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Title: [ANN] NXTi April Update
Post by: chanc3r on April 12, 2015, 12:32:08 pm
Dear NXTi Assetholders,

This is the April update to let you know where we are with NXTi, sorry its delayed I was unexpectedly offline the whole of last week.

We continue to offer advisory and escrow services to a number of assets which currently includes:


As a result NXTi has received a number of assets in payment, excluding the NXTi assets held, the liquidation value of NXTi is ~800k if we could sell all these assets at current prices.
We do not dividend or liquidate assets / payments received where engagements have not been completed or we believe there is value in holding onto these assets longer.
On this basis NXTi is not distributing a dividend once again this month but will retain the assets and continue to build the business and value for its assetholders.
As with other months where there is no dividend we are establishing a buywall for 5% of the asset in circulation at 2.5 NXT which we think at the moment is a sustainable buy back price.