NxtLoader v2.5.0 for Windows .NET
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Author Topic: NxtLoader v2.5.0 for Windows .NET  (Read 3288 times)


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NxtLoader v2.5.0 for Windows .NET
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:06:09 pm »

NxtLoader v2.5.0 for Windows (.NET) released

A small application that replaces the run.bat file and works as an auto-installer.
Please see feature list below.

Download website: http://nxt.cloudns.pro/
(you can find a couple of more screenshots there as well)

Direct download: http://nxt.cloudns.pro/NxtLoader_V2.5.0.zip (614kb)
MD5 hash of zip-file: caac36d7bbb5af662b9ac7173a6fa0e9

Source code: PM me if you want the current (hobbyist) source

Auto-install of NRS
Put the two NxtLoader files in a new directory.
When NxtLoader starts it will install the current stable Nxt NRS release from scratch (URL retrieved from the blockchain through peers with open API, checking of hashes included).

Details about downloading the initial Nxt.zip:
- request version, hash, link from nxtrelease.info (thanks to antanst!)
- if nxtrelease.info gives us values, find at least two nxt peers with open-api access that confirm this info
- if nxtrelease.info doesn't provide values, find at least 3 nxt peers with open-api access that provide the same values
- if you want to rely on more than 3 server simply change value BlankInstallMinAmountConcurrentServers in config
-> safe for the newbie user

Update NRS
Detects new versions of NRS and notfies user with a changed color of label version. The new version can be downloaded, hash-checked and installed with two button-clicks.

When holding Ctrl-key while clicking Quit-button it allows you to trigger an easy cleanup or even reinstall. It will stop NRS, allow you to kill running java-processes, allow you to delete nxt_db or even the Nxt.jar file. In the last case, you'll be able to do a complete reinstall of NRS after the automatic restart.

(Offline) storage account creation / Gift-card creation
(0. Copy the two NxtLoader files to an offline Windows machine.)
1. Hold Ctrl-key and click button "Open Nxt Wallet"
2. Enter a strong passphrase (please see the different best practices guides on this forum if you're unsure)
3. An image file (png) containing NXT-account ID, public key, secret passphrase will be created.
4. Print the image and fund the offline account with some Nxt using the given Account ID and the public key.
5. Put the printed image in your physical safe (optional: destroy the offline Windows machine ;-).)

SNTP client
If an NTP Server is specified in the config file (default). NxtLoader will try to sync the system time with it on an hourly basis. (Exe needs to be run as admin (right click) if UAC is enabled. This is required by Microsoft, sorry.)

EasyForge functionality
You can save one or several accounts to quickly start forging. The file with the accounts will be encrypted (AES256) with a unique key based on your hardware and additionally a user entered passphrase will be used. To decrypt the file the computer has to be the same and the passwords match. Check tab EasyForge for more details. Right click on accounts lets you copy account-no and passphrase.

Built-in minimal GUI to edit/create nxt.properties/logging.properties file (or others, files definable in config)

Start process with button click
E.g. to easily start mint.bat (file list can also be defined in config)

Miscellaneous Features
- The application tries to find java.exe in several locations (including registry) and if found, NxtLoader starts NRS. The minimum version can be defined in the config.
- The command line output is directed to a tab in the main window. No console windows visible.
- It can be minimized/hidden to the system tray and has a button/menu entry to open the wallet in the default browser.
- Tray icon shows if NRS is running (=responding) or not by switching color.
- The config-file allows changing many settings.
- A starting tab shows links to useful resources (can be customized in config, escaped XML/XAML)
- 4 status fields show if NRS is running, if blockchain is up-to-date, current version and number of accounts unlocked

- implement database backup
- maybe log-file viewer
- clean up code
- get a real developer to refactor
- open source it (store it on git-bit-something)
- find real developer to take over or bury project if there is no demand