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Author Topic: CRYT CryTrExCoin CRYTBlockchain  (Read 2051 times)


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CRYT CryTrExCoin CRYTBlockchain
« on: August 30, 2019, 01:24:52 pm »

This is a NXT GPL based project
(if you Hold NXT before Block 2M, import your passphrase the See your CRYT following Licence 10% supply to NXT Holders)

Official Website: https://crytrex.com
Online Wallet: https://wallet.crytrex.com
BlockExplorer: https://crytrex.com/explorer
Faucet: https://crytrex.com/faucetcryt
Games: https://crytrex.com/crytgames

Meet CRYT Blockchain, Fast, Secure, and Easy-to-use Crypto Ecosystem
With CRYT’s Asset System, users will be able to create their own proprietary asset projects. Furthermore, they can open up faster P2P transactions.

New crypto blockchain, CRYT is a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Blockchain that’ based on NXT Java, featuring block time of just 20 seconds. It claims itself as a fast, secure, and easy to use blockchain in the existing crypto spectrum.

The official website of CRYT elaborates its three features, namely Asset System, Monetary System, and Data Cloud. With CRYT’s Asset System, users will be able to create their very own proprietary asset projects. Furthermore, they can open up faster P2P transactions.

CRYT ecosystem also debuts its own, built-in CRYT Asset Exchange wherein user can conduct “Asset project dividends.”

Following CRYT’s Monetary System, users can create as well as trade their custom currency such as Location currency, Controllable currency, and PoW currency. The official information notes that users can use CRYT to keep their stable value.

Besides, the platform also features Data Cloud, which is specifically a decentralized data storage system. While defining the Data Cloud, the official information reads that;

The CRYT Data Cloud Is A Decentralized Data Storage System That Provides Tamper-Proof Timestamps. This Allows Legal Records (Such As Contracts) To Be Embedded In The Blockchain And Gives Absolute Accuracy To Their Creation Time.

Alongside the above features, CRYT blockchain also enables the Voting system, account system, and Coin Shuffling aspects on its platform. While Voting system looks super cool for the community that allows them to vote or trade a project, Account system secure crypto assets via its enhanced multi-signature methods. As for Coin Shuffle, the platform elaborates that it is its decentralized anonymous privacy service and kept on adding;

CRYT Coin Shuffle Is A Decentralized Anonymous Privacy Service That Allows Users To Quickly And Efficiently Mix With Other Users’ Funds To Create A Random Mapping Between Existing User Accounts And New Accounts After The Currency. Implement A Completely Anonymous Transaction.

The platform isn’t restricted to only the services mentioned above; it also boasts a built-in messaging feature that helps users with communication during the transactions. CRYT further explains that the Alias feature in its platform will help users in replacing their CRYT address with a phrase alongside support the sale of Aliases.

Nevertheless, the Market aspect of CRYT blockchain would enable users to sell merchandise on the blockchain without troubling the external market sites for conducting business on their behalf.

While the CRYT looks pretty cool with various features brought together at one platform, more information about how one can purchase CRYT can be found on its official website.

You can visit here for more information – https://crytrex.com/

Follow CRYT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CRYT_Official


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Re: CRYT CryTrExCoin CRYTBlockchain
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2019, 02:28:28 pm »

Hi there  :D

welcome to the big NXT family  :D

i visited your site and i think there is a small security concern that i would like to report...

when you use third-party services like google translation, all the data in the page are sent to google's servers to be translated and displayed by injection into the page... this includes the passphrase and the data that must remain confidential eg; here :

so the passphrases in that page are compromised because google knows them...

talking about this subject, i address a warning to all NXT and Ardor users who use advertising blockers and who open their wallet in the web browser... all the client requests are analyzed by external servers that includes the localhost requests containing the passphrases ! so turn off your ad blocker on localhost to avoid dramas...

thank you for the free coins and good luck  :D