiate before will process once the entire blockchain gets downloaded.  Am still working on how to send the funds from this account to MY nxt desktop wallet which I have all the necessary passphrase and public key information stored or written down.  Apparently, I must first produce an outgoing transaction from 'MY' account in order to get the location registered on the blockchain or some shit like that.  A mere message will do so it says.  But the thing is, it's going to require a fee, payable with NXT which is all tied up in this new account.  Just a fucking shitshow of an interface. Super confusing, and I feel like I'm just running in circles jumping through hoops.  If I do get these funds out and back in my control, I'm not waiting for this snapshot and airdrop.  There's no way this is going to catch on after this.  The average 'joe public' is not going to be able to navigate this interface.  I'll post back with a tale of success or failure here shortly.

Apparently trying to figure out how to display my public key keeps me from trying this.  << while first doing this,  I can now no longer see the funds in the other account..... I'm not a complete retard when it comes to navigating new interfaces, but this one is quite confusing and the fact that i can just type any type of passphrase in and get into some unused account by 'accident' is a serious flaw and will result in many a frustrated end user.  Speaking from experience on that comment.  I keep taking 2 steps forward and then one step back.  I'll get there and post back with results.

So after reading some similar posts, I am now currently logged into this phantom account.  Which I apparently at the login screen just typed a normal account password which is about 13 characters all together and not a passphrase by any means, and somehow was logged into this account.  When I should have just entered my NXT account # or the passphrase.  Too many hours of watching charts without a break.  NOW the question is, how can I send the NXT from this account to mine without the passphrase.  Or is it going to be the same 13 characters that I typed to get in here? 

I have no idea how this happened.  I opened my NXt desktop client and copied the address and successfully sent all of my NXT from Bittrex to it.  Then when attempting to send it back to Bittrex i got this error when inputting my passphrase"unknown account".  Then I realized that the address in the top left corner was not the one I had created.  Below the address is the box labeled "switch accounts".  I just clicked on the dropdown arrow and it switched to my account but with 0 balance.  So now I can't switch back to this other account and my 2k+ NXT are gone with it.   I have the wallet address that the coins were sent to.  But I'm new to this interface and not really sure what, if anything, can be done.  How on earth could some other account be operating on my desktop client that I downloaded.  I hope there is a simple solution to this.  Some one please help.   thanks. 

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