The "CryptoNanoPay Project" : How to create and manage a "Barter Point" singapore
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Author Topic: The "CryptoNanoPay Project" : How to create and manage a "Barter Point"  (Read 1133 times)


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Yesterday, in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, a small town in south of France, I went live with my first barter transaction in a nice little shop called Myriade; this shop sells sexy underwear (like Aubade https://www.aubade.fr), very nice stuff and high quality.

A friend of mine had her birthday and I took the opportunity to start this "Barter Point"
  • create a "Barter Giftcard" tailored for my friend (name of the "Barter Point", amount, limit date) and print it
  • before giving the card to my friend, go to the shop with the giftcard and explain to the owner how to scan the QR Code on it. And I gave the owner the amount of the giftcard in euro (you would have done the same if you just came and got a giftcard from the shop)
  • then I send a SMS to my friend, something like this : "Happy Birthday, I hope you will love to wear these, click here ....."

And that's all. See how easy it was, we have now just created a new "Barter Point", here note the important features :
  • no login necessary
  • no fees for the show owner or for the gifcard holder; a small fee of 0.1 % was paid when creating the gifcard (for 100 euros it's only 10 cents !!!)
  • no need to go to an exchange
  • nobody needs to speak to the lambda users about cryptos, bitcoin, and convoluted concepts, no need to explain NXT, ARDOR, IGNIS, AEUR
    and why POS is much better than POW !!
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT, underneath we use NXT, of course, I will explain more about it later on this forum...

For those of you who want to try it, you find a test environnment here https://www.nxttracker.com

(to be continued...)
CryptoNanoPay project
Note that the "Barter Point" test has just started...