Reloadable Mastercard powered by NXT? Cash Deposits to buy NXT? singapore
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Author Topic: Reloadable Mastercard powered by NXT? Cash Deposits to buy NXT?  (Read 1618 times)


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So here's the deal.  We are working on a reloadable Mastercard that funds from a bitUSD balance drawn on a bitshares wallet.
Everything is almost in place for that and yet there is no technical reason we couldn't do NXT as well, especially if there were a solidly pegged asset we could denominate in.  Who knows, perhaps we could issue a market pegged currency for our NXT customers.  We probably would if we can see that the demand is there.

It is a lot of effort though, both in time and money.  I'm wondering if there is a market for it.  NXT has a totally different user base than bitshares in my opinion, but we haven't been mentioning it anywhere yet because we've been focused on the other aspects of getting our business rolling. 
Primary reason for doing bitshares on this is the market peg of bitUSD and the convenience of the asset for most people.
But all of that aside, if you could send NXT to an address and get a cash load within a few minutes on your MasterCard would you do it?

Just looking for thoughts, not making any promises.  But let's pick the idea apart.

On a side note, we have the technical capability for you to do cash deposits at local gas stations and receive account credit which can be also cryptos. It would make sense to offer a gateway service especially since we are backing most of our back office operations including our official shares directly on NXT. 

We haven't activated this yet because we haven't launched, but when we launch, there will definitely be the cash deposit option. 
The question then is whether or not the community would utilize it to purchase NXT. 

It costs us a monthly fee to activate and keep it open which is why I'm asking.  We would need to do at least $50,000 USD a month in business before cash deposits become a profitable thing unless we can start getting NXT for ourselves at closer to what coinmarket cap says the price should be. 
At present we appear to be getting charged about a 10% markup, mostly using BTC on Shapeshift.

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