NXT & SuperNET Annual Report
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Author Topic: NXT & SuperNET Annual Report  (Read 13350 times)


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Re: NXT & SuperNET Annual Report
« Reply #40 on: April 29, 2016, 03:33:38 pm »

It's time to finally distribute that bounty. So it was 2500 SuperNET assets, and right now they are sitting in Digital Catallaxy's account.

I have been thinking about a fair distirbution and propose the following:

Audo: 2000 SuperNET (design, management, content creation)
Robert: 320 SuperNET (editing, content creation)
Proto: 30 SuperNET (proofreading)
qq2536007339: 50 SuperNET (Nxt blockchain statistics)
Dave: 70 SuperNET (reviewer of Nxt sections, a notable contribution to 'Nxt and the Law' article)
Noashh: 30 SuperNET (reviewer of SuperNET sections)

 - EvilDave said "Don't worry about a bounty for the piece, give mine to oldnbold, or the charity of your choice." So now his bounty is heading towards Robert :)

Send your NXT Address to me and I'll send the bounty to you.

- - -

Along with the bounty James generously gave a bonus as well! That bonus is used for marketing and future expenses, thus it will be kept on Digital Catallaxy's account.

Thank you all once more! It's a good report.

More will follow :)

Thanks Audo - that's very fair. Pm sent

And thanks also to EvilDave - I wouldn't say no. In fact financial circs are such that I can't say no! Much appreciated  :)
Robert Bold
(English) Editor for Nxter.org

Audo Kryptowitz

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Re: NXT & SuperNET Annual Report
« Reply #41 on: April 30, 2016, 08:46:45 am »

Thanks guys! :)

@Audo: Can you tell me how you designed this pdf file?

I used Scribus, which is an open source desktop publishing program. It should be an equivalent to Adobe's InDesign.

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