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Author Topic: getting coin shuffling more user friendly  (Read 1904 times)


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getting coin shuffling more user friendly
March 23, 2016, 06:23:57 pm

i just looked into the shuffling feature of NXT some days ago and i think its a good feature but for the user its a pain in the ass!! the probability that there is already a matching shuffle waiting for you is nearly zero and then you also have to wait for enough other participants. there is no possibility that all this will happen in a short period of time (maybe 1-2 days...) i mean if i want to shuffle i dont want to wait for 2 months till someone is coming over and also wants to shuffle.

here is my proposal to give coin shuffling a kickstart -> we should provide a small script which is doing the following:
  • the script knows the passphrase for a new NXT account
  • someone funds this account with, for example 10000 NXT
  • the script is watching all active coin shufflings and automatically joins them if the funds are enough
  • after the shuffling happened the script uses the new NXT account with the shuffeled coins and starts at point 1

this script has to be distributed to as many NXT supporters as possible! if we have at least 10 different nodes running this script someone could start a shuffling with only a very short deadline and automatically gets the needed participants.
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