[ANN] CryptoAi Inspected
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Author Topic: [ANN] CryptoAi Inspected  (Read 1556 times)


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[ANN] CryptoAi Inspected
« on: March 12, 2016, 12:06:55 pm »

NXTi would like to confirm the following in respect of the new CryptoAI asset

1. The manager of CryptoAi has provided ID and Proof of Address that is on file with NXTinspect
2. The CryptoAi team has been in contact through skype
3. There is evidence that the proposed system exists, as it has been demonstrated to us through teamviewer
4. NXTinspect does hold CryptoAi assets in escrow that will be gradually be released to management on a monthly basis

IPO Details can be found here https://nxtforum.org/cryptoai/ann-cryptoai-machine-learning-centered-systematic-hedge-fund/

NXTi does not recommend any specific asset or warrant returns on assets, the above is simply a statement of the facts we have ascertained following inspection of the CryptoAi asset.

NXTi does hold CryptoAi assets in return for its support of CryptoAi in preparing the asset issue and ongoing ESCROW service