NFC integrated NXT + BTC Android Wallet Idea? singapore
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Author Topic: NFC integrated NXT + BTC Android Wallet Idea?  (Read 1522 times)


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NFC integrated NXT + BTC Android Wallet Idea?
« on: August 01, 2014, 05:08:29 pm »

I actually created a NFC watch out of a cheap $10 watch. This would be awesome if NFC was integrated for unlocking your wallet before sending funds out. Also it can be used as a 2-3 multi-sig feature. the animation is the btc wallet aegiswallet. its the only wallet out right now that has nfc feature. Also coming up for the wallet is a SMS feature where you can send coins to anyone via SMS from within the app, and when the receiver gets the message he just responds with an address and the app sends it to that address. So you don't even need to install the app on the receiver end. Would be awesome if you can integrate that some how.

I'm actually working on a bitcoin starter kit that includes an android phone and wouldn't mind adding your app into the kit, but it would be even more awesome if it was an NXT+BTC wallet all in one.

let me know what you think.