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Author Topic: NXT Chat / NXT Social Network  (Read 8958 times)


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Re: NXT Chat / NXT Social Network
« Reply #20 on: June 07, 2015, 01:17:26 am »

Hello! Any updates on this?

I think this is an excellent idea for a variety of reasons.

1) A social network solve the problem of reputation, atleast to a large degree, since it puts the onus of judgment on human beings and not on software or a rating system. Ofcourse human beings can be lied to as well, but until we have some kind of digital and free to use lying detector, we'll have to rely on human judgment for this, and peer pressure and conversation can often work. This forum is quite a good example of it.

2) If we enable p2p encrypted voip and chat ontop of NXT, that's going to give it a major boost of attention. end to end encryption is a hot feature post Snowden.

3) a decentralized, blockchain certified, with well built privacy boundries can allow us to solve the reputation system problem that Free Market suffers from. Instead of some rating system. build a social network around it, let people do what they do best, Judge. :=)

4) It would be awesome.

Key features and projects to work with.

1) Tox.im is a skype killer app that is open source and does end to end voip and chat encryption with a pretty awesome interface. It uses asymmetric cryptography and works similar to btc and nxt, just no blockchain, more like torrenting. So you have a public key ppl add u etc and send u msges. We can adapt it to nxt addresses or not, and simply add it as a plug in or feature.

2) Synereo is another open source, decentralized social network that got allot of buzz. They went with OMNI as their asset platform, because and I paraphrase "NXT does not offer escrow services" I guess they didn't ask or if they did no one heard? anyway. They are open to someone making an instance of Synereo that works with an NXT asset, and we can make it compatible, this would be very much aligned with SuperNET.

Synereo is also designed to be censorship resistant and built for rewarding content creators rather than treating them like products to advertisers and surveillance agencies. It has advertising potential ofcourse, but content creators get the coin, not facebook.

3) We could create a "Send friend request" and "Follow Account" instead of the "add contact" option. Allowing for push and pull interaction between accounts.

Friend request like in facebook would be some kind of safe crypto handshake that allows for further safe communication, where as follow just follows, and has anonymity or well, more privacy.

Once we have a decentralized social network we can continue to build decentralized tribes and societies and more easily utilize the power of decentralized and leased voting, to continue to build awesome things and crowdfund awesome projects.

4) it would enable a native marketing environment for Crowd Funding projects. If you earn your weight in social cred, you can do well with your coin.

Ofcourse the catch is that some of this is already done with Slack and the forums, but there's always the lack of privacy with centralized services, and the fact that they relay on pre blockchain technology -if you will.

Your thoughts? Cheers!

Twitter @juansgalt
Net 2.0 journalist, privacy zealot, wannebe entrepreneur.
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