[ANN] CryptoCapital.VC – Portfolio management
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Author Topic: [ANN] CryptoCapital.VC – Portfolio management  (Read 930 times)


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[ANN] CryptoCapital.VC – Portfolio management
« on: August 22, 2015, 12:52:41 pm »

Dear fellow NXT'ers,

In the next few weeks you will hear more from me about our latest project.

Having a 100% NXT based investment portfolio makes it easy to track your investments and their value. But when you also have coins on different exchanges, some outstanding loans on p2p lending platforms and you are into [insert altcoin name]-mining it soon becomes a time consuming exercise just to know what your assets are worth.
Every investor would tell you that a diversified portfolio takes away parts of the high risk nature of crypto currencies. But what do you invest in? what is your ROI? Who owns this asset? Is this project still active? Wouldn’t it be great if the people that you trust most, simply tell you what they would invest in? No Pump-and-Dump talks or being tricked in buying someone’s overpriced coins.
That are the same questions we started asking ourselves right after we started managing other peoples their portfolio.

When you have issued an asset on the AE you most definitely would want to connect with your investors. Connect with them and directly communicate with them when you reach a new milestone or something amazing happened. the other way around, investors and potential buyers may have questions that now go unanswered.

With the new CryptoCapital.VC platform we try to relieve you from all repetitive tasks, and provide you with the right connections.
You can track the value of your investment over time, see the actual ROI of any of your investments, share your thoughts about (NXT) assets and get official updates about the assets that you invested in. Analyze your portfolio and get personalized advice, or ask for recommendations from experts with a (100% transparent) track record.

The platform contains a lot of tools that have valuable information that you would not obtain otherwise.
There will be free 'entry' accounts that provides only basic information about your assets but all news and information from the premium membership (with a small delay).

CryptoCapital.VC is more than a tool, it is:
•   Grow your capital
•   Spread your risk
•   Reduce portfolio management cost (or time)
•   Find the best assets
•   Connect and grow your network
•   …

Be one of the first 50 persons to request access and join us for a 30-minute webinar on portfolio management and digital assets. After the webinar the free lifetime premium membership of all attendees will be activated, and you can access one week before the official release!
We have scheduled our initial release on September 25, so everyone else can join us mid-August.

go to //cryptocapital.vc

Feel free to post any questions in this topic.
Send me a PM if you are one of the experts in crypto investments and want to join our expert panel.

We will even add one of the most hated tools in portfolio management,
the “what if I had”-scenario simulator.  ;D
Investor and daytrader
send me interesting assets :-)