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The BTER chief developer is on a 12 hour flight somewhere. But BTER didn't say anything about a chainsaw in his baggage.

440 + (8'325'356 * 0.000062) = 916 BTC. Well, like Fatih87SK said:

This is a nice sum of a bounty to catch him.

Not saying it is not much money, just saying BTER got away cheap ;)

What are you walking about? BTER makes 500 BTC a year at most.

Do not negotiate with a thief. Life is much easier with a principle. Fork the chain. BTER has to give a bounty of 200 BTC to a trust escrow catch or "HURT" the thief. PLUS 100 BTC from people who recover fund from the fork. The bounty stays active indefinitely.

There will be 300 BTC bounty on his head FOREVER. I don't believe he has no trace, not when 300 btc = 1 or 2 million $. IF the community pressures BTER to negotiate, there will be an active campaign against NXT for tolerating and supporting thief and dirty scumbags of this world. NXT will be done for.


I think option #2 is viable. He has left a lot of traces, and for 300 BTC people will find him.

Why should we upgrade ? This is only BTER problems.

This is not a BTER only problem. Not at all.

If the hacker dumps the 50 million NXT on the market the price of NXT will go down considerably, including your holdings. It will most probably happen soon.

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