Asia JPL promoters to entertainment industry
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Author Topic: Asia JPL promoters to entertainment industry  (Read 4069 times)


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Asia JPL promoters to entertainment industry
« on: January 10, 2018, 11:43:22 am »

Did you guy paid attention to these ? ETMtoken 1618883051062809664 / https://tokenmaker.vip 

I just decided to support them.

First, they cleverly "spammed" NXT : one month ago, they sent 360 public AM to accounts with specific activity: balance leasing, it seems, not bad... may have been better targeted but shows a rare knowledge of a good marketing practice!

*Very well* targeted spam is not spam anymore but super efficient communication ! [I'have been debated about this marketing subject for 15 years now!]

Their goal is to promote the NXT Blockchain Creation Kit by coaching companies of the entertainment industry to using it.
They will ask for 10% of the new tokens issued by the company to be distributed to the ETMtoken 1618883051062809664 asset owners.
The funds collected during ICO will finance them. They need about 70 000$ to start, and will refund us if they can not reach it.
And off course, their clients will also have to issue the extra 10% to NXT holders to comply with the JPL licence.

They have good pedigrees, several years in web related stuffs (CRM, websites and NXT) their first client is known:
a team out of Tapei Taiwan whose plan is to build a blockchain based CEO game (good for our kids to train to their futur world)

What I found interesting, is that they market the JPL as a promotion vehicle. And I feel ashamed to not think about this angle first !

If you have high margins, like in entertainment, you easily send out discounts, but in the real world, you have to pay networks for your discount to reach people. But thanks of JPL, you send out discounts (10% tokens) to the entire NXT community for free! Word of mouth will relay your existence and you will get a good deal of early adopters out of this. A percent of them will support both your project and your network (they know how to run nodes). And this community is the best you can dream of! If you seek serious long term business, you'd better do business with nexters than with dogesters. You also have the most polite way to truly get in touch with the brightest minds outhere.

So that convinced me they needed a push. If you guys follow, I may buy more.

NXT clones are the solution for entertainment because, entertainment always require cheap fees. Main chain will always face expensive fees because of inclusion competition. The solution is *cloned chain* whose weakness is the network size. But with gamers + freebies to nxters, you can expect to initially get around 50 nodes network fast + you do not fear censorship that much so a small network can still be good enough to work with.

So they have the fundamentals right, and they are from Asia, I feel NXT is stronger with this kind of initiative active than not! Therefore I tell you.  :)
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Re: Asia JPL promoters to entertainment industry
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2018, 04:12:08 pm »

Sounds interesting. Ty for sharing the infos
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Re: Asia JPL promoters to entertainment industry
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2018, 11:51:43 pm »

This post is becoming more relevant to me as I have just created my own blockchain using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit and am thinking of ways to promote it's use. How is this project doing as some time has passed?