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Title: SuperNET_API chrome app and standalone version in one release
Post by: jl777 on November 02, 2015, 12:55:13 am
I ported SuperNET and nanomsg into pnacl, which allows it to be a chrome app. I then back ported this into a unix build so the same code can be run natively in unix (and osx) as with the pnacl in any chrome browser
it would be possible to port this for windows, the makefile.unix shows how to build it for native use.

i also got all the secondary instantdex API working for the 9 exchanges, to the extent the exchange actually supports it: "placebid", "placeask", "balance", "openorders", "orderstatus", "cancelorder", "tradehistory" and "withdraw" works across bitfinex, bittrex, btc38, huobi, lakebc, okcoin, poloniex and quadriga. all using the same request syntax. the "balance" api can specify "base" to get the balance for a specific coin.

git clone (or pull) https://github.com/jl777/SuperNET_API
cd SuperNET_API
./m_unix will build SuperNET, SNapi and BitcoinDarkd

SuperNET is the standalone, SNapi allows to submit API requests directly and BitcoinDarkd is a combined version

alternatively, you can run tools/httpd.py -C . -p 7777 &
and go to http://localhost:7777 where there is an ugly gui where you can submit via JS calls the SuperNET requests. SNapi will also send requests to the chrome app.

There is an index.html which can be modified to create a custom application that directly calls SuperNET_API and there is no other anything that is needed, at least it can be configured that way. the following are the specific InstantDEX API calls I tested