Networking Plan 2014 singapore
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Author Topic: Networking Plan 2014  (Read 596 times)


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Networking Plan 2014
« on: November 16, 2014, 09:22:48 pm »

Business list

It’s important to create a list of all businesses which are able to easily integrate Nxt into their business. Until now the only payment processor which accepts Nxt is Coinpayments.net. We need to get a list of all businesses listed on this site. After that we can get in contact with them and ask if they want to add Nxt. (Providing the Graphic and Information Packets)

All other websites which accept Bitcoin&Altcoins
It’s also important to create a list for potential partners. As we don’t have a professional payment processor yet we first assemble the list. After that the next goal is to get a payment processor to accept Nxt. If we achieved that we can get in contact with these businesses to accept Nxt as well.
Important: We should divide this list between “Only Bitcoin accepted” and “Also Altcoin accepted” websites, as businesses from the second type will more likely accept Nxt as well.

Payment Processor

This is one of the most important things for serious Nxt adoption right now.
- Get a list of all payment processors available.
- Write every single one of them a professional email of what is needed to get Nxt integrated into their website. (Including the Information Packets)
- Try all to get Nxt integrated. (Bounties for them, providing devs, providing expertise, Reallive meetings)

Nxt Exposure at Conferences

- Create a list of all Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptographic conferences all over the world.
- Get NXTOrganization members to visit those places. If it’s not possible for us, then ask the community.
- For this we will ask the community for funds. If we get enough funds for a big conference to get an own booth it’s good. If it’s not possible then we should at least send 2 guys over there to market Nxt.
- We will have a  conference packet, in which all important graphics are (business cards, flyers, stickers). These will be used on the conferences for marketing purposes.