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Great logo  ;D

I agree on this, we need to continue to use NXT alongside as a brand. Otherwise we would kill a valuable asset, 3 years of flawless Blockchain running ! A lot of people hear about NXT everyday  8)

Ardor powered by NXT

6a or 3-b-b
Keep up the good work!

Hey Lior,

I have a few ideas that I need to discuss with you, very busy right now in my day job so I can't really take the time to elaborate on my vision. Once the NDA over my projects is lifted I will be free to speak.

I'll send you a few ideas on slack and let's schedule a call.


Cool that you are helping Nxt to gain more traction in the business world. I really think Nxt is one of the keyplayers in the future of blockchain technology. Businesses want to rely on stable platform's not on platforms which are only promises and need to prove themselves. In that point of view Nxt is far ahead of the competition.

I think Nxt 2.0 will be very serious voor acceptation in the business world. How do you think about that?

Use cases, use cases use cases ! We need to enable people to build on NXT without having to fork the code, but not in the same way as ethereum, sidechains would help. Having the best technology is great, but we need to remember that it is the uses that bring more people/companies in. I see some flaws in the ethereum model that won't allow companies to shift completely on it. Public and permissive blockchains will both be used on a big scale, we need to answer the reguatory needs to allow Banks/Logistic companies/Payment providers and more to use our platform.

Thanks to all of you for the kind words.
I will ensure that the community gets the information as soon as it is official for any part of my work. I believe transparency is important in communities like ours. Bas and Dave are doing a great job, let's keep going on and we will succeed.

Great! Why do you engage in NXT instead of any other cryptocurrency? Is it probably only a bias because you are one of the original founders? Or are there objective reasons ot choose NXT over other altcoins and platforms?

NXT's killer apps as I see them are the ability to attach any kind of data to each transaction and the already built-in features (Phasing, Asset Exchange, Account Control...). All these features allow you to do a lot of things, sadly I can't elaborate on my vision since it is related to Sopra Steria and I can't communicate on how we use the blockchain frameworks.

Hello everyone,

We decided to publicly disclose that I joined the NXT Foundation a few days ago. While I am not the most active person on the forum I work as a banking consultant for Sopra Steria (Consulting and Technology Company) and am at the front line when introducing the blockchain technology to Banks and Financial Institutions in Europe. As you might have understood, I mostly work on Blockchain in my daily work.

Therefore my role will be to promote NXT and grant licenses to companies that want to build products both on top of NXT or on private NXT chains.

We have been working with major banks and payment companies in France, and I promoted NXT when it could be. Please note that this activity is not linked to my Sopra Steria activities directly. Whether I may or may not promote NXT during meetings is based on deep analysis of the various frameworks available in the open source communities and I do not receive any money from the Foundation or the developers. If this should change I would keep the community informed.
Additionally, I am one of the original NXT Founders, here is the proof:

Token : lt3d0e8r19eko4b69a257dr5g25o6gfhjisvov67313lrramnkeei18bp9se81g4hvoqdma1tqfapm9hth05vu6qh19lbp9t6rqn4pjqo4i0dn9mj3m6r5peu9ou2h4q1u88mptj68ua3tsid5tio9l8kvjeedfq

Data : Founder

Please feel free to ask me any information regarding my work for the Foundation, or why I believe that NXT has the keys to succeed. I hope that we will be able to bring you good news soon. Please understand that I can’t speak of any ongoing deals or discussions with any financial institution.



Core Development Announcements / Re: Announcing Nxt 2.0 Roadmap
« on: May 23, 2016, 07:38:04 pm »
Great roadmap, it's going to be a bumpy ride until then, but when you see what NXT has delivered in the past this release will be epic. Can we maintain an auditable use of FNX coins to boost confidence? I believe transparency pairs with financial compensation in a good way, please keep this in mind. 

At this price it's a cheap IPO when you compare to the lisk IPO prices !

Official Nxt Releases / Re: NRS v1.7.4
« on: January 23, 2016, 01:55:49 pm »
Great job, a lot of improvements ! Thanks to the devs

Marketing is our real weakness. We have a top grade product that seduces bankers and blockchain enthusiasts. I will donate tonight. What a great community.

Following this from the first announcement, this and Voxelnauts will be two of my future games :)

Well, 90% probability it was for a personal gain, he never did what he said.

How long can it take to upload a picture? Less than posting here.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Auction house on the nxt blockchain
« on: February 08, 2015, 11:04:23 pm »
It could be done even without changes to the protocol using the messaging system.

How could that work?

1) Set a number of blocks / Approximate time (Example : 48 hours), which is calculated by the average blocktime in the last 24 hours.
If average blocktime is 60 seconds, the duration is set to 2880 blocks in my example. On the last block, an account is designated as "Winner".

2) On the payment side the problem would be to make sure that the bidders are real, with a multisig transaction i guess, or a blockchain type "refund" (that would be huge) after the delay has passed. The algo would have to send back all the Nxt sent by bidders who were not successful.
That's the biggest problem i guess. Setting a third party website which holds one of the keys would be the easiest way to implement this IMO.

I did not yet check Phasing, maybe it could help but we could have three keys:
one for the seller
one for the buyer
one for the Third party

When the buyer receives the object, he sends a transaction that validates the payment.
If a buyer recieves but refuses to pay, the third party can use his key to validate the payment.

Seems like an awesome website  :o

I'll be following it ! Congrats

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:28:55 pm »
If not raising the price this year, we surely brought some nice adoption and functionalities to Nxt. This is in my point of view one of the best signs that money will pour in once we get out of the bitcoin bear market.
Transactions per block have gone through the roof since the a-e. Just look at the blockchain, and it will get better with the MS.
Community is also growing, it might seem slow but times are changing i think, POS is a real competitor.
I am sure this work will pay off one day.

Oh wait, it's supposed to be capitulation time !
Sell sell!  ;D

I diversify. But you should not have let the price rise that high for nxtty...

Giving 100k coins each weeks and stuff like this are bad. Too much coins in circulation, no value.

This was my worst nxt related investment by far. And i did not buy in a spike. I got in around 0.08-9.

Bad call. Don't even want to use the app now.

Seems like it was a pump and dump. And a big manipulation.

Nxt Community News and Announcements / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NXT
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:39:23 pm »
Happy Birthday Nxt, been here for one year. Remember the first Nxt GUI? haha

Mmmh i like the sound of "Nxt Currencies" sounds nice. I think on the UI "Currencies" is enough.

Most of the time when i refer to the asset exchange i say "Nxt asset exchange". Outside of these forums to promote nxt we should use "Nxt currencies" it's free press and people can google it. Try doing this with "currencies" as only keyword.

Mmmh as a nxtty holder, i find it sad that you give 100k each week to some random people who spammed his friends. I am dumping my coins, since value won't stay stable. Great app though.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Coming Soon: Trezor for NXT
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:19:18 pm »
Hi, seems like a great project. Would love to see it completed ! Keep us posted !

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