NXTignite: A NXTinspect (NXTi) Mentorship Program singapore
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Author Topic: NXTignite: A NXTinspect (NXTi) Mentorship Program  (Read 1524 times)


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NXTignite: A NXTinspect (NXTi) Mentorship Program
« on: May 20, 2015, 12:29:40 am »

NXTinspect (NXTi) is launching a new mentorship program: NXTignite. NXTignite is a program to assist new and existing community members with creating and launching a NXT asset or Monetary System (MS) coin. NXTi has a rich history of working with some of the most successful assets on the NXT-AE including SuperNET, Liquid and MyNXT. Our experienced team will ensure the asset or coin suits the business plan of the issuer and that it is launched in a way which engages and establishes trust with the community of investors using the NXT-AE. This service will also provide the asset issuer with access to our services and network of contacts for the best possible outcome for success.

Currently, there are barriers to gaining investments for a product/ service within the NXT ecosystem. The asset issuer either does not have the reputation or network to promote their idea, and investors are wary of new investments due to the frequency of scams. Therefore, NXTignite will break down these barriers and provide a list of subscribed projects/individuals that have been inspected and validated with the support necessary to overcome these issues.

NXTi will assess the feasibility of the asset and whether the issuer has access to the right skills to accomplish their business plan. Furthermore, strict NXTi escrow terms will be utilized to ensure that issuers do not have access to large quantities of funds without investor knowledge and/ or approval. All fund transfers can also run through NXTi, who can monitor the accounts to decrease the likelihood of fraud (ponzi schemes etc).   

Issuer Benefits
- No upfront costs
- Professional assistance
- Ongoing accounting
- Networking access
- Investor trust

Investor Benefits
- Low scam risk through strict escrow terms
- Due diligence performed by NXTi team members
- Real-time investor updates via slack

Price: Negotiable

Get started now!

Are you looking to issue an asset or MS coin? Post below or message whale, chanc3r or jefdiesel

Are you an investor who wants to stay updated on NXTignite verified projects?

Issuer terms:

NXTinspect reserves the right to sever relationships on the basis of (but not limited to);
- Lack of communication or enthusiasm
- Lack of transparency
- Suspicious activity
- The quality of the product/ service does not adhere to investor standards

All mentorship partners MUST display the following format on their announcement thread;
E.g. [ANN] Asset Name (ticker): Short Description | NXTi Verified

NXTinspect reserves the right to distribute the asset (payable upon acceptance) to holders of the NXTinspect NXT asset AFTER the asset issuer receives the amount that is required to make the asset a success. E.g. Having a successful initial offering round. In an event that the issuer does not raise the required capital within a reasonable time period, all investors will receive a refund and a payment of 15,000 NXT is payable to NXTinspect by the issuer.

All funds are to be kept in NXTinspect escrow. Terms will be negotiated AND displayed to the public on the elasticity of the agreement.

Investor terms:

When an asset is announced and verified, this is not an invite for investment. NXTinspect does not actively endorse or promote any assets under the mentorship program.

NXTinspect holds no responsibility for any losses that may occur from  investing in assets that have been verified by NXTinspect. Trading in general is considered a high risk activity and guidance should be seeked from an investment advisor on the potential risks.

NXTinspect does not guarantee the future returns of any asset. Due diligence and common sense should always be performed when making an investment decision. Past performance is not indicative of future results.