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Nxt Helpdesk / Re: Ardor and NXTBridgeOffline
« on: August 07, 2018, 11:58:51 am »
Thanks again scor2k for taking the time to respond.

Is it possible for an Ardor transaction, with an unencrypted message, to be signed offline [No, Message has been pruned prematurely]?

If not, no need to read any further.

What do you mean by clear?

Is there a reference on how a shell script can make use of the clear ardor distribution's capabilities?

Nxt Helpdesk / Re: Ardor and NXTBridgeOffline
« on: August 04, 2018, 05:27:43 pm »
Thanks scor2k for your time.

Have now used SigBro and all checked out. Except...

When I tried to broadcast the signed bytes using the full Ardor client v2.0.14, I got, "Failed to broadcast transaction: Message has been pruned prematurely".

The transaction includes an unencrypted message, in numerical format. In SigBro's check result, the fee was given as 1 Ardor. I had not specified any fee when compiling the unsigned transaction. I used your Ardor.html file to load into Chrome, rather than the index.html file. Both seem to give the same webpage display.

Any ideas on why the broadcast failed?

Appreciate your willingness to create this offline-signing capability for Ardor.

Nxt Helpdesk / Ardor and NXTBridgeOffline
« on: August 03, 2018, 08:30:34 am »
Tried to send Ardor to an exchange, and used NXTBridge in the process. Got "Arbitary Message" from verifcation.

1. Does NXTBridge work with Ardor?
2. Does including an unencrypted message [in this case, a numerical value] cause a problem?
3. Does the transaction field Fee need to be filled in?

Help appreciated.

[Is the Ardor forum dead?]

Yes the price can be lower or higher, coinimal does not influence this at all.

I can not answer this with certainty, is it important?
Think graph should have a more meaningful heading than Historic Price Chart. Need to know how price volatility is being represented. 24hr moving average, 5min?
Please use the zendesk plugin on the website, as this is our main support tool and works 100%
For the benefit of others, we're referring to a help button which appears on every page in the bottom right-hand corner. Nice touch, but it could easily be mistaken for additional written material rather than direct contact. Perhaps Contact is more explicit.

As for the actual, smaller, contact link, perhaps use wording which makes clear when email is appropriate.
However, will use zendesk in future.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Webpage Content Clarification
« on: September 03, 2015, 01:15:34 pm »
The price you see until the finalise page is updated every few seconds in real-time. Only on the last page is the price then locked for 60 seconds. You can open an order and stay on the finalise page until it has the price you want.
Coinimal takes the BTC and NXT price from the biggest exchanges and can't influence it.

Chart is updated every 60 seconds but is smoohed out.

Thanks for reply, although lack of response to my email is not mentioned.

Assume, updated every few seconds in real-time, means I can as easily find price has lowered after having clicked Next Step button.

What time period is each data point averaged over?

Thanks again.

Nxt General Discussion / Webpage Content Clarification
« on: September 02, 2015, 11:14:11 am »
Sorry man, the google spamfilter "ate" your mails, I have answered you (and hopefully solved the problem).
Seems my address continues to be filter fodder, so back here. For the record, email sent last Monday week.

I wanted to know the EXACT status of the ask price shown when someone sees the buy-NXT page.

Its described as a base price with 100 Euro as the purchase amount. Base was taken to mean, subject to variations in Euro amount.

However, too many times for comfort, have found an extra pip added. My email was actually prompted by the addition of 2 pips. [That particular purchase sequence was aborted.]   

What is happening (regarding price) after the Next Step button has been clicked?

[To clarify: logged on, seen the price, and, within seconds, clicked the button.]

Would also like to know the time interval between graph updates. Assume data points are from the buy page (ask price), although never caught an end point indicating that.


Sorry man, the google spamfilter "ate" your mails, I have answered you (and hopefully solved the problem).


Account opened. My first transaction went through. NXT purchase in my account shortly after receiving confirmation Euro payment had been received.

The amount of Euro I was prepared to spend was reduced by over two-thirds on the grounds not enough NXT was available at that point. Process did halt, allowing me the option of not continuing.

Now a request. Please allow NXT account holders to use their Alias when ordering.




the support modul is working fine normally.

You can contact office@coinimal.com instead too.


Why have none of my emails been answered?

Sent 22nd, 24th, and 28th June, all under the heading Verification.

This issue itself is not the purpose of this post.

I'm interested only in the lack of response, especially since Coinimal is seeking to establish a standing in the crypto community.


Trading & Exchanges / Poker Funds Available For NXTs Purchase
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:49:00 pm »
Are there any PokerStars players with NXTs willing to sell in return for having their poker account balance increased?

Looking to buy around £200's worth. Not setting out to become a £/NXT trader. Buy in the sense of a new overcoat, or computer monitor.

coinmarketcap.com/all.html shows GBP 0.032736 per NXT at 15:49 BST, Sun 29 Jun 2014.

Would be willing to interact with more than one player if that was required in order to meet my target.

1) I am a newbie to Nxt. Between poker sessions this week, have been researching the subject.

2) My forum name is the same as my Nxt Account ID alias.

3) Please read PokerStars' info (at pokerstars.com/poker/room/support/security-faq/#p2ptransfers) on player-to-player, real-money transfers. Note, withdrawing immediately upon receipt is not allowed.

4) VanBreuk (a forum Administrator [VB]) is willing to act as the trusted party. He will post on this thread to confirm.

5) Sequence would be:
a. private-message communication to agree price;
b. await confirmation NXTs with VB;
c. go through steps to transfer funds to other player's account (see web address above);
d. receive NXTs once player has confirmed to VB funds transferred.

Private messages please if interested in selling, but by all means post insightful comments.

Sorry, meant private message via Nxt user client, not this forum.

Thanks VB for confirming.

General / Re: Nxt Wish List - The Return
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:32:34 pm »
NXTpoker does not have to be an example of a gambling site.

Perhaps a leisure site, with the additional attraction of acquiring skill which can be rewarded.

General / Re: Nxt Wish List - The Return
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:40:54 pm »
For the first time, caught sight of Nxt gambling websites.

Do not think a new currency, of any type, should risk being associated with gambling in the public mind.

Not anti gambling, but:  NXT, the gambler's choice. Really?

Perhaps, in future: Nxt Investment Sites, Nxt Game [poker, backgammon, as opposed to Gaming] Sites, Nxt Leisure Sites...

After familiarising myself with concepts and software practicalities for a couple of days (acquiring a net 22 in the process [mostly donations, wow :P]), now want to buy. Say, £200's worth.

In particular, can transfer funds from my poker account. Inter-player transfers allowed provided recipient does not immediately withdraw.

How might the timing of account/NXT transfers work?

Nxt Client Helpdesk / Re: Missing NXTs/Alias
« on: June 26, 2014, 05:20:41 am »
Now know exactly what happened yesterday. Repeated a few minutes ago. Confirmed the mistake by going through the same actions and getting the same dud account number.

When I copied the passphrase from my password manager, started far right and scrolled left to start of phrase.

However, dragged the mouse up a little and the cursor finished at the start of the line above.
I had now included hidden newline characters (CR LF) in my selection, which then got copied to the Clipboard. Again zero account balance.

I was more focused this time, and remembered cursor flashing above passphrase line. So logged out, and deliberately repeated actions. As I said, same dud account number.

From now on, its click at start of line then Shift End (and Shift [still pressed] Down if line wrapped).

Pokereum / Re: Please Help choose the best color composition
« on: June 25, 2014, 05:28:06 pm »
Please, don't associate Poker with Dice.

Poker is skill, Dice is luck.

Poker rewards study and effort. Dice doesn't give a damn.

Can take pride in playing Poker.

Transaction came through. Thanks.

Duurr orbits in a different solar system to me.

Still think he is basically reckless. Eventually lost interest in his 50,000 hand challenges. Still don't know if any of them actually finished!

Already popped in to Introduce Yourself.

Here, gives me the opportunity to thank community members that have already helped me, in addition to expressing my feeling that I'm participating in the making of financial history.

I read enough by now to at least sound relatively authoritive within my poker world about the logic behind NXT. In particular, the potential reality of the individual being their own bank.

Actually that might sound too much like wishful thinking. Needs more thought.


Nxt Client Helpdesk / Re: Missing NXTs/Alias
« on: June 25, 2014, 09:46:04 am »
Hi cc001

Just finished off a nice coffee accompanied by two bits of chocolate. Had time to think.

Decided the best thing to do is list out some points, and leave it there. Assume anything of interest will reach the right people. It is not as if I can prove anything.

Yesterday, the user client's download indicator showed activity had stopped well before the 100% mark. In fact, following a restart of both server and client, it became clear blockchain had downloaded successfully.

Client obviously not perfect.

This morning, loading server and client following same procedure as yesterday. After yesterday's problem was solved, for various reasons, I opened/shutdown programs a few times.

Password procedure has already been outlined in earlier post.

If I am to accept that somehow I copied the wrong password, and that a number of others seem to have done the same thing, it seems reasonable to ask a check be made of the logic surrounding how the client code gets from user-password input to account display.

Since in the past I have actually been in the position of developer as opposed to user, I want to be fair.

So I forced myself to think of how the wrong password might have been entered, even allowing for the fact I basically went through the same routine.

Here goes.

The passphrase was highlighted in the password manager, but not copied using Ctrl C. Perhaps a complete oversight, or keys not hit correctly. When Ctrl V was used to paste into the login field, whatever was on the Clipboard at the time was input.

It does sound plausible.

An explanation of why the client's download progress bar might not indicate a completed blockchain transfer would be reassuring.

That is it.

Thank you, and everyone else, for helping out. Whatever else, after just over one day, I already feel part of a vibrant forum community, even if it was me that caused all the commotion in the first place.

Regards All

Nxt Client Helpdesk / Re: Missing NXTs/Alias
« on: June 25, 2014, 08:37:51 am »
[..]It has something to do with your computer/operating system, nothing with Nxt or the client.

Statement needs to be challenged.

Others report similar issue.

The corruption of data was in a form which exactly matched that of the correct data.

How can an OS interfere with third-party activity so neatly. The dud Account ID (new format) was gathered from somewhere. To get it into my Clipboard I would have had to copy it from the Web.

The only source (unless my memory has gone completely) was the Nxt wallet client in the nxt-client-1.1.5.zip download.

Not trying to start an argument, but, at present, can not accept user/OS problem-type explanations.

Nxt Client Helpdesk / Missing NXTs/Alias
« on: June 25, 2014, 08:12:53 am »
Account ID (both formats, and using copy facility within web user interface):

Do not understand!!

Different data, but same method as before. What is happening here?

Can't think how my Clipboard would be corrupted.

This is really not good.

Nxt Client Helpdesk / Re: Missing NXTs/Alias
« on: June 25, 2014, 08:03:32 am »
There is no way a mistyped password was entered.

The password details were set up before I even installed the Nxt software.

It has always been the case that I copy from my password manager, then paste where required. Clipboard is then cleared.

Regards, and thanks for the interest.

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