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Author Topic: fFOSS - funding Free Open Source Software - some background research  (Read 699 times)


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I am looking into whatever can help me to
   * get funding together
   * to Open Source
   * my AssetGraphs.py
   * (nxthacks2015)
And I have just thought, my supercool new subforum is truely great (thx again!),
but also a bit dangerous because it can become lonely in there. So I announce
my thread, not by crossposting, but by inviting you over to: "Please advise me ...

How to crowdfund open source'ing ...

today's topics:

* 2 good articles about Funding Open Source

* licenses: MIT, AGPL, CC, giveback

* centralized crowdfunding sites

some of that is of general interest, and I put quite some work into it.
So I announce it here, in a busier subforum. If you know a better place, move it.

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